Moreeb Dune Challenge 2020

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Sun Jan 12, 2020 5:16 pm


The title of this trip in the system is "Moreeb Dune Challenge 2020". Since the real challenge was not the Moreeb or Dune or 2020 but the rain, I would call this trip as "Detour Moreeb Dune Challenge 2020"

The well respected Almost4x4 seniors were already participating the GNFD event and while @alshamsi_m is in the area, he offered a bonus drive on Saturday with a very short notice to us and we lost no time to enroll. There was a lot of message exchanges on when to go, where to meet, how to camp, what to buy etc. since Liwa is a big name and a long distance to drive. After seeing the heavy rains on late Thursday and Friday, I opted to leave home on Saturday morning, which meant 18 hours of almost continuous driving from home to home.

I met with @fj.cing at the petrol station in Dubai at 4AM and drove together to the camp site, passing endless ponds, pools and rivers on the roads and beside the roads. We reached the camp site/meeting point at 8AM and quickly started to deflate under the rain. However, @Booy told us to inflate back as @alshamsi_m changed the route as the planned drive would be risky and we have to drive a long distance (~80-100Km) on the main road. With the tires inflated and making sure we are well soak-up with rain while doing that, we used that long distance driving to get us dried by car's heater. Then it is the time to get wet agin. We had to deflate the tires in the rain at the petrol station in Hameem. Now, we are all ready for the action at around 11AM.

Driving on the wet sand is a very different experience. The colour of the sand was not uniform and different so that I had to check my lights few times if it was because of that. We had few steep and long climbs (which were very nice to watch from a distance), a big drop, good technical areas, whatever you ask for. The hard surface makes the drive easy but I think it was also due to @alshamsi_m's consideration of that special wet day. I really enjoyed this drive, having a different experience, being first time in that region and watching the beautiful scenery.

Having said that, I presented a pop-out gift in order to train new intermediates and to our one and only @SINGH. Since the drive was not eventful (there was only one stuck car and one pop-out), the pop-out training was extended to spare tire replacement. But I could not extend my torture to my friends by having the pop-out ten minutes earlier or later so that it would be under the rain. Being serious now, thanks to all that fixed my pop-out. The Liwa drives must include a compulsory mechanical attendance, and this was addressed by our lead car at the end of the drive in order to tick that box as well. We reached to road closer to home at around 5:30 PM after making 77Km on the sand.

Thanks again @alshamsi_m , @Booy , @SINGH for that great unforgettable day.
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Mon Jan 13, 2020 11:32 am

Hi Almosters,

wohoo what a weekend in love
Prior to the weekend participants were discussing the best camping equipment. It turned out good equipment was much needed this weekend.
On our way to Moreeb we learned that the challenge got cancelled due to unstable weather, so we drove directly to the campsite.
The sand was already so wet, that driving with full tyres was not a problem at all, not much difference to driving on the tarmac slow
At camp site we enjoyed chit chatting next to the fire, but when it started to rain all of a sudden, everyone ran to their cars, except @AMounir who was busy cooking his dinner cool
As I cannot sleep in the car, I set up my camping gear in record time, hoping that the tent will stand the rain.
I woke up a few times in the night when the rain pattered heavily on the tent. But beside this, I had some peaceful hours of sleep and everything was dry inside the tent grin During a short break from the rain in the morning I got ready to move, also again in record time thumbsup

It was just dry long enough to make a coffee and have a quick breakfast before it started to rain heavily again. Marshals decided to change the route and drive in Hameem area, as the sabkhas already started to fill up und turn into proper lakes.
While driving on road around 90km it was raining cats and dogs, I have never seen it raining like this in the desert, a unique experience for sure.
The sand was very hard, I drove with 12 PSI (usually I drive with 8-10 PSI on my BFG) without the slightest problem in climbs. The biggest challenge was to avoid a pop out, but surprisingly we only had one and only one or two stucks I guess and no second tries thumbsup

It was an amazing drive, different than all the drives I had so far as the desert during rain has a completely different atmosphere. The colors are different, the dark clouds looked even spooky from time to time and it was so cold that I drove with my heater on wtfsmilie
The convoy flew nicely most of the time with a minimum of communication, so I got in the zone in between, feeling fully at peace and enjoying the moment.

Thank you @alshamsi_m and @Booy for this amazing trip in love
I hope to see you all soon in the sand.
BR, Johanna

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Tue Jan 14, 2020 11:26 pm

Hey Everyone,

My journey into an amazing routine breaking weekend started on Friday when I started my trip from Dubai just after 1 pm hoping to catch some of the action during the daylight of the Mureeb Dune Challenge. I reached the Challenge area at around 4:30 Pm. But all I got to see is a Chaos of drivers going up and down the hill since the main challenge got postpones due to poor weather conditions.
@Sorin and @two_up were already headed to the camp. I hung around the challenge area, had some food from the food trucks and met @Bu Zayed to go around the shops, have more food and some coffee before joining the rest to the camp location.
It was forecasted that the rain will resume at 9 Pm. But we were lucky to enjoy a few hours around the campfire chitchatting and catching up. Then out of nowhere, it started pouring at around 11 Pm. So everyone ran to set up their tents with the exception of @AMounir who was determined to finish cooking and enjoying his soup.
After everyone slept, I heard @Phoenix on my radio who was just reaching the camp so I got up to greet him since it was a very long time since I last saw him. Then I went back to sleep to wake up a few more times to make sure that the tent is still there from all the rain and strong winds.
In the morning, we got the chance to pack up and have some coffee (Thanks @Johanna for the morning coffee). And when everyone got ready and deflated, a change of plans had us reinflate under the rain so we can drive to Hamim due to the weather condition.
Once at the starting point, everyone deflated again and had the flags up. This was a really special drive where we could go up climbs that you wouldn't dream to make it when the sand is soft. We managed to finish the drive with surprisingly only one pop out and a couple of stucks.

I would like to thank @alshamsi_m and @Booy for organizing this amazing journey and all @SINGH and all the intermediate drivers for their support.

Last but not least, I would like to share what everyone is probably waiting for from me :)
Here goes the photos link:!Ak91qy8CPVpqgad3g4m ... w?e=XbYo4R
Silver JKU

Photos Library:!Ak91qy8CPVpq2lb8mb-QEeFFu3Ym
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Thu Jan 16, 2020 4:01 pm

Hello all,

I would like to start by thanking @alshamsi_m
for organizing the trip and leading the convoy.
Also I would like to thank @Booy and @SINGH for the support. It was an amazing trip to Liwa which I haven't visited for about a year. Also, it was my first time in Hameem and I loved the area so much. I see that the majority explained almost everything in the trip leaving nothing much for me to add. So I will tell my side of the trip with the only way I know how which is via a video on my YouTube channel :-) so enjoy everyone

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Thu Jan 16, 2020 5:17 pm

This trip log must begin with a big thank you to @alshamsi_m!

The trip started with a very wet and windy drive to Moreeb Dune. This is my second time here and both with Almost4x4. Met up with @Sorin who was already there. We checked out some stalls and the Jeep Gladiator. Eventually found out that the big dune challenge for the evening was cancelled due to weather.

We grabbed some food and headed early tot eh camp site location. While driving in, we found a car with a pop-out and with the training we received at Almost4x4 we were able to to fix it for the very happy driver and his friends. We chilled for a few hours and watched the sunset and moon rise in silence.

Soon @Bu Zayed and @thursday showed up followed by others.

Rain did catch up with us later in the night and carried on in the morning. @alshamsi_m seeing the rains suggested we move the drive to Hameem. After a customary drive to Moreeb Dune area we headed out to Hameem and were soon the desert.

The desert in the rains looks amazing, pristine! The sand was hard and we were able to drive in spots that we as newbies would have not had the chance to. Fairly relaxed drive and uneventful except for one pop-out and one stuck.

I started loosing pressure on one tyre very slowly, just had to top it up a few times on the drive. @Johanna and @Bu Zayed were kind to let me use their compressors for a convenient refill, thank you both. This was a subtle reminder for me to mount my compressor in an easy to use location rather than carrying it packed inside a box.

Overall it was a great weekend. We usually spend a few hours together in good weather and head home, so this trip was a welcome change.

Thank you to the founders, marshals and crew for sacrifices they have to make as lead cars etc. so we can enjoy our drives!
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Thu Jan 16, 2020 5:29 pm


All picture credits goes to @thursday ... thanks brother.

Hello everyone

You might wonder why am I starting my trip report with a picture of a car ??? Well , for your information all my cars are BOYS except this one !! This is " Linda " she is my friend since 2008 , took care of my family and I am in love with her since day one in love .

The decision of changing the area from Mazirra to Hameem might sounded extreme but I am sure that everyone trusted that their safety was my concern .

The sand was hard so my challenge was to lead without breaking the bumpers of this stock car. My son " Salem " was my passenger in this weekend, he joined after a long time so we had a very good father son time thumbsup .

We managed to do more than 70 km in Hameem without any major problems, I believe you all did very well thumbsup . Just 9 km before the end , my old lady gave up her transfer case but @SINGH was there to do the rescue . Thanks buddy I still owe you the rescue chain blank .

I would like to thank everyone who was trying to stay for the morale support and special thanks to @Rathica & @Preggy for coming back with dinner and coffee.

I reached home around 1 am but with great feeling of satisfaction. We had extraordinary day in the sand cool .

Looking forward to see you soon in the sand.

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Fri Jan 17, 2020 4:31 pm

What a day of adventure!!! Rain galore made us question if we would have a drive but Almost Marshals never let us down. With a change in location for a safer drive we were off from Moreeb to Hameem.
The challenge was different and required different skills and a lot of mindfulness. We had some lovely climbs and twists and an amazing long drop.
@alshamsi_m spoiled us with his freshly brewed coffee and cookies. We all felt like we could drive all day because the lines were so amazing ❤️
Thank you @alshamsi_m for the super lead and @Booy and @SINGH for the sweep! We all exited safely.
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Fri Jan 17, 2020 5:54 pm

Hi almosters,

It was a fantastic trip, loved every minute of it 😍
From the beautiful skies on the way ⛅️, camping during the amazing weather ⛺️and witnessing the dynamics of our marshals in tackling surprises to keep us safe
Camping in the weather 🌬⛈ that day was a totally new experience for me not mentioning the drive on wet sand was something different

10+ drivers practiced arches and cresting (straight & some side), a rare event of training controlling the car down a drop. All in all it was a good training session for 10+ drivers whom all done very well

A special thanks to @alshamsi_m , @Booy and @SINGH for their efforts

Oh and the soup was delicious 😋

Till next time

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Sat Jan 18, 2020 12:28 am

The drive experience was one of a kind as Liwa mureeb dune challenge was delayed from rain and it cancel our drive in liwa but we keep going with drive.
After discussion with crew and realizing that's its going to rain overnight, myself and@osman to meet from emarat petrol station and reach Liwa before drive. On our way rain was pouring and it was a dangerous slow drive till we reached to mezraaa city.on our way we saw at least 5 accident due to rain pond.
After reaching to meeting point and deflating, to our surprise we were told we need to inflate again and head back to Hameem as driving this weather condition in Liwa is not a good choice. We had a short drive to Hameem under rain. Folks at last petrol station refueling and we hit Dune. The drive was in normal pace and it let me take some. Nice photos. In the end we had unfortunate incident were shamsi old lady start to break. After some quick check we realize that transition is failed and we had to tow it to main road. After a long 15 hours after leaving dubai and lack of sleep from night before, i had to sleep in my car for few hours nearest petrol Station before heading to dubai
Although I felt exhausted but it was a one of thous drive to remember.
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Sun Jan 19, 2020 1:36 pm

thursday wrote:
Tue Jan 14, 2020 11:26 pm
Last but not least, I would like to share what everyone is probably waiting for from me :)
Here goes the photos link:!Ak91qy8CPVpqgad3g4m ... w?e=XbYo4R
Thank you @thursday these photographs are awesome!
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