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Wow, Sweihan is a special place!

So firstly, sorry for the late report. I've had a week of chaos from trying to manage tax returns mixed in with massive water leaks at home, so it's nice to finally have a moment to reflect on the joys we all share out in the sand.

...and what joy it was, and as always with a number of firsts:

First time driving our new 'toy', Betty (Blue).
First time towards the back dealing with the chewed up soft sand.
First time calling @alshamsi_m "Ramsey" (long story)!

Sweihan seems to be just that bit further away than other drives I've done, but it is sooooo worth it. The last time I had the pleasure as a first-timer driving there it had just rained so we were treated to a firm crust of sand with soft sand beneath and gathering in the dips. This time it was just soft, soft, soft, which, for those of us towards the rear brought the challenges of the choppiness it brings.

I tried to focus of maintaining an optimum distance from the car in front, trying to anticipate their speed to maintain my spacing using throttle control (proactive) over braking (reactive). Allowing the vehicle ahead a bit more space leading up to the arks so that I could be sure of their safe exit before I entered.

A mid-way stop at the foot of Nagra dune allowed the intermediates to 'play', and stretch their legs like s group of puppies let out of the house for 15 minutes. Allowing the rest of us to not only realise that we still have plenty to learn, but also reflect on the club's sensible and experienced approach to safety in not allowing newbies on such a dune.

After our final rest stop @alshamsi_m politely asked @Solmaz if she "wanted to work", and after a cautious "yes" 'Ramsey' ;) had a glint in his eye as he sad "okay, let's go!". And sure enough, within a matter of minutes @Solmaz was called in for the first stuck, and then the second, and then the third...

Work she did!

So what a drive it was. Another great memory made by the Almost4x4 family. It allowed us a huge variety of terrain to challenge ourselves and develop our skills. Stunning scenery. Chances to witness the skills we may have if we follow the guidance of our mentors and continue to develop in the right direction, and once again to learn from our many mistakes but in a safe and controlled environment.

Thank you to all of you who work very hard to allow us to all share such wonderful experiences together!

Until next time!



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Apologies for the delay in submitting this trip report
I was eagerly looking forward to joining the second drive in Sweihan, excited to experience the diverse dunes compared to those in Dubai and Sharjah.
Arriving slightly late to the meeting point, I found Giorgio already organizing the convoy based on skill levels. I was placed in the 10- convoy, led by Mr. Al Shamsi, and I couldn't wait to see him lead us in his FJ this time, The previous drive was lead by his little beast Jimny and I am in second position (It was challenge to cope with that little beast).
The drive kicked off smoothly, reminiscent of a safari-style crossing, until a minor issue with one of the vehicles prompted a brief pause, allowing us to admire the beauty of Sweihan's dunes and witness the dune bashing prowess of our 10+ convoy. As we made our way towards Nagra, I noticed areas where the sand was disturbed, posing challenges to our progress. However, I learned to navigate more efficiently by keeping my tires clear of existing tracks, making the journey smoother.
Watching the intermediates, experts, and marshals tackle the climbs at Nagra was awe-inspiring, highlighting the areas where I still have room to improve my skills. Mr. Al Shamsi's demonstration of the Patrol's capabilities to a newcomer was impressive, effortlessly navigating the dunes and showcasing the thrill of flying from one dune to another. Al Shamsi took a lead to show the capability of Patrol to one of the newbie. He easily navigate the Nagra dunes and jumped from one dune to another. The gravity became his friend to allow him to fly from one dune to another
We started after the Nagra and now my heart beat started to increase as this part of the drive is going to be more challenging based on the previous drive experience. Crossed the bowls, straight crests and whatnot came on the way. However the assistance of the fellow intermediates, we crossed the challenging sections in an easy way
Now I realised a significant improvement in my driving compared to my previous drive at Sweihan
The Sweihan drive was an unforgettable moment. I would extend my sincere gratitude to all the seniors, co drivers and lead for their guidance to making this an safe and memorable adventure
Best regards
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