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Hello Almosters đź‘‹

After a long week looking forward to the drive “Rush” , here it is and it was worth the wait.

Arrived to the meeting point 2:45 after having some trouble with my gps locating the meeting point.

Started deflating and was ready right on time.

I was assigned to Optimus’s convoy with Carlos in second lead , scorpio and Mahmoud floating. As it was my first time in this area , i was invited to a front seat right behind Carlos. During the briefing optimus mentioned that the area is dangerous and we need to stick to the basics and always play safe. We took off and as usual Sweihan never fails to amaze me with the nice dunes , big bowls and long climbs.

The convoy flow was great, only a few second tries here and there throughout the drive. We managed to finish the chain after 2 hours!

It was an enjoyable drive and I am thankful for Optimus , scorpio, & Mahmoud for organizing and supporting the drive.

See you on the sand
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Very good morning to all,

it was a slight disappointment that the original location changed from Umm al Oush to Old Sweihan. I think I drove in Old Sweihan three times in the last few months, so I literally remember some of the humps and ditches. Nevertheless, it is an amazing area which is a delight to drive in regardless how many time you have done it.

There were a lot of registered participants, but a few pulled out shortly before the drive. In the end @optimus split the attendees into 2 convoys. I was assigned to the convoy led by @daggerfall to sweep / float at the back.

The 'last man standing rule' was not applied. Surprisingly, for the very small sized convoy we had a few stops / interruptions.

Almost each car in the group had a passenger. At one point @daggerfall's passenger started to be unwell, and he was moved to my car, hoping the dizziness would subside. Poor chap really struggled. None of the usual remedies seemed to help and in the last 40 minutes I would stop for a nature break, then catch up with a convoy before stopping again.

Since earlier this year I have been struggling with a shoulder pain. Apologies if I cannot help much during pop-out, tire change. Doctor's advice is to keep the shoulder immobilized and where possible I try to minimize the left hand movement. It was certainly very amusing for my passenger when I drove in easier areas with just one hand on the steering (not advisable or encouraged)

At the end of the drive I very much enjoyed my new onboard compressor. Usually I am one of the slowest to finish the inflation, but this time it was a magic.

See you all, hopefully, next week
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Hi everyone,

“Veni, vidi, vici” was supposedly used by Julius Caesar in a letter after a short victory and this is exactly what happened last Saturday in Old Sweihan commanded by “Optimus the Conqueror”.
But let’s start from the beginning…

Rush drive was posted long time ago thus no surprises and trigger greased for the Registration’s day. Managed to get there in the waiting list even though it caught me in the desert “only” 250km from Dubai with almost no data in my phone.

For a second and due to my twisted mind, most likely, I saw Umm Al Oush in the App but after a double check I realized that the selected playground was Old Sweihan. Not the same thing but still.

Big convoy was present, and I was located within Optimus’s one after the split and had the privilege of being his second lead (thanks master for that), surrounded by 3 more experienced drivers with the support of Scorpio, Tailor of Dunes, and Mahmoud Yasin, one of the nicest guys in the Club. Our Founder was initially with us but decided to join the other convoy after some time.

I should confess that the selected playground is not one of my favorite’s at all due to bad memories of cut tires and s***t like that but, I was decided not to let the convoy down and behaved as a decent second lead. Not sure whether I did it but at least I felt happy with my performance…

It was a seamless drive, no monkey business, no stucks, no issues on tires, no nothing but pure driving. We finished the whole area covering all the bowls in 2 hours sharp including some extra time spent on challenging a specific dune with multiple second tries trying everything possible: Deflating, 4L-4gear, no a/c. no breathing…I am sure that even passengers were planned to be kicked out of the cars for losing a bit of weight. Nothing worked by the way, and some were defeated.

As I said at the beginning and now in plural, “we came, we saw and we conquered” on a professional way. Nothing more to say. 2 hours and “halas”, coming back home with still some light in the sky. What else could we ask for? It was magnificent.

Just can’t wait for reaching the big dunes with my mates!

Take care till then, Carlos.
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Hi Almosters,

We had a big gathering at the beginning of the drive under the narrow shadow of some type of electrical pole which was the only available shade for the entire group :XD: .We had two convoys and I did lead one of them thanks to @Optimus.

It was a relatively small convoy and we had 2 convoys in a small chain thus we didn't apply "last man standing" system. After driving around 30-40min my passenger got sick :you_re_kidding_right: so @Orlantsev was very kind to assist us and took him as a passenger during the rest of the drive. Thanks buddy thumbsup

Ehab was my second lead until his passenger got sick too (Thanks for the nice video of that short time) thumbsup The fresh intermediates struggled time to time a little bit as expected and I hope we managed to find a good balance between pushing them to improve and "scaring" them a little bit

Thanks to Rashid , Mabubaker and Orlantsev for the support . All in all it was another nice day in the desert with Almost4x4 family

See you on the next one
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Hello All,

It has been a long time I hadn't have chance to submit a trip report. I had quite a lot going on from the last summer. Relocation to South Korea, selling my beloved "YETI" with teary eyes. Coming back after 7 months of Asian expedition, settling to Dubai and finally getting the "Black Thunder" ready for the desert.

After these choppy times, I hope I am back for good and ready for the season. While the weather is getting slightly better I was extremely excited to see an Umm al Oush expedition. However, later on I saw the location has been changed to Old Sweihan. In contrary to Carlos, it is my favorite nearby playground with nice bowls and generally less tracks compared to the famous sites. I cannot say this time it was as clear as expected but still better than nothing.

On the way to the drive, I saw Osman pulled on the side of the road and changing his tire. Stopped and tried to help him, it was a good catch up with him after long time. It was like a re-union with the family at the meeting point. I must say that Yellow shirts from Salalah was impressive in love.

The crowded participants have been divided in two and I was placed with Optimus. I didn't realize how the drive has came to the end, basically we entered the area lost two cars from the convoy, enjoyed all the bowls in Old Sweihan and exited in less than 2 hrs. Man that was fast ORLY

Thanks to leading marshal Optimus, supporting marshals Scorpio and Al Shamsi and as supporting advance member Mahmood Yasin.

I am looking forward for camping seasons to start and sit around the fire with usual suspects to catch up after long break.

See you in the sand soon again!
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Good day everyone,

What a great way to prepare for the upcoming season.

As a university student, I look forward to my weekend as a time to chill and follow up on my classes and lessons. But when there's a drive like this one posted, I certainly do not think twice to register and forget whatever I had planned. Psmiley

We had a great number of cars ( Washing machines) at the meeting point on time and ready to go. Thanks to the tower, we were blessed with a decent amount of shade for us to stand in a line. :secret_laugh: It was very nice to see so many marshals gathered together for one drive, almost looked like a test to me. :whisper:

I was given the third lead for the first half of the drive behind @Ehab as the second lead and @Daggerfall as the leading car.

Being Away for a couple of weeks, I started the drive with a couple of second tries but still managed to get my position back thanks to the convoy. The track was beautiful and the flow was great thanks to the amazing support and great driving by the new intermediates. As @Orlantsev said, The area has become very recognizable to the point where some jumps and ditches are still there and remembered. :XD: Still will always be a thrill to drive in the Old Sweihan Area as it always brings back memories to when I was a little passenger. pacman

Big thanks to @Optimus and all Marshals for organizing the drive and making it happen. Really looking forward for the upcoming season! thumbsup
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Its better to be late than never.

I was joined the drive as a passenger with @Rashidjass and anyone who is reading my report be aware that, best way to learn is to observe, learn and try to implement.

When you crave for sand going on drives with Almost4x4 is the safest bet and when I say safe do not confuse it with less adventure. I assume you can understand the level of the drive knowing almost every car had a sick passenger by the end of the drive ( blank @Rashidjass's car was an exception).

This week I am intended to implement the learnings I have made in my previous drive as a passenger.

A big thank you to @Optimus for letting me be a part of this sensational drive filled with lots of Adrenaline Rush. @Rashidjass thank you for sharing your passenger seat again. Thank you @Daggerfall for showing another style of driving which in my language we call Jalebi style grin .

See you all again on sand.

It's better to be a lion for a day than a sheep all your life.

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Sorry for the late report, was a very busy week.

It was nice to go back to Old Sweihan area and meet most marshals and intermediates. Looking forward seeing you all again.

Enjoy watching

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Hi All
Rush had shifted its play ground to old sweihan, a wonderful area with a mixture of different size of dunes. Special Area which challenges the drivers to keep up with the convoy.
Two convoys lead by @daggerfall and @optimus supported by @Rashid/@Scorpio/@Mabubakr/@Shamsi.M. @optimus picked the track wisely which didn't scare the drivers right from the start. A gradual upgrade to the level made the stucks and pop outs to zero. By the time we reached the first bowl, everyone had warmed up and ready for the high pace drive. We had some continuous side crests and high arches having deep concentration that kept the radios silent. Finally we reached the leader's fav climb which takes 20-30mins for the drivers to do multiple attempts in order to overcome the challenge, this time only @carloss and myself had the privilege to sit along with @optimus and hear the engines roar while attempts are made to overcome the challenge.
in 2hr45mins we touched almost all the dunes and covered the complete area and headed towards the gutch road.
With a relatively small convoy it was a funfilled drive where inters performed really well.
Big thanks to @optimus who made it for the drive although he was down with a Cold.
Thanks to @shamsi.M and @scorpio for keep a watch. and intermediates for a wonderful company.

till next time
(white Fj cruiser)
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