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Sun Oct 06, 2019 2:44 pm

I should confess that the week time while collecting the registrations made me extremely happy that we had that interest from our members to drive and managed to accommodate almost all to the right convoy. The name to the drive was selected intentionally to give chance to all Newbie levels in such an area that also does not allow longer convoys due to the challenges and terrain but also to introduce them how the future looks like.

My Jeep gave me surprise on the way to the meeting point; a pipe was out under my hood, coolant was empty and no water. I don't know why but I was pretty confident that I would be in the drive. I drove blind to the petrol station, no temp guage, dashboard lights are ON..Many thanks to @optimus for his help and accompany to the petrol station and meeting point and I gave a gift to him to the meeting point through the off road track :) to warm him up since he also was late to the gathering & briefing because of me. Another thanks to @Agalon giving me the right hint on what to do step by step without even seeing what has happened. 

Thanks to @alshamsi_m and Marshalls taking care of the briefing and convoy split before I reach to the meeting point.

We started with 5- drivers on a safari style with small to higher arches to test the response and see the potentials for future and went back to convoy style, little straight crests and tricky climbs to relax a bit. Communication was good enough and my second lead @Diana was following me and my instructions properly. One small note; no shame on second tries and stucks that are always part of the game and learning path. 

All drivers did very well and thanks to support team of @optimus and @Mahmoodyasin  as the mid-men, @Loca as the end-man, @Issa as the side-man and @alshamsi_m and @Rashidjass being the continuous eyes on our convoy. 

Always remember; if you do not improve while you are chging your gear, keep it unchanged is better.

See you on the sand again.

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Mo Sh
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Sun Oct 06, 2019 8:03 pm


Being away for such a long time from the club, the struggle to get a seat in the drives, on drive day i understood why after seeing all of these new fresh faces for both Newbies, Intermediates.

Coming from Al- Ain was different as i had a different route than all, had to scout unused routes.

Reaching the meeting point, i first get Airbus ready so i have more time to catch up, give hugs around, also @Rashidjass reminded me to change my shoes as the heat was unbearable!!

After the briefing i was with @presa 10+ Convoy, we moved our convoy away a little to have our drive plan, where i saw presa coming to my window " You're 2nd lead" i felt bad for the other drivers as now their drive got a lot easier " Airbus doesn't leave a crest behind" but deep inside i was glad.

We started out smoothly, Presa picked non - Airbus friendly tracks which i didn't mind as i wanted to get the rust of me and my truck, thanks for the sand blasting " The dealership called today to update me asking if i left any sand back in the desert" Heavy sand was found everywhere in the truck.

As i don't know any of the drivers, i had to make to call them by their cars, despite not liking this so what's better than let them practice on the radio communication to say their names thumbsup , so at any crest i asked them to give the "Clear" which is an essential thing in the drives.

They did well, few 2nd tries, didn't do any rescues just " 1 surgery on Petr's JK" thanks to the surgeon @Agalon for the quick back to life operation!

Al Naqra was fun, makes you feel like a kid again with a big toy, i screamed "Freedom" insert Brave heart moment when Presa told me that i was free from 2nd lead and i couldn't help myself from doing that dune multiple times. "This feeling never gets old"

Myself, @Agalon @Petr @Yazan Ali had our own small convoy catching up with Presa main convoy, after we connecting, it was fun following Agalon hovering around the convoy and seeing Yazan getting stuck " But didn't last long thanks to the Toyota toys" self recovery and reached the end point.

Everyone said goodbye with a smile, as i told @Booy at the end "Nothing changed, Same same grin "

Again thanks to @Barish for organizing this trip after a long break and to everyone who was there.

till next time "hopefully this year", Mosh and Airbus on standby grin
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Mon Oct 07, 2019 1:19 pm

Hi Almosters!

We had a great drive this Friday.

My convoy did great, we have different areas, with high climbs, some technical, a few soft and tons of fun.

The newbies had the chance to start exploring Naqra and everyone did well!

We had to end before I want since... there were sunset... time passed flying XD

Thank you for Marshals, avanced and intermediates supporting the drive and I hope to see you all next weekend!
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Mon Oct 07, 2019 5:45 pm

Mo Sh wrote:
Sun Oct 06, 2019 8:03 pm
We started out smoothly, Presa picked non - Airbus friendly tracks which i didn't mind as i wanted to get the rust of me and my truck, thanks for the sand blasting " The dealership called today to update me asking if i left any sand back in the desert" Heavy sand was found everywhere in the truck.
Sand blasting grin grin grin
Where the road ends, the enjoyment begins..
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Tue Oct 08, 2019 1:55 pm

Hi everyone
@Barish had selected an excellent area 'A treat for the newbies" where along with the lovely dunes, one can learn different skills in offloading.
After meeting at the designated point we were split in to 3 groups, i was part of @Barish group with luca sweeping and @Shamsi along with @Issa n @Rashidjass floating.
At the briefing @Shamsi placed me in the limelight by appointing me as the rescue and since it was -5 drive, the expectation was very high in terms of recoveries. Apparently the result turned out to be very different, the newbies did very well, apart from few self recoveries, non of them needed a pull. cool
@Shamsi and @Barish did really well by time to timne providing instructions (where ever required) to the newbies which helped them to drive safely and enjoy the expedition.
After driving for an hour we reached the famous Nagra dune where the intermediates and the marshals showed their skills, which was a treat to watch for the newbies.
Spending a wonderful time there, we headed back towards the start point to reached before sundown.
It was a fun filled day. thumbsup
Thanks to @Barish and the rest for making it happen.

till next time
Dark stallion
(Black FJ Crusier)
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