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Sun Sep 08, 2019 10:16 am

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to Almost4x4..

A big group of new members joined us for the club member drive this Friday. @Agalon organized the whole event very well and made sure that no one is left behind. We had a very detailed briefing at the outset about the offroading basics and then the whole group was organized into 3 convoys.

I was in the convoy which was lead by @presa and supervised by @Daggerfall. We had a good run on dunes and enjoyed some straight cresting, arches, sabka runs, drops and climbs. Our convoy made it to the top of fossil rock first and enjoyed some relaxing time there with the beautiful scenery.

During the drive, we had some stucks, 2nd tries, cars losing track but that’s what it’s all about that we learn from those scenarios. I wish all the new members best of luck in their offroading journey and hope that you will enjoy it and will learn something new.

Congrats to those who have already completed their tools and have been upgraded to the newbie level; for those who are in the process they can contact any marshals for the inspection and upgrade.

See you soon in the sand..

Cheers thumbsup
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Sun Sep 08, 2019 2:40 pm

Hello fellow Almosters, and new Almosters.....

A very warm welcome to all our new members.

I am looking forward to be driving with you in the sand, and as the weather will hopefully get better from October, I hope to see you on our camping adventures too - next to a fire with amazing stories to be heard... And off course, we can't wait to hear your stories too, and make great memories together.

See you soon at the next adventure.



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Sun Sep 08, 2019 5:32 pm

Another successful Club Member's drive with Almost4x4 !

i was with @presa convoy in the last third of the convoy. we had no drama at all and the drive finished much quicker than expected. everything was perfect on Friday except the weather, it was extremely hot !

thanks to all our marshals and supporting teams.
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Sun Sep 08, 2019 11:15 pm

Dear Almosters,

reaching the meeting point and finding so many cars was amazing. Meeting and greeting the smiling faces of the new members of Almost 4x4 Family was even more amazing. However the best part was to see all together almost all the senior members of the Club. CM is a special event nobody wants to miss in love
My mind went back in a time travel when my passion for the Desert and for off-roading started in a day like this .. luckily less hot melt
At some point in time I thought we could be melting under the sun as the temperature was at 50 degrees O_O
Anyway "almost" nothing can stop Almost4x4 and @Agalon delivered a comprehensive briefing which I think was one of the most complete briefings I ever attended. Congrats @Agalon your passion and competencies are unique and contagious thumbsup

@Agalon , @presa and @Barish took the lead of the 3 convoys and I was appointed sweeper for @Barish. No need to say that I was particularly honored to be trusted to the point to be the sweeper in a CM drive as this role comes with a responsibility. In facts keeping together a convoy made by people at their first drive can be a challenge. Anyway, @Barish is very careful checking the status of the cars behind and our communication on the radio was effective and smooth. Thanks @Barish for your trust grin

I should also mention that having @alshamsi_m, @Rashidjass and @Solmaz as the caring angels in our convoys made everything very easy

We had some challenges ate the beginning with a car not keeping the pace of the convoy till @alshamsi_m realized that the car of the poor newbie was overheating so he escorted him to the tarmac so that we could keep moving towards our destination

@Barish gave to our new newbies a great flavor of what is desert driving: we crossed many dunes, had some safari style and many drops. One drop was particularly deep and extremely exciting experience for our new members as they couldn't stop talking about that when we had the next resting stop

We reached Fossil Rock where we met with the other convoys and from the smiling faces I could understand that everybody had an experience above expectations

As usual, the CM ended at a petrol station where our Marshalls got chased with many questions and with the check of the safety tools needed for the first drive scheduled this coming Friday

Good luck dear new members. I wish you'll enjoy your new Family as much as I do thumbsup

See you Friday (today I managed to get a slot in the support team), so that I can keep watching you moving your first steps and hopefully help you to enjoy this life style in full safety

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Mon Sep 09, 2019 2:04 pm

Hello everyone

It was a hot day but who cares ?? Specially when you see the new group of the members.

It was a successful event by all means. Starting from the briefing until reaching the petrol station with smiles of achievement on our Club members faces .

Our convoy leader was @Barish who was looking for the drops and bringing us back to them arr. . Climbing the top of Fossil Rock was the cherry on top of pie.

We had a great time with you and looking forward to see you more this season.

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Tue Sep 10, 2019 6:22 pm

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