Danger Zone (Adv Edition)

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Mon Sep 02, 2019 1:02 pm

Dear Almosters,

We had an amazing drive - advanced level - in the western area!

The temperature was expected to be better by now, but the drive started at 46oC, according to my car meter and didnt fell below 43oC until sunset.

There was a large convoy with leading starting with @Daggerfall , then @Rashidjass and finishing with @Solmaz ! Level was nothing but awesome, with big dunes, sharp sidecrests, soft sand and high temperatures.

We have a few FJ's that suffered with heat and high temperatures, and the two jeeps and a nissan were perfect from beginning to the end :) not a usual drive

We covered 70km within around 3h, not counting 30km in sand from the entry point to meeting point, that could be a 10+ drive.

I truly enjoy it and we keep plan more drives in those areas.
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Tue Sep 03, 2019 4:48 pm

An Advance level drive.

It was an official drive after a long time which was dedicated only to the advance and above level drivers. Western region is one of the best suited for this level.

As mentioned above, the meeting point was quite deep in the desert, and why not…. if you are coming for this level of drive, then one must be capable enough to reach to the MP…

Right opposite to the morning temp, weather was really turned hot at that time of the day. The drive started on time and the plan was to start with the medium sized dunes followed by big dunes. This area has got everything for the drivers. Soft sand, high dunes with sharp crest, chain of dunes where you can cross from one crest to the other and some huge walls with balcony at the top.

The food was served by 3 awesome chefs. Started by @Daggerfal, main course by @Rashid and nice finishing touch by @Solmaz. We were lucky to get lead by all these amazing stars in a single drive.

Congratulation to all the drives for coming that far and making this a successful drive.

Thanks to marshals for organising and bringing us to this amazing area. Looking forward for more of such drives in the coming season.
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Thu Sep 05, 2019 8:30 am

Danger Zone (Adv Edition)

This as was mentioned, was a pure advance level drive, spiced up by the last man standing concept. The concept of the game was that if a driver has a second try, he is supposed to wait on a safe location and get back in line after all drivers but the sweeper have safely pass.

The meeting point was far in the desert and to reach there you needed a good 15 min 10+ level drive.

I arrived at the end of the briefing (running late) and the only thing i got to hear was that this is not a competition it is just a game.

We lined up with @Daggerfall been the lead car followed by the 3 intermediates which we were all surprised to see there @Saeed FJ @Youssef.Abdelhady and @Yazan Ali right after the intermediates we had @Booy. That composition there, was the exam set up.
Following after them it was the rest of the drivers in a mixed order.

The drive started on mid size dunes under a 46 degrees heat and before we even have the chance to warm up and out of the blue, in a simple mid size climb we lost our leader from a technical problem.

The diagnosis of the problem and the rescue of the car was quick. @Daggerfall accompanied by @Solmaz and @Agalon took the car out on a safe grounds promising that they will return later to find us (dont ask me how they found us because i really dont know how they do it this is above my pay scale).

Having lost our lead car @Rashidjass took the lead and continue the drive/ exam / game.

I do not know why but we all did not follow the game rules. We just drove like any other drive, if one of the drivers had a second try, he will go either at the end and get back to his position with the first chance he had, or the rest of the drivers will wait till he has he chance to succeed on his failed attempt. Long story short we failed to play the game and i hope that we will have the chance to try again in the near future.

The track was very nice with big dunes amazing walls on high speed, giving everyone the dose of adrenaline needed.

This was my first advanced drive with the Fj so i was still adjusting to the heavy load and side cresting lines. I lost the track endless times as i was not focuses on the drive ( there was a small emergency that i had to deal with on the phone) and that was enough to through me off and loose the car in front of me several times. Thanks to @SINGH who was driving behind me he managed to keep the rest of the convoy on track so i was the only one falling into trouble. In most cases a radio call from him it was enough for me to do the correction and get back in line, but one time i failed to understand that i was off track and i followed @alshamsi_m (who was actually leaving the drive with a sick passenger). It was more than 10 minutes of driving when @alshamsi_m stopped and told me that i had screwed up and i had to go back and find the convoy.

As you all understand radio communication was not possible, so we started driving together towards the direction which we thought is the convoy.

Luckily @Saeed FJ called me on the phone and after giving me the coordinates the Black ship returned to be united with the rest of the drivers.

Thank you all that supported me on this major screw up.

The drive continued but circumstances brought us to the point of loosing again our lead car. @Solmaz this time took the lead and as the lady of the desert she gave us a flavor of her style, a smooth aggressive fast drive that lasted only 40 min as we reached our exit point.

A very nice drive which at the end left everyone exhausted and satisfied.

I hope that we will have the chance to play last man standing again.

Big thank you to all the supporting team and leaders, and I am looking forward to see you all soon on the upcoming drives.
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Mon Sep 09, 2019 9:07 pm

Hello Everyone
I was so excited for this drive, I drive before in this area in the first edition of danger zone but it was int. level, but today it's advance.
a very nice drive, nice experience with multi-type of leading style as explained above.
I will leave you with the video to enjoy it as usual

and in the end, I would like to thank the organizer, founder, marshals and all support team to make such a successful drive and to give me the opportunity to be part of it.

see you on the sand
Abu Madi
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