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Looks like this thread is starting late (apologies), but it is only fitting to drop a few words on a great drive we had last Saturday. Despite very hot weather @Solmaz cut a very cool track, starting from the (unusual) entry point from the Dubai-Al Ain road close to skydiving airstrip to Al Qudra. We mostly followed safari style drive, but with a few nice technical pieces in the middle.

The convoy was small (almost "private" as I think only 4 of us Newbies showed up), and the flow was good - we only had a few second tries and 1 or 2 stucks (congrats @Solmaz as it was the aim to get Airbus crested :) ). One learning to mention was to re-check the tire pressure after 10 or 20 mins of driving, mine went up from 9.5 to 11 and I was not able to make one "mini-bowl :).

I had a set of passengers onboard (2 adult friends + Karol) - the grown-ups loved the entire experience (I think they now regret getting a Rav4 :P), Karol was a little grumpy but I quickly discovered the reason - the suspension was set to hard for him! After taking it down a few notches it was OK again :) On the way we saw some of the beautiful sand-rock formation in Al Qudra - it is always impressive to see the power of nature. Overall we managed to cover 41km in 3h (2h moving).

Thank you @Solmaz for a wonderful afternoon, also the support team for their time. I can't wait to meet you all again in the desert (but now looking forward to Salalah!!).

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