Paradise City V

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Hello everyone,

I was lucky enough to be sweeping the advance convoy lead by [mention]Rashidjass[/mention]

The time flew by so quickly - when Rashid and I chatted about the exit point, I could not believe that the morning was done already.

Get ready for more action like this in far away places - as soon as the weather is good enough for camping.

See you in the sand...



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Hi All
Paradise city, was talked about a lot till I witnessed it myself. An absolute amazing area. Having a blend of all sort of dunes, where hard and soft sand, plays with one’s mind and skills, a treat to be driving in such area.
[mention]Daggerfall[/mention] ice breaker speech was entertaining and alongside, motivating as well. He formed 3 groups where i was with [mention]Solmaz[/mention] as a 2nd lead 😓, with [mention]Agalon[/mention] at the back and floating.
Without a warmup [mention]Solmaz[/mention] hit the huge dune with a side crest , me as (2nd lead 😰 ).... wait for me. While i tried to stay close to her, i saw no one behind [mention]Mabubaker[/mention] could be seen. We stopped and tried to reach the rest of them on the radio, it seemed that they had lost the track. [mention]Solmaz[/mention] went looking for the high ground so that they could be spotted. Not long that she managed to join the convoy again and we went ahead with another exciting stretch.
[mention]Solmaz[/mention] drove fast, accurate and presented a challenge for us on every single dune. Only when i realized that this is not bad, i was challenged by a triple crest. Man it took me three tries to go over them, i could feel the pressure when the sweeper [mention]Agalon[/mention] , parked, staring with his 🦅 vision. Or may be agitated....thinking, when will this lousy show end 🤣.
On the way we faced problems with [mention]Petr[/mention] car, which everyone patiently helped and waited for it to get up and running again.
After we had done few stops (more than planned), [mention]Solmaz[/mention] announced that we have to speed up to catch the other 2 convoys. And that was it, she was on the roll.....speed, high dunes, crests, switch.... u name it, all came in no time. Finally we reached old lady where luckily myself and [mention]Mabubaker[/mention] could make it till the top along side [mention]Solmaz[/mention] . It was a breathtaking view. we did the drop from there, after which we circled around to join the others.
Finally we head towards the exit point where the rest of the gang had reached. All in all it was a fantastic ride with few stucks and non pop-outs. At exit Everyone Filled up, said good byes and headed their way.
It was an exciting, amazing and fun filled day.
Thank you [mention]Daggerfall[/mention] , [mention]Solmaz[/mention] , [mention]Rashidjass[/mention] [mention]Shamsi[/mention] [mention]Agalon[/mention] [mention]Booy[/mention] for turning our day from fair to a GREAT DAY!!!

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Better late than never grin

We have a very hard working bunch of explorers so lately stealing a convoy to lead is almost as hard as getting a seat on an intermediate drive!! Jokes aside, Paradise City V reminded me how much fun leading in Sweihan was so thank you @Daggerfall for organizing and sharing your convoy with me thumbsup (Believe me or not, my last lead here in this level was my own all lead drive with Chief's Tornado on my tail, and that was NOT a fun memory !! - You can ask Daggerfall lll._. )

With great support from the team, we were able to make 3 convoys; 2 intermediate and an advanced. To my surprise, maybe first time ever I had @Agalon to support me. With @Petr, @Mabubaker, @KIMOz, @Mahmoodyasin and @Rooies joining the family, we started our day with the familiar dunes of Sweihan towards a less visited section.

Dunes were clean and sharp, flow was great and all members did well, I think this is the definition of the perfect day on sand. thumbsup We of course had some second tries and a few stucks here and there, that is how we know you're challenging your limits.

Towards the end of the drive, Old Lady dunes gave us quite a challenge, 2 attempts from two different sides of the dune ended up only a few of us reaching to the top. Unfortunately time and little yellow fuel light on my dashboard kept us from playing more in this last section.

AS usual it was a great day with the family. Thanks to everyone who joined and supported.

See you all in sand.
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It was another early day in the Sweihan dunes, but it's always worthwhile. At the meeting point we could see more clubs coming back to the dunes because of the cooler weather.

The convoys were dealt in & I was with @Solmaz , it was a small convoy, which meant that it should be nice & fast. @Agalon was looking after us.

We headed into the dunes & started with some nice climbs & side crests. Early on there were a few second tries & then we lost @Solmaz . We regrouped & @Agalon went looking for the convoy. Not long the convoy got back together & we started having fun again. The radio communication was sometimes bad, drivers not calling second tries & that caused some small issues, but it all worked out without any problems. We saw the other convoy playing ahead of us & at one stage we drove past them, everybody was having fun.

We did some more big drops & big climbs. During one climb @KIMOz ended up in a small bowl, I tried to go past him, but did not have enough momentum & ended up in the same small bowl. @Kimoz was kind enough to let me get out first, then tried to recover himself which did not work. The sand was very soft & it took me 2 tries just to reach high enough to recover him.

Overall it was a nice drive, thank you @Daggerfall for organizing, @Solmaz for leading us & @Agalon for looking after us.

Till we meet in the sand again, take care.

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