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Salalah Adventure 2023

Posted: Fri Mar 17, 2023 4:16 pm
by alshamsi_m
Dear Members

Welcome to the 7th. Salalah trips ADVENTURE!!! . Driving to Salalah is one of the long drives we are doing in this club but most certainly worth the effort. If you are interested to see some rain & clouds in Summer so this is the right place. See the following pictures & videos in the next post to understand what is coming this SUMMER.
Important Notes:
This is a paid drive as follows:
• Driver 300 DHS.
• Passenger 200 DHS.
• Kid above 6 years old 75 DHS.
• Under 6 Free of charge.
Due to the high demand. We are going to ask the senior members who already joined us mor than ONE TIME in the past to give the space for the new ones.

- Last date for registration payment is 5/7/2023
- Last date to add more passengers is 10/7/2023
- If add passengers after the above date, still must pay but no goodies promise from our side
- Money can be PAID to any CREW MEMBER ... also you have to give the size of the t-shirts for you and your passengers

• This drive is for NEWBIE 10+ level and above (only 20 members).
• As mentioned above that we are going to charge for the trip if the people who are in the main list didn't start paying before these dates. I will start moving them to the MAYBE list to open vacancies for the others.
• We are going to go hiking in some places so bring hiking gear if you would like to walk.
• We are going to swim in some places so bring swimming suits if you would like to swim.
• This is a long drive so bring Jerry Can unless you drive an FJ.
• Although this is a road trip, We are going to go Off-roading.
• Make sure that your car is in top condition.


The Drive to Salalah 18th Aug 2023

The meeting time will be 09:00 PM at Al Maha petrol station “Oman “ (leaving 09:30 SHARP). We will leave from Al Ain (Mazyad) border to Oman and expect to reach Salalah in the next day at NOON, where we are going to the hotel to sleep and start our program the next day.

Accommodation – 19th. to 26th. August (7 nights)

You have to arrange for your own accommodation because as a club we can’t arrange it for you (all depends on your budget). I advise you that you start your booking NOW!!.

The Fun Drives in Salalah, 20-25 Aug 2023

We will provide you with a meeting point for the morning time, which is going to be 9:00 AM, you MUST have your supplies of food because our drives are going to be until SUNSET so there will be just few eating stops.

The Drive Back Home, 26th Aug 2023

We will meet at 08:00 AM, then drive back home through Al Ain, where the expected arrival is to be at 23:00.



• Visa: There is a new regulation where you have to check with the Omani embassy and it is the sole responsibility of the driver.
• Financed car: We crossed with no issue regarding the NOC from the bank in the past but the club can't assure you.
• Trip Ticket: We crossed with no issue regarding Trip Ticket last year but the club can't assure you.

See you in SALALAH.

Re: Salalah Adventure 2023

Posted: Sun Apr 16, 2023 1:27 pm
by alshamsi_m
Hello Everyone

Time to make a booking to Salalah even before you get approved. I made a booking with free cancelation and I would recommend you to do the same cool

Today I received this msg from BOOKING "Mohamed, it's only 125 days until you stay here!" in love

See You in Salalah

Re: Salalah Adventure 2023

Posted: Mon Apr 17, 2023 1:42 am
by waseem.mushif
Me and my family are excited for a Salalah thrill.. done with my bookings.
Waiting to get enroll soon..

Re: Salalah Adventure 2023

Posted: Tue May 16, 2023 1:40 pm
by mohanad.elyan
hi please add me and my wife