Stars Track XVI

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Hi Everyone,

I arrived on time today, which I've learned is crucial from past experiences. Previously, I arrived late and rushed to deflate the tires, resulting in inaccurate PSI. However, today, I took my time, and I must say that the ARB E-Z Deflator proved extremely helpful in achieving accurate deflation.

The drive started a bit later than planned, but it provided us with an opportunity to gather around and share some jokes, adding to the fun.

Overall, it was an enjoyable drive. I followed the instructions given by the marshal to watch the two or three cars in front of me, which made tackling the obstacles much easier.

Also I am a happy man today as in this drive I did not have a pop out. I believe my tire upgrade, from 265/65/R17 to 275/70/R17 (Kumho AT52) helped and i have more traction going up the dunes. Also I'm being cautious about making sharp turns which result in pop outs.

At one point, I couldn't follow the track and ended up hitting a wall. Thanks to Barish and Tom, who provided guidance. Engaging the differential lock helped me get out of that tight spot.

Thanks to all the marshals and intermediates for making this drive such a fantastic experience.
Warm Regards,
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Dear Almosters

I arrived at meeting point just before 7:30am and was soon joined by @Osman. I deflated and then decided to go for a bit of a spin on my own heading down a track beside the fence line and finding my self back at the turnoff point. Here I found Al Shamsi deflating just off the main entrance road. We then headed back to meeting point at a brisk pace through the dunes rather than the entrance road.
Everyone started arriving and preparing their cars. As first time Newbies several drivers needed some help in understanding how the their recently purchased deflators work - it seems some of the unknown brand types are not functioning very well ! buy known brands it will save you the frustration.

It seems one hapless Newbie had arrived early and wondered why no one else was around ??? not sure how but he had ended up at the wrong meeting point several km away. Al Shamsi generously agreed to wait for him ! - very lucky guy normally we don't wait.

While the briefing was being done yet another late comer arrived, and managed to get a little stuck in the soft approach sand. I helped him deflate and we were soon all set to go. Having missed the briefing I mentioned to the other Intermediate's I would slot into the convoy behind the Jimny's, only then finding out I had been appointed as 2nd Lead opps.

We had Al shamzi leading, the General - Barish as floating marshal, Rooies as sweeper, Tom, Osman and Marco positioned in the middle to render assistance as required.

It was a nice leisurely drive at 2nd Lead - following the master is always a pleasure. I was mindful of having 3 ! yes 3 Jimny's behind me. So I watched my mirrors very closely during the entire drive. Everyone did extremely well in the early stages of the drive, at the first "big climb" Al Shamsi asked me to wait while he went up to "test" the climb. When he came down I asked are you really going to get them to do this ? it was not a big climb but it was steep with a surprise ditch to the right at the top. With only a few 2nd tries due to not enough momentum and letting off the gas too soon.

Being at 2nd Lead meant we had the chance to sit and chat several times waiting for 2nd tries and recoveries at the back. Things were going quite well and we were starting to get a good flow towards the end part of the drive - but then karma struck as we entered a slightly technical area with several stuck and crested cars needing advice assistance and recovery, this is all part of the journey as a Newbie. Be aware towards the end of the drive you get tired from the intense concentration and focus starts to slip, as you continue with more drives you will be able to relax, it will be easier - but remember the last 10min of a drive are a critical time and you need to stay 110% focused. Keep hydrated.

Once everyone arrived safely at the inflating point, there were smiles all around and it seems we have a new batch of very eager Newbies starting their journey of discovery with Almost4x4 - Welcome to your 2nd Family
Until the next Adventure

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Hello everyone.

This was my second drive and I gotta admit it was far more challenging than the CM drive. I remember staring at the first big climb we had to do, as the rest of the members were driving up on it and thinking to myself: “Thats a big one. Just stay calm”. It is actually quite fascinating how different it is from being in a passenger seat and having someone else drive you around those dunes, because you don't truly get to experience all of it… The fun, the fear, the adrenaline.

Would love to say thanks to Barish for organizing this event and the rest of the team for support.
Cant wait for more trips and hoping to see y’all soon thumbsup

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Hello everyone

First of all, congratulations for the new stars. Our track was carefully designed by the trip organiser to give a taste of few things that coming in our newbies training program.

I was hoping to finish the whole track but for the second time, the track is winning. Newbies, if you look at what we did in those 3 hours you will realise that we accomplished our target successfully.

1. We concord the fear for steep climbs
2. Our members learned to keep the right distance.
3. How to be fast responsive in the soft sand
4. How to tackle the obstacles.

Time has come too fast and we to say :

Till next adventure , Stay Safe and see you in the sand.

Adventurous League of Mountains, Oceans and Sand Thrills
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Hello Almosters,

After a very loong break I was back on the sand again, highly exited, so excited that I thought I would be the first car at the meeting point but Brett still beat me. The briefing started a little bit later than usual as we had to wait a lost soul somewhere else in the desert. My advice to the new members are 1- use Google Maps as the organizers put a direct link (or the coordinates in later drives) for the meeting points. If you are using another tool, make sure the location looks the same. 2- use the PM from your inbox on web site, it gives all the necessary details. We never share the locations in whatsapp group or social media. If in doubt, just ask the organizing marhsal privately.

Barish assigned the convoy as Al Shamsi leading, Brett second lead, then light cars at the front of the convoy, heavy and long cars & trucks at the back of the convoy, Rooies to sweep, intermediate supports are after each 4 car or so and himself as the floating marshal. And as usual, Barish was everywhere with his extreme egergy, helping the tricky situations, giving instructions, re-joining the disconnected cars, etc.

We had quite a few second tries, self recoveries, and assisted recoveries. These are quite normal and if we did not have it, meaning we did not push our comfort zone and probably did not learn much.

The communication is very important and I believe we had a bit of a problem with that. Some drivers forgot to announce their second tries or actions, some were not responding to the direct calls. Also at the early part of the drive there was unintentional transmits from some drivers, which were keeping the channel busy. I believe some radios were set to "VOX" mode, meaning the radio starts to transmit when there is some voice/talk on the microphone without pressing the button. Just make sure sure your radio is not in that set in the next drives.

I truly enjoyed the drive, and I was in morning mood again after it finished since there would be an intermediate drive in the afternoon. But my excitement ended up some frustration on the way to the second meeting point as one of my tyre went into pieces and I decided to call the day off, but only after 30-40 or so Km, my spare tyre bursted as well. Al Shamsi once more become by savior, he decided not to continue the afternoon drive and met me and give his spare. I am so grateful, I cannot put that into words.

Thanks Barish for organizing the drive, Al Shamsi for taking the lead, and both of you for the help and teaching and making everyone to experience an unforgettable day.
Warning: Sand is addictive... and also the sea salt.
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After a long 3 months break I was exited to join the newbie drive adventure
Our adventure began at the designated meeting point in the desert. Being punctual, I arrived on time. As instructed, I deflated my tires to the appropriate pressure to ensure better traction on the sandy terrain and installed the flag.

Friendly Chat and Bonding:
One of the most enjoyable aspects of the ALMOST 4X4 Club experience is the sense of community. We exchanged stories of past desert adventures, shared tips and tricks and discussed our expectations for the day. The guru (Al Shamsi, BU salem etc) emphasized the importance of responsible off-roading and adhering to the club's principles of environmental conservation.

The route was briefed and explained the set of dunes/terrains we cover for the day and nevertheless bonus of 13km if the team finish the track on time. The briefing showed cased the wealth of experience and knowledge about desert driving was evident as they shared insights and safety guidelines for the day's adventure.

The convoy of off-road vehicles moved in unison, each driver following the lead and maintaining a safe distance. I am the one in the convoy maintained a very very safe distance and searching for the tracks of the cars in front of me to join back. Most of the time I caught convoy due to someone got to try second time

Throughout the drive, we encountered a variety of terrains, from gently rolling dunes to challenging inclines. The club members demonstrated their skill and professionalism, navigating through the desert with precision. Communication within the convoy was seamless, with hand signals and radio chatter keeping everyone informed and safe.

Marshal (Barish) played a pivotal role during the entire expedition, embodying the spirit of a big brother who watches out for everyone in the family. His unwavering dedication and care throughout the journey made a significant impact on my experience and I want to extend my heartfelt thanks and appreciation to him.

The expedition will continue
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Hello everyone,

Usually these drives right after the CM are for to remove the stain from you at an area that includes all type of terrains. We have seen straight crests, arches, technical areas between small to mid size dunes. You get to know your car, we get to know you and you get to know us and others in your level. You did second tries, you got stuck..all are part of the game and we as support team are there to guide and coach you.

Welcome all again to Almost 4x4. Now its time to experience different things in your new level and enjoy your journey in Almost4x4.

Thanks to Bu Salem for the leading to practice as usual which is a privilige in every members experience and all support team for the great efforts.

Dont forget; change never starts if improvement is not there.

See you next time.

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First time in a long time I was able to join a drive with the club. Cannot remember when last I saw Barish, think it was a CM drive last year grin .

We met at the meeting point, did the normal drills, caught up with new & old drivers & waited for the briefing. Alshamsi & Barish did the briefing & we were good to go. I was placed as sweeper & to keep an eye on the big cars & truck at the back.

Overall it was a good drive, there were a few second tries, stucks, Osman worked hard with all the recoveries. The marshals gave a lot of good advice, some drivers listened & some did not & paid the price (getting stuck & crested). Radio communications was ok, I know it's a new skill to learn, but a very important one.

Hope to see all of you soon in the sand & to all the new members, keep driving, that's how you learn & improve.

Till we meet again, stay safe.
Nobody Gets Left Behind
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Hi everyone.

This was my fourth drive and I gotta admit it was far more challenging than my last drive i did .
It is actually quite fascinating how different ,it is from being drive around those dunes, more experience i win from that drive , by controlling more in drives but i am sure we will gain more and more and give more confidante for my self to learn more and more and day by day.

Would love to say thanks to Marshals and intermediates members for organizing this event and the rest of the team for support.
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