Back To School II - CM

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Hello Almosters,

It has been over 7 months since I did my CM drive, marking the start of the journey with my 2nd family.
I remember every detail of that drive, and how much the Founder, Marshals and Support team have inspired me with their friendly and supportive approach.
Only 7 months have passed and it is amazing how much I have learned from them!

This CM drive was my first as part of the support team, and I felt that it was time to pay back to new Club Members what I got as a new member 7 months back.
I reached the meeting point ahead of time to start welcoming the new members and assist them to deflate their tires and briefly explain why we do it, while our founder @alshamsi_m was offering coffee, karak and cookies!
The attendance was taken together with a quick briefing and convoy assignment.
Then we moved to a close-by area where the a club and offroad basics introduction was given by @optimus.

We then moved to our convoy line to have the last briefing with the convoy leader.
I was assigned to convoy "A" led by @SINGH, and supported by marshals @Solmaz and @Agalon and by intermediates @Tomvanhouten @Rathica @osman and @Ehab.
The drive had a good mix of straight crests and drops, which was good to put at test driver skills and get them to know their cars in the off-the-road environment.
Of course, a few stucks and 2nd tries had happened, which is perfectly normal and expected.
All this is part of the learning curve, and only practicing, and practicing, and practicing we learn and improve.
I must highlight that new drivers were doing a good level of radio communication giving their clearance and calling their stucks most of the times.

In one of our stops, the driver behind me ("White FJ", sorry I can't remember your nickname) came to tell me how lucky he was to be following me from behind.
When I asked why, he said "because I can watch the speed you do the straight crests and I try to apply the same".
In that moment, It felt really good to know that I'm now helping others, as others have helped me in the past (and continue to help!).

The drive came to an end at the usual gas station, and it was so good to watch everyone's smile stamped in their faces, showing that feeling of achievement.
I hope that most of the new club members, if not all, are willing to continue their offroad learning journey and we can meet in the next newbie drive dedicated to them!

As always, I'd like to thank to Founder, Marshals, Crew, Media and Interm Support Team to make these Club Member drives as successful and enjoyable as they are!

A special word to @dorudoru, you will be missed this season, but we'll be waiting your return! All the best!

Can't wait to see you soon in the sand again!

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Hi Almosters!

Another great event with @optimus performing a great briefing to the newcomers.

I was at the convoy with @rapailo that did a great track.

Convoy did well overall, although some drivers were, as expected, a bit nervous and not following Marshal's instructions. This a point to work on next drives that will come with time.

I was sided by @Rashidjass , our Guard Angel, with support from @orlantsev , @ImranFJ and @Mohanad .

Was great to meet new Almosters and see all support that came to this CM Drive!
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It was a great trip with good company.

I loved how cosmopolitan the convoys were, and how -- the well trained -- crew took care of organizing such a big event professionally.

I got a chance to test my -- recently installed -- radio and how my vehicle performs on sands according to best practices.

While tackling the dunes, I was not sure if I was driving quickly or slowly, until BuSalem threw a tip over the waves to keep it between 2-3 rpm, which worked quite well.

Glad I joined the club and hope to see everybody in future trips!
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