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Sun Aug 04, 2019 11:47 am

What a day, despite being hot we forgot all about it because of awesome track and dunes in that area.
we had two stucks, one from finding a challenging track,
second was because weight change after using technical dune. but no worries, Jeep was there to rescue :P
one pop out and one tire torn by sowing machine from FJ body.
Trip ended with everyone having a smile on there face :D

Track was absolutely awesome, full of side crests and higher speed.
Thx all for making it awesome day :D ... e-39377297
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Mon Aug 05, 2019 3:46 pm

Hello all,

after I came to the last two intermediate as passenger only, I was greedy for some sand action and did the drive against the advice of my garage guy.
We met in al Faqah at E14 at 6am in the morning, and left half an hour later as planned after the usual chit chat.
We had a night drive in this area in Ramadan, but the track was modified to give the intermediates some challenges… This time the challenge was to keep up with Bu Salem in the front, it was one of the fastes drives I had so far.
Despite the pace the flow was very nice, just interrupted by a very few second tries and two tire incidents. To stay focused the whole drive was an absolute necessity as the speed required fast reactions, especially at some technical spots.
This drive was definitely a good exercise to enhance quick and fast reactions, I cant remember the last time I used my 3. gear in an intermediate drive (in the sand, not a sabkha).
As usual an amazing morning in the sand, already looking forward to the next inter after our Salalah Trip.

See you all in the sand/in Salalah
BR, Johanna

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Wed Aug 07, 2019 11:25 am

It was another early morning drive, but it was awesome so sacrificing some sleep to have an awesome drive is worth it.

We met at the meeting point which was one of our Ramadan drives, I did the same route a few weeks earlier & was looking forward to it. @Booy organized the drive & he & Bu Salem "warmed" up by watching Fast & Furious the previous night grin .

Bu Salem was leading the drive & the pace was nice & fast. There were a few second tries, but nothing major & the flow was good. Following distance was good as well as radio comms which helped to make it a nice drive with hardly any issues. We finished the track very quickly & Bu Salem decided that we will redo a part of the track, no complaints from anybody, just big smiles all the way.

Overall it was a very nice drive, fast paced, side crest etc. just a lot of fun all the way.

Thank you @Booy for agonizing the drive & Bu Salem for taking us through our paces.

Till we meet in the sand again, take care.

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Sun Aug 11, 2019 1:49 pm

Dear Almosters

finally our web site is back and I can put in writing my memories from this drive.

This drive was the first after my Summer holidays and it was 1 month after my last Intermediates drive. I had no clue on what to expect and how my skills would have coped with the challenges of a fast drive .. OSMILEY

We met very early at the meeting point and as usual the excitement for the upcoming drive was higher than the fatigue coming from the short sleep. The bunch of excited drivers was chatting and almost ready to start when @alshamsi_m arrived at high speed O_O ... he said today I'm leading and it's going to be a fast drive wtfsmilie

@Booy and @Barish took the role of the floaters as the expectation was for need for extra advise and supervision.

I engaged 4x4 in my Pajero and suddenly realized something was not right: the 4x4 light was blinking rather than staying full on .. anyway the four wheels were in traction and I decided to go ahead with the drive.

@alshamsi_m was clearly in the need of action as the warm up lasted couple hundred meters: he approached the first dune and the dance started O_O

Guys this drive was FAST with very little chances to breath. @alshamsi_m recommended us to keep longer distance and this was the secret for a smooth flow with no interruptions grin

I was car n.7 right behind @Rooies . I could see him taking advantage and distance every time he could use the full power of his Patrol. I was leveraging the more technical passages to recover and put the distance back in control. All of a sudden, in one of those recoveries I hit a small ditch with the front right wheel and I had a pop out ... pissed off

It was my first pop out in life and finally it came thumbsup In a few seconds everybody was around my car and it took just a few minutes to put the tyre back and resume the fun. Thank you Brothers in love

Did I say that the drive was fast? .. I think I did however it was so fast that we completed the scheduled track ahead of time and @alshamsi_m then decided to go back half of the track and do it again grin

The last part of the drive was completely different: @alshamsi_m decided we should have polished our skills riding dunes at the top of the crest. Every cresting was longer and longer and I remember all the convoy going up and down on the crest, following the shapes of the dunes. It was amazing

Unfortunately during this fun my transmission decided to give up and I realized only my rear wheels were pushing

At first break I informed our leader about issues with my transmission and I moved to the last position in the convoy. Luckily we were just 4kms far from the end of the drive and I could reach the paved road with no issue thumbsup

What a drive. It was so fun. And I improved my control over my car reactions on speed. Thanks to @alshamsi_m for the great lead and teaching, thanks @Booy for the organization and finally thank you @Barish for all the support

As usual, it was great time spent with my fellow Friends Inters and I'm looking forward to meeting you again

P.S. when I took the car to the garage to get transmission checked they found an unplugged connector which was causing the 4x4 transmission not to engage in full ... connector back on the plug and my Pajero was running as new again in love
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