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Desert Gazing - Cazadores Luna
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Dear Members

You  finished 3 weeks and thinking that you mastered the night driving ?!!! Well, we are going to make you  think again !!! . This is a 10+ drive and I would add NO LONG TRUCKS PLEASE . In this drive we are going to allow only 8 cars since the level is considered higher than the normal drives so the less we have the less we stop.

Please make sure that you have off-road lights and all your NEWBIE level tools, There is no tolerance because this is a serious drive If you are not complaint then take the high way".

Also we are going to finish on the time planned " TWO HOURS " But if you have other commitments or you will be in trouble if we got late then please don't join.

Remember it is summer so be aware of the night crawlers and I would recommend to wear boots.

We can sit after the drive and share food & drinks if you have.
See you there 

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