Dusk in the Desert

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Hello all,

Only one word to describe this drive...WOW!

I had a fantastic time in this convoy, which really flowed smoothly thru.

I had been assigned to the convoy led by @Booy and with a total of 12 cars, you would expect some challenge to keep the flow running but everyone did very well and only a few second tries were called on the radio. Apart from two stuck situations (not the drivers themselves), the rescue and support team @Mo Sh and @Petr were having a quite afternoon.

We did a lot of different things; a bit of side-cresting, some high paced slopes, nice technical challenges... just a mix of lovely driving and really enjoyable!

Thanks to everyone making this possible (including all my fellow drivers),

Hopefully see you soon

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As usual many thanks to the organizers, @Booy and @alshamsi_m

Meeting in Al Qudra and finishing in the Dubai-Al Ain road in Murqquab.

Convoy divided in 2 and I was assigned to @Booy convoy, with the help of @Petr and @Mo Sh , I believe we were 10cars in total.

Fantastic technical route with a very good steady pace that the convoy managed to maintain nicely, I must admit that the drive I have enjoyed the most since I joined the Almost family, the Marshall increased pace and difficulty progressively as he could see that the convoy was increasing in confidence, very well selected route, following naturally the dunes, could not think of a better way to spend a Friday afternoon.

To top it all up I was placed in the convoy in between 2 wranglers with very good drivers and even nicer people (@AlexT and @desertwrangler hope to see you again in another drive)

Only thing that was missing was a chair and some food to stay for a couple of hours enjoying the lovely settings and great company at the finishing point.

Hoping to see you all soon in the sand again for another drive (of course, faster and harder ... ;) )

Have a great week.

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Hello all almosters, :have_a_nice_day:

As usual many thanks to the organizers, @Booy and @alshamsi_m
Convoy divided in 2 on a short breffeing, and I was assigned to @alshamsi_m convoy, assisted himself by @Johanna , @giorgio , and @Ammaxterra (my apologies if I had to make a mistake in the support teams, it would only be accidental)

Meeting in Al Qudra and finishing in... Al Qudra! :wut:
so again the fate fell on us, didn't it @alshamsi_m , another missed date with the sunset. oh noes
it does not matter, it will be for the next time (I had loaded my seat, and some drinks)! :yarr:

happy to have found the known management team, and those that I did not know yet.
happy to have met new faces among the participants, and to have been able to exchange our impressions. :have_a_nice_day:

See you soon for new adventures in the sand. :gangs:
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Dusk in the Desert:

An afternoon drive in Al Qudra. An all 10 - drive which was divided in two convoys with @Booy leading the one group and @alshamsi_m leading the second.

I was assigned as a sweeper on an 11 car convoy under a 43 degrees weather.
The lead car started the drive on a slow pace tackling in the beginning some mid size dunes on a straight crest. As was expected some drivers had more difficulties than others but nothing our of the ordinary. Radio communication for the majority of the drive was satisfactory with the drivers keeping a safe distance. The flow was pretty good as well with the exception in places where second tries a stucks were present.
The area was busy with several other clubs driving around which made the lead car's task to navigate even more difficult.
In our way we had the chance to witness a side rolled car from another club as well as a totally wrong rescue attempt. For the drivers that had the chance to have a view of the accident they should have noticed that the car had rolled on a 1 meter tall dune. That is why we always say to our member always stay on the track that the lead car has drawn and always be focus.

Staying on the drawn track is very important sometimes 1 meter out of the track it can make a difference and the small bumper accident that our convoy had during the drive is a good example.

Lessons learned from this drive was:
keep the correct distance
observe the car in front of you and how it behaves
stay on the track that the lead car has drawn

Over all it was an enjoyable drive although we did not have the chance to complete the entire track with all the drivers trying their best.

I would like to thank the organizer lead cars support teams and all the drivers for the enjoyable afternoon in the desert,
until next time stay safe and looking forward to see you again on the next event.
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