Run to the Hills

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Sat Jul 27, 2019 10:44 am

Hello everyone,

While going to the meeting point i stop on petrol station where i meet @Solmaz & @Agalon than i drove with them to a meeting point, we reached around 3pm and there was already lots of Almosters hungry waiting :D...

Convoys were split into two and our convoy was lead by @Solmaz , supported by @Booy @Rashidjass ...

During brief @Solmaz was warning us about sharp side crests and i knew it will not be easy drive since it's my first time being introduced to such driving style...

Convoy moved and we start climbing really nice and high dunes, lots of different styles of drive was introduced were i definitely enhanced my skills.

All was going smoothly and nicely up to one point where my engine went off on a dune for unknown reason but it was nothing serious so i continue with the drive...

Entire drive was pretty fine no serious stuff, few 2nd try's and self recoveries...

I thank to @Abu Jimmy for advises how to control the way of driving jeep to avoid overheating and i manage to finish the drive smoothly with no issues at all.

I thank to all marshals, explorers for making such drive where we can polish our skills, thx @alshamsi_m , @presa , @Scorpio @Solmaz , @Agalon , @Booy , @Rashidjass and everyone else...

Thanks to intermediates for their contributions as well @kareem.alameldin , @Johanna , @Rooies , @optimus , @Gabor and those that I forgot to mention....

Thanks once again,
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Sat Jul 27, 2019 1:49 pm

Very challenging fast drive with beautiful dunes.

Issues (overheated motors, getting stuck, pop-outs) were handled extremely professional by the marshals and the supporting team members.


Cheers, Klaus
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Sat Jul 27, 2019 2:17 pm

Wow, glad to hear you are ok @blue_Klaus .
How did that happen? Just so the rest of us will know what NOT to do :)

Also, can you tell us a little bit about how the recovery was done?

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Sat Jul 27, 2019 2:40 pm

I am in awe of this area and the challenge this terrain brings the third time I got an opportunity to drive in this area, the initial start was slow as everyone was adjusting but once everyone settled into their groove we were floating at good speed.

The overall experience was surreal with the marshal choosing the right challenges for us.

Thanks a ton to the support team without which having multiple convoys is not possible.
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Sat Jul 27, 2019 4:27 pm

Hi All,

This was my 2nd drive in a day!
The planning team is really doing great job by comming up with the idea of early morning and late afternoon drives. Even during the summer heat the drives are being planned in such a way that everyone loves to come to the desert and have fun with their rigs in a safe environment!

Thanks @Solmaz for organizing the drive. Due to high no of attendance, the drivers were divided into 2 convoys. One was lead by @Solmaz herself and the other lead was given to @presa .

@presa assigned me the sweeping job! @alshamsi_m Busalem and @Agalon were floating and @Rooies was placed in between the convoy!

@presa I enjoyed a lot being a sweeper, you get a full convoy view. @presa gave the members a good combo of almost everything from technical area to small and medium arches, basic intro to side cresting from the hard side to the flat side. The members were put through various challenges. Everyone did well except few cases where the drivers had to be reminded about the distance, reporting 2nd tries and lost tracks and to do not fight gravity, while doing the side crest if the car is sliding and does not have enough momentum, just turn down and do the 2nd 3rd attempt until you feel safe!

Over all @presa made very good lines for the convoy to follow. Thanks a lot for the great lead mate! Hope to drive soon behind you in the inter level :)

Until next time!!
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Sun Jul 28, 2019 9:32 pm

My second drive as a 10+ and the most enjoyable one yet. Lots of side crests and high arches which were really thrilling for a relatively new driver like me. Solmaz pitched the drive at just the right level for me. I had one second try and a few where I felt I only just made it. Now at this level I can’t only worry about going too fast over crests and getting airborne but also have to make sure that I don’t go too slow when side cresting.
It’s one thing being in a convoy where you know that when the car in front disappears over a crest you can safely follow, but if you’re the lead driver how can you figure out the track and at such high speed? Hats off to the Marshalls for their incredible skills. Thanks to all the leaders and supporters for giving your time so generously. It is much appreciated. Can't wait till the next time.
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Sun Jul 28, 2019 11:08 pm

Hi Almosters!

We had a great afternoon drive at an area that can be challenging at the right level to develop the 10+ skills.

The pace was moderate, we drove 40km within 3h, medium and small dunes we drove on the side of two big dunes and tested the control of the convoy on the desert with some front crest, a lot of arches simulating the route for a side crest, a few side crests.

There is space to improve over radio communication and controlling the car on arches and side crests. Driving on the desert with convoy style allows you to check the behavior of the car in front of you to adjust your speed for the next obstacle and there were a few times that people were using too much speed or delaying to turn down and do a second try.

I appreciate all the assistance from @kareem.alameldin as my second leader, @Rooies as rescue team in the middle of the convoy, @optimus as sweeper, @alshamsi_m and @Agalon flooting around and keeping an eye for everyone and @Solmaz for organizing this great trip!
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Mon Jul 29, 2019 7:15 am

Good day All.

I think this was one of my favorite drives to date. Having stayed in Alain for a few years I k new about these majestic dunes but never thought i would one day drive them like this.

Thursday came and no PM about the drive. I was wondering what is going on. Is the drive still on? Just after 6pm on Thursday I received a call from @Solmaz to say she could not get me on Telegram, there is a glitch in the website and she wants to send me the location and arrangements. 2min later I received all the information. Half an hour later @presa sent me a text message and just wanted to confirm that I received the meeting point and details for the next day. This just shows all the trouble our Marshalls and organizers go through to ensure we are able to drive.

At the meeting point we were split into 2 convoys. I was in the convoy lead by @Solmaz , @Gabor 2nd, @Johanna in the middle, @Loca sweeping and the two masters @Booy and @Rashidjass floating and keeping an eye on us.

The drive was very exciting and we learned allot. We had no recoveries and stopped a few times for Solmaz to explain a few technical points on side cresting for us. Overall it was a great drive.

Thanks Almost 4x4 and everyone involved to make the outdoors and off-road driving so pleasurable for us.

We appreciate all the efforts and time you put into it.
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Sun Aug 11, 2019 3:40 pm

Dear Almosters

I'm sorry to be late with writing the report for this trip but I couldn't miss to put my memories into our web site as soon as this was possible ;)

This was an afternoon drive in a beautiful area new Sweihan. I love this area and luckily I had the opportunity to drive in this place at all levels so I knew what to expect.

As per the past reports there were more than enough drivers for 2 full fledged convoys and I was assigned to the one led by @Solmaz and supported by @Rashidjass as the floating angel. I was the sweeper in the convoy and I managed to enjoy the drive a lot by watching all the drivers coping very well with the challenges that @Solmaz put in front of them

@Solmaz gave to the drivers enough time for warming up and designed a very nice drive with many big arcs which are such an important preparation to side cresting. She also took us through some side cresting when approaching the end of the drive after all the drivers showed good performance and focus. @Solmaz simply can's stay far from side cresting grin grin

At every break I saw many excited faces as for someone this was first time driving in such big dunes. This area is amazing and @Solmaz must love it as she knows exactly where to put the wheels

We drove till we enjoyed the last lights of the sun. Fun was so big nobody wanted to stop thumbsup

All the drivers did extremely well and luckily we had no pop out which would have been painful to fix under the badly hitting sun melt

Thanks to @Solmaz for the organization and for the lead. Thanks to @Rashidjass who I could enjoy in full from my sweeping position and last but not least it was great to have @Gabor doing a great job as the 2nd lead

After the drive I couldn't wait for the next in love
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Mon Aug 19, 2019 6:18 pm

@Solmaz I was so grateful for the invite to drive on a 10+. I joined @presa convoy supported by @alshamsi and @Agalon The track was beautiful and fast paced with lots of sharp climbs and side sweeps. I was just getting into the drive when I had overheating issues which although supported by @presa and @Agalon couldn't be resolved and couldn't continue the drive😭
Fortunately @alshamsi_m towed me out - we put the car on a recovery Vehicle and he took us home.
@alshamsi_m showed us that Almosters are not just a club but a Family ❤️❤️❤️❤️
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