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Almost4x4 Off-Road Club was created by 6 Founders and has more than 4800 members at the moment, and this numbers is growing day by day.

When we say that “Marshals are driving with you, you are not driving with them“- it means that the club’s role is to help the people in our society to go off-roading but it doesn’t mean that we need the members for our existence. Off-roading is one of the most exciting hobbies, driven by adrenaline, but also dangerous with sometimes fatal accidents, that means why safety of the trip is one of our major concerns..

Marshals are volunteers, experienced drivers with skills in communication, mentoring and organizing. They spend every month lots of their own money on petrol and their vehicles, to be ready for you, even sacrificing their families’ time, just because of the love to the desert and members, as we are one big family.

Marshals are tailoring trips to suit to the members in the convoy, to give them a proper education, not only in driving, but also in general approach to society and safety. In last 12 of years we built up many members from zero level, through Intermediate and Advanced up to Marshals.

When they are selecting drivers for the convoys, there is always a very deep and thorough analysis of every single driver to match the objective of the drive. Our registration process we are asking for the details from the members, that they might not understand at the moment, but it helps us to select the drivers that can be on the same level for the drive’s objective. The weakest driver is always designating the level of the drive.

At the registration process we are announcing always new facts and list orders that may influence your own weekend planning. Those are important changes, so we expect from you to regularly check the status of the thread or trip, where you are in, to get the latest update.

At the end, to ensure your safety in a desert, it’s our decision based on our experience, to decide whom to accept in the convoy or on the trip. Nobody will be left in a desert or not accepted to a trip. Just be patient and wait, until there is a trip designed for you. It will come soon.

See You in The Sand.
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Dear Members

Regardless your Rank, remember the following :

1. a Club with over 4800 member will never be able to entertain every single member.
2. The registration system is made to serve the members who show more interest in US rather than having us as an OPTION.
3. Very simple role " First in First served " if you comply to trip's conditions.
4. We don't own the Off-Road it is for FREE , you can enjoy it But we OWN our company and that is what we offer.
5. Patience is a Virtue.

Best Regards
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Daggerfall wrote: Mon Sep 17, 2018 7:36 pm Dear Members,

As we mentioned before we have several levels for our Newbie trips and you must have a certain number of drives in order to qualify and join to that particular trip.

Kindly note that rule when you are counting your drives:

* All "Club member" level drives are counted as ONE drive. This includes the eid drives open to Club members (If its an all newbie drive its counted separately), camps, CM drives, Salalah drives, Iftar drives, rally activities, activities that you join as an audience like egg basket etc.

Every different newbie level we introduce new techniques to our members and try to make them develop new skills. This way we can manage to have a group of drivers with similar skill sets& experience level so it will be much safer for them and more beneficial for the other members.

You can clearly see this issue when we are doing all newbie level drives when least experience and more experienced drivers drive in the same convoy. The level will automatically be determined as per the least experience and it won't be beneficial for other members (I am sure they will still enjoy the desert and gathering but we cannot make them develop new skills)

Some of you might develop skills earlier and might be able to drive at the next level however if we allow that it will be not fair to choose the ones among those members who do not have enough drive but wants to join.

Our club is trying its best to provide as much as drives possible for our members and I hope you understand it will not be fair to take a seat of a qualified member. That's why I moved some of the members to maybe convoy. Depending on the attendance of qualified members we can reconsider you for the trip.

Hope you understand and looking forward to seeing you all on the next adventure

Adventures League of Mountains, Oceans & Sand Thrills
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Great infos, tks!
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