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Hello everyone,

Joy Ride was advertised as an easy drive, for 5- newbie drivers.
This meant, enjoy the weather, scenery and company we were in and as always this is great with our Almost family.

Deflated to 15psi, due to the sand condition, we were divided into two convoys and I was part of @alshamsi_m and @Abu Jimmy convoy.
With us were @CARLOSS and @Jasper to help where needed.

Not much help was needed, as the sand was really hard and the track wasn't too hard. 'Tourist' pictures were taken here and there by everyone.

Had a lovely afternoon and a nice chitchat afterwards, leaving a little early to get some good rest for another week to come.

Thank you family and see you soon again!

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Joy Ride,

This 5- and 5+ drive took place in the Badayer area. As it was expected the sand was firm which led to an expected easy drive.

The drivers were divided in two convoys. One led by @alshamsi_m (-5) and the other one by me.

The 30km track from Badayer to Maliha was an amazing track that gave the opportunity to the drivers and their passengers to enjoy the spectacular sights that the desert has to offer in this season.

With @BrentBalas as a swiper @NahorJP on the rescue duty, Lara as a second lead and @Mabubaker floating we set off for our little adventure.

the combination of the hard sand and the encounter of some cars with motion sickness participants the level was kept little lower than what was expected with limited adrenaline high time. Nevertheless I believe that we all had fun.

Overall the convoy performed very well with only one pop out and very few stops.
If I had to mention one thing that could have been better I would say that is the radio communication that should have been better.

All drivers should mention their names and car model and color on the radio so we know who is talking.
Another thing is that if you have radio silence for a long time please do a radio check. In our case we had to change the frequency in the beginning of the drive and we had a member that drove 3/4 of the drive on the old frequency wondering why he/she cannot hear any instructions. So there is no harm to have a radio check if you feel that there is something wrong.

Well done everybody and looking forward to see you all again on the upcoming drives
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Hello everyone!

When I registered in the Joy Drive I expected a nice and easy drive thus I decided to invite my son as “co-pilot” hoping that he would have had fun too…but I didn’t take into account an additional passenger melt just brough in the last minute by my lovely wife @Flor ...

And it was not my daughter (this would have been fantastic), it was the puppy who it seems that she doesn’t love the desert too much…or at least, the off-road drives. :yuush:

Oh man! After 20 min drive the co-pilot seat and surrounding areas, including my poor son, were completely invaded by…let’s say, dog’s internal fluids…3 batches of them to be precise! :sick:

It was the typical situation where you don’t know whether to cry or laugh patapon …so, after evaluating my chances for the following 2 hours I decided to leave…and I am sorry about that because I left the convoy with 1 less “rescuer” and my son was very disappointed because he hasn’t got the chance to play with his friend Troy (Jasper’s son).

Anyway, that’s life and believe it or not I still love my wife thumbsup

Thanks @alshamsi_m for organizing the trip and my mates @Tomvanhouten , @Jasper and @Abu Jimmy for taking care of the convoy

See you next time in sand (100% without puppies eyes on fire )

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A joy ride it certainly was.

I was assigned to @giorgio convoy along with @Laarni second lead, @nahor in the middle to lend support with recoveries- if needed @Abubakar floating and @Ehab handling media opportunities. I was delegated sweeper
( @BrentBalas not sure who he is @giorgio mentioned) anyway it was a really nice drive taking in the spectacular landmarks- fossil rock, camel rock etc at a leisurely pace to suit the family atmosphere. Unfortunately just the one popout and the motion sickness experienced by one group who decided to make an early exit (thanks for guiding them out @Abubakar )

This was my first time to experience these dune iconditions so it was a great opportunity to learn - did i learn enough of how to drive in this type of dunes ? Probably not ! But thats for another story on another day.

As @giorgio mentioned. Radio communication is paramount in every drive. “Radio Check” is always welcome. One hapless fellow followed @NahorJP and i out from the sitting point to the road. It started off ok. But as we neared the road he was nowhere to be seen - or heard we tried radio calls. Circled back but to no avail. Maybe an 👽 abduction. You know who you are please let us know you made it home safely. !

Another great family outing with ALMOST4X4 family
Thank you to @alshamsi_m for organizing the event.

Looking forward to seeing everyone one again soon
Until the next Adventure

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Hello everyone

Joy ride was suppose to be just another relaxed drive with country site seeing. But maybe because we had many people outside the country or stopped offroading for the seasons holiday so we had a hungry crowd. Additionally, we had rain the few days before the event itself which made it a high demand event by far.

We got Support from @Abu Jimmy who is a person not a place like " Abu Dhabi " 😉 this story for the camp fire and @Mabubaker so we had the chance with @giorgio to have convoys so more people can have fun.

At the meeting point It was really nice to see that everyone brought their family members including the 🐕 😄 . The visibility was fantastic because you can see more than 30 kilometres easily with beautiful colours of the sand and rocks.

I felt that the drive was easy enough so I spiced it with one single drop to remind the members that our marshals can change the level anytime, anywhere.

Our final distension was next to the Fossil Rock where we enjoyed the chill weather with members sharing hot drinks and food .

Finally, We had to finish our beautiful day and call it off. Till we meet again!!

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It was nice day with Alshamsi & abu jimmy .. easy track , safe drive .
Thank you so much to give us confidence and experience .

Really i was so happy Because i feel better driving in the desert . grin

Thank you Alshamsi thumbsup

See you next time in sand :in_love: cool

AHMED MAFiA :yarr:
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Hi Almosters,

Almost one month abroad and in quarantine, back with a nice and easy drive as a warm up for my intermediate exam which was planned the day after.
I was assigned to handle media in Giorgio convoy, the sand was still wet, it was different experience indeed.
Enjoy watching
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