Star Track III

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The trip for a few us started the night before at camp. It was a great spot, as always, thank you @alshamsi_m. Clear skies, great company, good food and then a good night’s rest.

Next morning, after breakfast I briefly heard @alshamsi_m say lets go and I was just in time to follow him and @Sorin to the starting point.

After the briefing, I was assigned to@presa’s convoy. It was a fun, relaxed drive in great weather. I was able to absorb some of the beautiful desert scenery during this drive. We were at high points allowing us to see far. A well lead drive, it was mostly uneventful and a happy drive. @presa gave us a lesson on how to approach ditches and avoid a pop-out while at it.

@Bu Zayed did good at second lead with @giorgio and @optimus keeping a good eye on the convoy. We stopped at a couple of picturesque spots and took some pictures.

Must give it to @presa for bringing us safely back to tarmac at exactly 11:30am, the advertised trip end time! Amazing!

Thank you @Barish @alshamsi_m and all marshals and crew for making today possible. I enjoyed the drive and look forward to joining the next one soon!
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Hi Almosters!

We had a relax drive after an amazing Camp. @mohanad thank you for the delicious lamb sandwich!

The drive was a very nice track with 36km on different terrains.

I hope you all had a great time and I am looking forward to see you all next weekend!
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Hi Almosters,

Thanks for the great drive, we had a good time and as always enjoyed the great atmosphere in the club as well as shamsi‘s coffee!

The drive was relaxed and very well organized considering the big convoy!

See you soon in the sand!
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Hi everyone,

also from my side big thanks for organising this drive. Was very nice being with the club out in the desert after a couple of months break.

Looking forward already to the next drive.

All the best,
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Star Track III

A 10- drive on a Friday cool morning. The drivers were devited in two convoys. One led by @presa and the other by @alshamsi_m .

@Barish as the organizer of the drive, delivered the usual briefing and placed the drivers to their convoys.

I was floating with @presa convoy with @bu-zayed as a second lead @Gabor on rescue duties and @optimus was supposed to sweep.

The drive started on a slow pace allowing the drivers to warm up and adjust. The lead car was choosing a moderate terrain ( from what the area would allow) and gradually increasing the pace always keeping in mind the weakest link.

The drive was composed of some moderate climbs and small arches.
In general we had one pop out (followed by a quick from the lead car tutorial of how to approach a ditch and avoid the pop out) couple of crested cars with assisted recovery and some self recoveries.

The drivers kept working towards improving the two basic skills of maintaining proper distance and radio communication.

It was as always a nice morning in the desert. A big thank you to the organizer, lead car and supporting team and looking forward to see you all soon on the upcoming drives.
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@Barish Great trail as always another fun Star Track trip.

we started the day with a nice chat with the camping boys, briefing then we stared the enjoyment.

@alshamsi_m took the lead, drove used few bikes trails which was interesting, also thanks for the grapes Psmiley

the ride was challenging in certain areas and fun in general, I had a big hit when we drove on the flat there was 3 natural speed bumps that I didn't noticed due to dust which apparently managed to crack the front wheels arms "not sure of the part name" (the mechanic saw when I went to do wheel alignment)

apologies fro the delay in Congo TT TT . Thanks everyone for yet another successful trip thumbsup
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Hello almosters

Sorry for the late report!

After a nice camp in a great spot by @alshamsi_m , we had a quick breakfast before leaving for the drive.

Due to a miscommunication we followed @alshamsi_m to the meeting point.
Before getting there @jojocat who inflated her tyres got stuck. As we were the last two cars I stayed behind with her until we managed to her out and arrive to the meeting point just before the briefing starts.

I was in the convoy led by @presa . It was a smooth drive with few second tries and recoveries.
When I thought nothing will go wrong, I managed to get my first pop ever.

I was really impressed how quick we recovered my car then fixed the pop out. Great team work from @giorgio , @presa , @Bu Zayed , @optimus and @Gabor for the great team work.

Thank you @baris for a last minute add to the trip.

See you soon on the sand 😊😊
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