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It was fun, fun, fun!

As mentioned above, it started with the strange coordinates @Agalon sent us. I tried to enter it into Google Maps and then google the format, nothing worked. Then I thought I need to solve it as a rebus, but all attempts sent me far from UAE! I had to ask Agalon for a clue, and when I learnt it is just another position format, I finally found it - at least I hoped as the meeting point was unusually somewhere in the middle of the desert. I was really relieved when I found the guys behind the last dune at the spot!

I had two passengers, and @Rooies was very kind to take care of one. The drive was smooth, I was proud I was surviving without 2nd tries for a long time, until the moment of a slight misjudgment that sent me to hang on a crest, as many of you could see on the picture. beaten

Thanks @Agalon for organizing the fun, I am looking forward to the next riddle. Thanks to @presa and @Rashidjass for looking after our safety. My passenger visiting from Belarus was excited about the drive and sends his thanks to the marshalls too.
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Hi everyone,

It has been a while since I was second lead in an intermediate drive. And it really was a challenge to follow @Agalon. grin
I knew I would struggle to keep up with him and I expected to have problems following him in the technichal parts in the smaller dunes. Surprisingly this was not a problem at all although he did some sharp turns, short but steep climbs and crest riding.
My problems began following him up the high climbs, followed by sharp side crests and a climb again... It looks so easy when he is doing it with his agile and light jeep.
So I had to call in a couple of second tries just after we reached the high dunes wtfsmilie
It happened a few times that I was getting closer and closer to him while climbing, but I can not even think about releasing my foot from the pedal during a climb, I would have to abort immediately. During a break @Agalon said he is taking his time on the dune to decide where to go next.. wtfsmilie

At some spots I just watched him climbing up the dune like a mountain goat, impossible for me to follow his tracks and I remember one climb no one could do it (at least I did not see anyone reaching the crest) Psmiley During a break I reduced my tire pressure to 8, which made it a bit easier on climbs and slopes.
So it was a good challenge for me, I had to keep the right distance, not too close as he needs less momentum than me, not too far as there are many tracks in the area. Finding my own approach line to reach the crest without changing tracks too much and put someone behind in danger. It was a really good lesson thumbsup
Beside some good driving lesson, I also learned something new about coordinates thumbsup
I really liked the little challenge to find the meeting point wink

It is only Monday but I miss the sand and all of you already, so cant wait to see ya all soon in the sand. in love
BR, Johanna

If it excites you and scares you at the same time, it probably means you should do it.
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I planned to hunt for a seat into this trip by @Agalon as soon as it opens. But Sunday late meeting distracted me from joining until 6:45 PM where all main convoy seats are gone so I ended up in the Maybe convoy.

I kept checking the app and forum, looking for any hope of another convoy... Later, the good news arrived, Marshals were generous, as usual, and support was sufficient for a 2nd convoy ORLY

@Agalon shared the "encrypted" coordinates, it was obvious... R for Radio, followed by the frequency then the pass code to get the coordinates XD.

Arrived to the meeting point, I was assigned to @Barish convoy who gave me the 2nd lead position.

@Barish started the drive with a quick warm up, followed by a fast paced ride across a technical area. I realized the importance of driving in such terrain as it gives you the ability to respond quickly to the randomly shaped dunes.

While approaching the larger dunes area, Rocky had a technical issue, so unfortunately @Barish couldn't continue the lead. All the respect to @Barish and Almost4x4 Marshals and Explorers for the efforts and associated risks while leading.

was lucky enough to have Marshal @Barish as a passenger for the rest of the drive.

@alshamsi_m took over the lead, no warm ups, he immediately went to the larger dunes.. Bu Salem attacked the dunes with full speed and non stop.. I witnessed several Oh $#!t moments and many unusual cresting combos. It felt to me that this is an advanced version of CMIYC. All your senses need to be alert to survive such drive,,, But I really loved it!

Finally, thank you @Agalon for organising this trip,,, thanks @Barish and Bu Salem for the lead, and thanks @Youssef.Abdelhady for the support.

See you soon!

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As usually I am the one to write the report in last moment. Regardless this drive craves for report as it was fulfilled with crazy stuff. I will jump the fact that finding the start point was already challenging in a certain way. As soon as I arrived to Al Badayer I realized that the regular approach road was actually closed. And this is where I encountered @kareem.alameldin . After deflating we realized that one of his CV joints boot was not right. As usually we got under the car and that were first 20 minutes were gone.

Once fixed we went to meeting point where we found @Agalon laughing at everyone question why you gave those coordinates? Then we again looked under @kareem.alameldin car and realized that another side of the boot is now gone. To cut it short there was a moment we thought this car is off the list but as you know....FJ's heal them self's.

After few jokes we hit the dunes in two convoys. i was in @Barish convoy. it was not while in the drive when I noticed that on the sand there is something leaking from the one of the cars in front. We stopped and realized that @Barish car is seriously loosing oil. It was obvious that we need quick rescue in order to get at least something out of this day. @alshamsi_m took a quick decision "we need to push the car". Yes you read well we were PUSHING the car with deflated tires on soft send trough desert. But just to turn it. Than @Mabubaker and @Youssef.Abdelhady were exploring while @alshamsi_m and my self were dragging @Barish through dessert.

Once we reached the road @Barish left the car and jumped on board with me. We had some emergencies during drive but at the end all made it safely to home with strong impression of @alshamsi_m 0 gravity driving style.

Thanks to all organizers and all people of good will helping.
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Hi Almosters

For me the enjoyment started upon receiving meeting point coordinates which was in an unusual format 🤪decoding it taught me new things about garmin eco system as well as my GPS .... thanks @Agalon for brining us closer 😂

I wish @alshamsi_m would do another round of the famous Garmin course would love to join it 😉

Driving to the meeting point was another enjoyment in itself to drive there by oneself wondering did I get it right 🤔

I was in agalon’s convoy 5th car, I had a little hiccup at the first few meters of driving 😓 and had to change my mindset from morning newbie drive (where I was supporting) to current drive “a new challenge for me” then launched the fun and enjoyment

Agalon really took advantage of his light Jeep to the utmost use and we tried our best to keep up ... at one point we reached a high dune then sidecresting it to the other side .... I followed the track of drivers ahead and one by one we all called for a second try then some of us tried for 3rd round .... waiting there I thought what if I took another track ... with this thought in mind I tried to climb the dune from a different track and voila I conquered it .... new point to learn. One by one after that rest of the convoy reached to the other side which means they conquered it as well

All in all was a fun full drive with new learning points for me

Thanks to @Agalon for organizing this drive and our guarding angels @Rashidjass and @presa

Till next time

Panthera pardus
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