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Sun Aug 02, 2020 5:46 pm

This Intermediate drive was organized by @Booy. I can say I like the style of his tracks - they are very challenging, but he is carving them with a specific grace that makes the flow nice and characteristic, so I was looking forward.

The day was very hot, the temperature reached 49°C (some had even 50+ figures on their displays). We started south from Al Madam, and entered straight in the area of big dunes. The sand was super soft on that day and we struggled to overcome the high climbs. The convoy didn't start well. Booy climbed one slope, made a side crest and left us trying unsuccessfully to see him again lll._.

Gradually we got the right pace and started to get in speed, but there were plenty of multiple tries. As you can see from the attached map, at some spots Booy didn't leave any dune untouched. @Gabor had to leave us earlier due to a tech issue. The convoy kept regrouping because of 2nd tries and eventually I happened to end up at the tail (which is not the best strategy if you struggle with climbing and soft sand). Often the only solution at such conditions is to find a fresh track to keep the traction of your car, which is apparently difficult after all the cars ploughed the area all around. Now I have to tell you a secret. It made me to develop a hack, which I doubt marshals would approve, so don't take it as a recommendation - I found it faster on that day to get stuck on the dune and get pulled over the crest by a rope than to continue multiple tries pacman.

Anyway, we finished safe at the end of the day, after nearly 50 km driving and 3 hours in the desert. It was a great day, thanks @Booy, thanks the advanced supporters @Arminjune and @Youssef.Abdelhady and all my dear fellow intermediates.
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Mon Aug 03, 2020 2:23 pm

Hello everyone,

It was a melting hot Friday afternoon, but nevertheless, we WILL drive :)

After a quick briefing, we started moving around the back of the first big dunes, to avoid the other two clubs who started driving just a few minutes before us. The plan was to end at Badayer shops, but as you can see from the picture that Petr posted in his trip report, we got a bit distracted by the untouched dunes, and we made sure we tackled them from every single angle - leaving all the crests pretty flat :)

It was a great Friday afternoon, and before we knew it, fuel was running low (we later discovered this was a false alarm due to the angle the Jeep was parked ;) , and the sun was on the horizon. We exited from Iftar bowl through the farms and stopped at Adnoc to inflate.

Thank you everyone who joined - it was hot, but it was fun!

See you soon...



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