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The Most Important Articles at the Forum

Posted: Wed Mar 28, 2012 6:21 pm
by caprihorse
Dear Members

Our Forum contains very rich material, published by many contributors and is
forming valuable assets for any new member, who is joining our Club. Therefore
the following is the summary of most important blogs published earlier, but
having incredible meaning for orientation in off-roading. We strongly advice all
members, to read through these articles and quickly find answers to their

General Here is summarized the most important general information
about our club
Safety Tips To ensure your safety at our trips, we created a set of
blogs, which is a must to read. 
  • What To Do If You Get Stuck
  • Why So Many Pop-outs?
  • Fighting Madam Gravity
Technical Off-Roading Tips Before you ask your question at Forum about
technical issues or needed modifications (which you don’t need at all), read
through all threads in Almost4x4 Off-roading, additionally to the following
blogs. ...

Posted: Thu Mar 29, 2012 7:49 am
by NaSeR
Excellent .. please stick the post and keep it updated as a good reference for everyone.