I miss my family

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I miss my family,

I miss those moments of surprise and happiness when a trip to Liwa would be posted.

I miss those tensed moments when the whole world around me would stop so I could concentrate on getting a seat, staring into my phone with heavy breathing and sweaty palms, smashing the REGISTER button and praying to God I get a seat.

I miss the excitement and planning in private chat groups, weeks ahead of the drive discussing food, schedules, convoys etc. and then on the day of camp missing the convoy because of work and driving all alone to the camp site while listening to my favourite tracks on the open road.

I miss reaching the final exit and getting on the sand while my mind officially getting into the “and so it begins” mode, while trying to reach the campsite which should be fairly easy but I would be too lazy to not deflate.

I miss those big smiles I would get from everyone, those long camp fire stories, the chefs going to town grilling, the star gazing, then going to bed exhausted but happy and content, the dozing off while staring at the billions of stars.

I miss the morning chill and the coffee at camp, the excitement and the briefing before the drive and the drive itself.

I miss the laughs and the teamwork every time anyone would get into a situation and how everyone would jump in to help out without a second thought.

I miss the long and deliberate delays we would make after the end of drive, standing in groups just revisiting the drive and not wanting to leave for home yet.

I miss those exhausting and impossible to stay awake drives back home because all the adrenaline and excitement is drained.

I miss reaching home covered in sand and sweat, exhausted, getting a shower with the last ounce of energy left in me.

Finally getting into bed and thinking… man I miss everyone already, can’t wait for the next trip.

I miss you guys.
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