How to join immediately if I missed the LAST CLUB MEMBERS drive?

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Hello Everyone

In the last 16 years, I have seen this happening again and again where we are going to promote a CLUB MEMBERS drive which is the introductory drive for all our new joiners. Usually, we promot this kind of a drive a month ahead so people have enough time to prepare and especially for the members who want to get the FIRST STAR immediately after the drive.

After the C.M drive is over and we start working on the new batch we get a surpise request from a new member who didn't know about our last weekend C.M for one reason or the other, So we made a fast track chance for the serious members who want to get the STAR not the ones who want to try our C.M drives only !!!

How to join immediately if I missed the LAST CLUB MEMBERS drive?

1. Ask the organizer " MARSHAL " for the upcoming drive with your wish to join and you are serious about it
2. You must watch the video below which gives an introduction to offroading
3. Get your TOOLS ready fro inspection before the drive, if you are qualified then Congratulations cool otherwise you have to wait for the next C.M drive.

- It is recommended to visit the following link to have more information about our club and for the most FAQ

The Most Important Articles at the Forum

Thank you very much and looking forward to seeing you in the sand


Introduction to offroading

P.S: I added a link for three vedios for the tools and how to choose the right tools and why do you need them??

Tools Part 1

Tools Part 2

Tool Part 3
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