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Sun Aug 11, 2019 11:26 am

Dear Almosters,

it's always party time when our Family get together and the "Newbies All In" events are a perfect example of what I mean.

We met near to Al Badayer and the route scheduled by our leaders was Al Badayer - Pink Rock - Fossil Rock which although the many drives is always a great landscape for the drive and for the eyes.

Sharjah weather welcomed us with sand storm at the meeting point but 30+ smiling faces under the scarfs were ready to take the challenge as nothing can stop Almosters and their motivation to drive grin

Our leaders split the big bunch in two convoys. One led by @Daggerfall and supported by @presa . The other led by @Booy and supported by @Barish . I was in the latter and positioned as the sweeper. @Booy was the lead and @Barish was floating and giving advices to the divers.

The drive was smooth but extremely nice. @Booy did a great job designing lines which didn't put the less experienced drivers in trouble, yet kept the experienced drivers focussed and happy.

We had just one situation with a car stuck in a ditch and with a pop out. It took a bit of time and energies from our leaders but they managed to recover the stuck drivers with no issue and in full safety, as usual thumbsup

All the drivers did an excellent job and we managed to reach the finish line before the sun set. The spot selected to meet up with the other convoy and to enjoy the sun going down behind the mountains was amazing. It was atop a hill with full view around the beautiful scenery.

I liked driving at the back of the convoy as I could make my lines and enjoy the different styles of driving, including the different behavior of the many different cars

It was a great day and we all left smiling and cheering each others for the coming Eid Holidays

Thanks to @Abu Jimmy who organized this event and to the Marshalls and Explorers who dedicated their time and efforts to make it a success.

That's all folks, looking forward to meeting you soon
Gianluca (aka Loca)
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