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Hello Everyone,

The morning started by deflating where @Rashidjass helped me because my tire valves were bad. @optimus shared some valves and we were on the way. Thanks @optimus .

We got to the meeting point and we got a great intro by @rapailo on what not to do in the desert and on the tools and their purpose.
I was in the convoy with @SINGH and I was the second last car.
We entered in a technical area and someone was crested within the first few dunes. After the recovery we drove for a few mins and someone ahead in the convoy was stuck.. so we took in the calmness of the desert. It was a hot day but we had a constant cool breeze.
Once the convoy was moving again we had another stuck and it was the car in front of me. It was a difficult spot for that car to get out of since the car pulling had to pull the car out of a ditch. I got out and looked at the path so I wouldn’t make the same mistake. Once the car was out of the ditch after multiple attempts by the team, the route was changed since me and the last car in the convoy were long wheel base and we would probably have ended up in the same situation. I started off on the new path but couldn’t build enough momentum and slid off the dune. I wasn’t stuck yet and was guided to reverse straight in low gear and I was now in another ditch. After multiple tries on getting out of the ditch, @rapailo had to pull me out and then with instructions from him and @SINGH (and multiple attempts from me). Then we were advised to recheck the tire pressures and deflate if needed. My tires were very warm and were at 20psi so I deflated down to 12 front and 10 back and we set off again. We drove through a gravel plain where @SINGH told us to gun it and get a feel of the car and terrain. Then we reached a less technical area and joined up with another convoy that had split. After we moved out of the technical area, it was smooth sailing until we reached the ADNOC at Qudra.
When we were inflating, I got a chance to meet and chat with some of the other club members and we were checked on by the Almost4x4 team members and had a chat with a few of them.

This was the second time I was attending the CM drive. The first time I didn't have any tools and didn't even get stuck.
Thankfully, this time I got stuck and got all my tools reviewed by @Rashidjass .
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Good morning everyone.

Welcome to all the new members, it is always good to see new people joining the club.

I was in the convoy lead by @alshamsi_m as sweeper and floating marshals @Barish and @presa. Intermediates who supported the convoy was @KIMOz , @orlantsev , @mpodroid and @Tomvanhouten.

At the beginning of the drive we started in a technical area, with small dunes and limited space. Soon, the route was directed to a different area to make sure that the new members can enjoy the drive and experience their car in the sand. We had a few second tries and a couple of stuck cars on a straight crest. Towards the end of the drive we climbed a big dune and you could see the excitement and terror in some on the member's eyes as they approached the dune.

All in all, it was a great Club Member drive with perfect weather. Congratulations to all the new members who received their first star and enjoy the journey ahead. It is an exiting journey which you all will love.

See you soon.
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