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18-May-2019 at 06:00 PM
Solo Bats 7.0
2019-May-23 21:30
2019-May-23 22:00
2019-May-23 23:59
Sharjah Desert

Dear Intermediate and Advance drivers,

It is time to challenge some of your offroading skills: Navigational, Night driving, and Solo driving.

We prepared a challenge for you, as the title says, to drive solo in a certain area from point A to point B. You will utilize the skills you have gained over time, by thinking quickly instead of panicking, making fast decisions, and navigating using your GPS.

Before the drive, you will get the GPS points. It will be only you, your car, your offroad lights, tools, and sand...

The scenario is as follows:

  1. We all meet up at the meeting point.
  2. All challengers will be starting in 5 minutes intervals towards the destination.
  3. If you get stuck on your way between checkpoints, you have the option of self-recovery or inform the sweep team at base camp about your situation.
  4. There will be a sweep convoy starting after the last challenger, driving the same route, so they can collect all stuck drivers or broken cars.
  5. You’ll receive the GPS points by PM

Advance Drivers are going to play the same game but we are going to give them POINTS by the number of people they rescue so the more you rescue the more you will be graded at the end of the game.

Make sure you have good offroad lights, as it will be you, your car and your lights only. 

Good luck.

 Trip Participants
 Day (1)
Marshals (6)
        Abu Jimmy  
Solo Bats Participants Adv (0)
Solo Bats Participants INT (9)
        Abu Odai  
        haider alnuaimi  
        Saeed FJ  
        Yazan Ali