Petrol heads III

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Dear Almosters,

This drive was one of my new favorites ! Although the weather was not ideal (extremely hot and steamy😶‍🌫️) the ambiance was great (as usual) and the path draw by Giorgio (and later on Bu Salem) was very entertaining as we tackled the dunes of Nagrah hill !

A beginning a bit under tension as we were experiencing the new level… not to mention the terrific comment of Carlos “I remember my first intermediate drive : I was sweating from head to toes” (or something close..) which put me straight on my guard!

I was then determined to give my best focus for the entire duration of the drive and I was working on my distance.

Overall we had the chance to practice further the skills we have been taught on our latest drives and our convoy was moving at a good pace after some time.

I thoroughly enjoyed our stop at the big dunes of Nagrah that I was able to climb !! (I won’t say conquer cause I only took the easy way and the conditions were helpful, hence someone explained to me that sometimes conditions such as wind, temperatures etc facilitate or not the climb, so it doesn’t mean I will be able to climb it every time…). But let me tell you… Last time we were driving next to the old lady dune on the other side… and that we climbed one of these tall fat dunes… I really got intimidated and ended up crested at the very top. This time I wasn’t, I felt good on top of that one and the view from up there incredible! (And it was certainly easier than jumping from the top of the rock of the Islandic lake!!!!).

Yet I had a pop out earlier, while driving through a balcony with soft sand… a bad manœuvre as I took a sharp turn… right after saying proudly that my Tyres were amazing ! 🤣🤐

I just wish to add… we really have some crazy (in a good way) and incredible marshals… truly dedicated who come no matter what (@Rashid, @Scorpio) lead convoy even without AC while temperatures are around 50 degrees (@Giorgio)… Thank you for taking care of us and giving us your energy and good mood !

I was only able to make it through the new level because of each one of you (all of you!) and your patience and teachings.

Thank you as well to our marshals and members : Bu Salem, Rapailo, Mabubaker and Giovanni for your patience and support !

And also thank you to my fellows intermediates “camarades” : Vika, MSharhan, ALJAMHI, AhmedDXB, Mostafa Selim, Lenny and Alex!

Until our next sandy adventures…
Take care ! 😘😘

Ps : new level drives are about to become expensive… 🫣
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Hello Everyone

Summer is expected to be longer this year so it will be hot even in September. The meeting point was at 3 pm and it was still HOT you're kidding, right I started to think " Shall I deflate or ask the examiners to deflate for me as part of their exam :yarr: " .

@giorgio gave us an excellent lead although he was driving without AC :slow: but that didn't stop our beloved marshal on the other hand @Rashidjass came to support the drive although he was having fever so the drive was steamy for both of them !!!!

We enjoyed the sidecresting until we reached Nagra dune to sit and chill until the end of the drive.

Till next time, stay focused because you just entered the NEXT LEVEL and there is a lot to learn

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Most important trip so far 😅

As I couldn’t do my intermediate exam with my batch due mechanical issue in the car , I was invited by the club to do the exam in this trip 🙏

In the presence of @alshamsi_m @Rashidjass @giorgio @Mabubaker @rapailo

@giorgio was the leading Marshal and he asked to start with the exam for me , so I have to be his 2nd lead for 10m and behind me is @alshamsi_m

Although the rules is comfortable - no problem for ( 2nd try, pup out, stuck, take easy track,…) only you have to drive safely for you and others -
But I couldn’t remove all the pressures inside me

Before starting the time he gives me around 7m and it was the best thing as I have tasted the sand and the car performance ( sand was very very soft)

After few minutes from the test @Rashidjass asked me to check the tire pressure and it was 11.7 PSI( I was started 10) he advised me to go to 8 PSI , and was big impact 🙏

Finally my 10m was over and my feeling was I did well, but you never seen yourself when you are driving, you will surprised if someone recorded you 😅, also my experience is very far from our Marshals
So nothing confirmed

Was one more exam after me and once it is done, @alshamsi_m asked both of us to be in the front after him as we are not yet intermediate 😅

Trip was very nice and all drivers was doing very well, and was keep asking myself (I will join them again or I will de back to 10+)

But honestly I was ready and happy for both ways, as I am sure if I couldn’t pass that’s mean I am not ready yet , so will be happy to go next level when I am fully ready , the target for all this is to enjoy and to be safe 🙏

We have finished and start driving home with @AhmadHasan and @Aljamhi

In way back @alshamsi_m also was on the road so I said to my self ( will call to say thanks and try to get some info about my exam 😅)
But was very bad idea as he gives me indication that I didn’t pass 🥹)

And before reaching home @Aljamhi asked me to check my PM , I found PM from @rapailo that I have passed ❤️❤️❤️

I called @alshamsi_m again , he was laughing and saying Mabrook ( you were trying to get some info from me so I said to myself ok, will let him learn how to wait 😂😂😂)

Sorry for the long report but it was long day 😊

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Hello everyone! in love

Offroading Trip Report: Petrol Head III

Trip Overview
Petrol Head III, organized by @optimus , took place in Old Sweihan. The event, scheduled long ago, started at 3 PM and was planned to conclude by 6:30 PM.

I couldn't even imagine that I would join that trip as an Intermediate driver. Going through the registration it was still weird not to see the convoy of Rescue and Support team.
We had two convoys: one with old Intermediate drivers, leading by @optimus and the other with newcomers, leading by @giorgio
The new Intermediates still had two examiners, and I am so happy for @Aljamhi and @Moustafa19 that they managed to succeed despite the increased difficulty due to the level and the weather conditions. We faced the summer heat with temperatures reaching 50°C and a severe sandstorm. The storm lifted sand high into the air, obscuring the edges of the dunes, making it easy to lose track of the route and requiring heightened awareness and skills.

Personal Achievements
I was upgraded a week before the trip, with feedback on improving my radio communication and better control of the car on the crest and walls. Thank you once again for believing in me and giving me a chance to improve. This trip allowed me to practice these skills to the maximum. I drove at the end of the convoy as I had lost my suspension during the exam and needed to adjust to my new suspension. I found myself with more control, proving that every detail matters.

Leadership and Convoy Dynamics
After we completed part of the exam, @giorgio moved from leading the convoy to the end due to a loosing AC and had to endure the heat. His dedication to our group is invaluable. @alshamsi_m then took the lead, and we continued. Our Founder and the marshals commended the convoy for performing well.

Conclusion and Reflections
We ended the trip with a coffee break in a shaded spot near Al Nagra, an unconquered dune for me, indicating there is still much to learn and improve.

Petrol Head III was a rewarding experience, contributing significantly to our offroading skills. I look forward to more such challenging trips and continued growth in the future.

Big thank you to all the supporting marshals @rashid @Mabubaker @rapailo for their efforts and all the participants, who made this event happened 🙏

With big love in love

Yours Vika


My unconquered Al Nagra :you_seem_to_be_serious:
Photo by @Moustafa19
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Enjoy watching

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