New Beginnings - Abu Dhabi Edition

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Hello everyone

I was the last to arrive to the meeting point but I would like to be the first for the trip report thumbsup

@Mabubaker designed a beautiful track for us to drive which made the smile of satisfaction on all the faces including me grin

We had awesome drive with @Barish supervision and the support of the other intermediates . Thanks all for the support cool

We had to call it off after the drive although the heart doesn't want to leave blank

Till next time keep the sand flying thumbsup.

Adventurous League of Mountains, Oceans and Sand Thrills
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What a nice drive and beginning!!! Its long awaited the chance to be part of amlost4x4 family..

The drive started and ended with smiles and eager for the next..

@Mabubaker, @rapailo (not sure if i said the name right, hes with blue FJ) 😆, and the rest of support team shows endless passionate on the newbies like me...

We have conquered the sands slowley but surly under an amazing supervisions. I felt in so confiedent while the blue FJ was always around the convoy along with the white FJ (i dont his name yet😆).. finally got the chance to try my LC properly in sand.

Many thanks for all of u. You made my day

Im looking forward for more drives with you guys

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Hello Almosters,
A great turnout from passionate off-roaders to our 101 offroading trip.
Once more, I would like to thank you for choosing ALMOST4X4 to guide you through your first steps in desert offroading. Looking forward to see you all progressing in ALMOST4X4 and become an independent offroaders. cool
We split into three convoys, 1st was lead by founder @alshamsi_m and support marshal @Barish. 2nd convoy lead was @Rashidjass supported by marshal @presa and 3rd convoy lead by myself and supported by marshal @rapailo.
Thank you marshals for the great support ensuring the safety of the fresh passionate offroaders.
The drivers in our convoy did great thumbsup and showed a great focus on learning new skills and following marshals and support instructions. We managed to concure 25+ kms reaching Nagra famous dune. WHAT HAPPENED AT NAGRA STAYS AT NAGRA ORLY
Big thank you for support team from advanced and intermediate drivers who made it to this trip. In our convoy, @mpodroid, @Ehab , @Mohanad, @nidal78 and @hamzahng.. thank you guys for the great support,, well done.

Good luck to the Newbie to be club members, and hopefully we'll see you in next weekend's drive and more to come.

See you in sand!
M Abubaker
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Hello everyone,

Amazing CM drive, in an area, we normally see from a different perspective.
Really nice to see this is possible as well!

With @alshamsi_m as a leading car and @Barish running around the convoy we had a easy going. Convoy was performing really well, so I believe no assisted recoveries were needed at all, great performance!

Thanks everyone and see you soon again!

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Dear Almosters,

It was really great to see a new batch of eager Club Members ready to begin their journey with Almost4x4 family. I arrived early to help set things up and await the arrival of the members. Thank you to @Mabubaker for arranging the drive and conducting the important predrive introduction.

I was assigned to 2nd lead in @Rashidjass convoy with floating marshal @presa advance support @orlantsev and @Jasper sweeping.

Thanks to the Founder and Marshalls @alshamsi_m @rapailo @Barish. of course the support crew intermediates
@Laarni @Tom @Pedro @Mohanad @Hamza our Media Crew @mpodroid @Ehab @nidal78

We had a nice drive through the Sweihan dunes, it was a great introduction for the Clubmembers with a nice line by @Rashidjass with @AZK89 as co-pilot a few nice climbs and straight crests and drops, the entire drive was without any incidents so no recoveries were needed - Well Done to the new drivers.

The main things to work on going forward would be not to follow too close to the car in front and not to drop back too far either, radio communication is also very important.

We arrived at the Nagra Dune towards the end of our drive, where we were entertained by the locals tearing up the high dune with varying degrees success - then our very own mountain goat better known as @Rashidjass flew up the dune to show how its done ! driving like he stole it !

As this was such a nice and gentle drive i am sure everyone in our Convoy will be eagerly awaiting the chance to continue the journey next weekend - for sure the marshals will now start the "real" training - learning your and your cars capabilities, more opportunity to get the adrenaline flowing !

See you all soon
Until the next Adventure

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Hello all,

got to the meeting point early, but @brett was already there.

What a delight it was to do a club member drive in one of my favorite areas. The dunes are average and bigger, mostly untouched! I could not resist to go for a warm-up spin :)

It was a good attendance: some with zero experience, some probably drove before. Unfortunately, the briefing was slightly disturbed by other groups which felt they needed to let their presence known by arriving with lots of engine noise.

The convoys were divided in 3 with me going with @Rashidjass. It was great play for me at the back, and convoy did so well that there was no need for any recovery.

Nagra dune was as usual busy and ... dangerous. Chances of somebody coming from the opposite side are exactly 50:50.

The drive finished on time. Good luck to all new members with shopping for tools.
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What Amazing Day !!

I am sure that everyone will agree about that

The most important thing that , the day was amazing because of the lovely team and the professional organization

it is clearly group culture and it has immediate effects for all of us

Thanks everyone specifically my new friend M Abubaker ;)

Regards ,,,
Moustafa Selim
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Hi Almosters!

What a great day! We had a nice briefing with @Mabubaker explaining the basics.

Track was a nice and easy path among medium dunes, leading to Nagra, where many were enjoying climbing it.

Ou convoy was led by @Rashidjass with @orlantsev floating, @brett as second lead and @Jasper as sweeper.

Hope to see you all in this weekend drive!
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