How to get your two ways radio license in UAE

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Hello Almosters,

Using any Two way radio or Private mobile radio or what is known as walky-talky in UAE (For UAE nationals and expats) without a license is considered illegal and can lead to a legal action if the user found using the radio without a license from TRA (Telecommunication Regulatory Authority).

The steps to obtain the license is simple and just to clarify, expats can now get the license.

First of all, you need to know that you can't go directly to TRA website to apply for the license. In order to get the license, you need to go through Emirates Amateur Radio Society ( The steps are as follow:

1- Get your documents ready:

The Documents needed to apply for Amateur license: 
  • Passport copy with Visa Page. 
    Copy of UAE ID card both sided. 
    To whom It May Concern.
    Good Conduct Certificate. (From Dubai police app)
    One personal photo. 
2- Fill in the applications:

Click here to download the applications. ... x8JZXnzQe8

3- Once you got all your documents ready and filled the applications:
Send it all to Nader (EARS admin) 0559019116 WhatsApp.

4- EARS will send your application to TRA for their approval which usually takes one week.

5- Once the approval is received, Nader will inform you of the next VHF amateur radio course and exam (Yes it is a must to attend the course and the exam).

6- The course day:

You will have to go to EARS HQ in Sharjah at Emirates road.
Pay the fees of 1800AED which will include 3 years EARS membership, 3 years TRA license, assigning a call sign for you, registering your radio, the course and the exam.
Make sure to bring all the radios that you use so that they can be registered on your license (or take a picture of the radio name, serial number and model). Or you can buy a new radio from EARS HQ as they have many high end brands along with many original accessories for two way radios.
The course is 4 hours long followed up with an exam.

7- Receiving your license:

Usually after the exam it takes from 7 to 10 days for the TRA to send your license to EARS. Nader will notify you once your license and EARS memberships are ready for you to come and collect it. EARS can ship it to you if you prefer that option.

Once you have your license, you can build your own home radio station, fix a radio on a car, ship or aircraft. You will be able to use both VHF and UHF channels legally.

EARS working hours:
Morning 09.00 Am-01.00 PM 
Evening 05.00Pm-09.00 PM 

From Sunday to Thursday 

Hope that is helpful and if you have any question do let me know.

Bu Zayed
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