Short notice drive

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Hello all,

The day started lovely with some nice temperatures and a good talk at the meeting point.

A short briefing by our marshals @Booy and @alshamsi_m , got the attention of the group for a fast exercise on the flats, some straight crests plus a little bit of safari style towards Al Qudra area.

As we started the drive, all were instructed to switch on their lights as of the faster paced flats. My personal experience was that the dust was really to thick to see through and I decided to take more distance to be able to see just a little

On the straight crests we had some second tries and stucks and coming towards the 'mid point of the drive, it became clear that we needed to hurry up a bit to make it out on time.

As always, the organization was impeccable, for which the thanks need to go to @Booy @Johanna @Issa @Gabor and @alshamsi_m

Thank you all for the nice trip and hopefully see you very soon

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Hi almosters, cool

happy to have met the organizer of the day, and to have driven for the first time with him. thumbsup
some of the supervisory staff are more familiar to me ... having ridden with them more than once. wink

Regarding this speed-themed outing, the convoy set off on time, in thick dust on a rolling track!
I personally turned on my front and rear fog lights to be better seen, because at the end of the convoy the visibility was absolutely zero. oh noes

in the dunes we resumed our favorite ridge crossing exercises trying to make the best use of the vehicle's inertia ...
we were served in small, medium, see large climbs throughout this course, or sometimes it was necessary to avoid fallen trees! I noticed a number of leftover bumpers too ...

the third part of the race, how to put it? try not to be left behind neither in the dunes, nor on the flat, and stay "stuck" to the vehicle in front of you ... on arrival no one missing: mission accomplished!

I thank the whole team of the day without exception, a big thank to you for having guided us, and assisting us throughout. have a nice day

I look forward to seeing the management, like my playmates, on a future outing. pacman

in the meantime, all be well! playingsmiley
kind regards,
Mehdi (MZZ)

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Quick report on this drive, always to start thanking the organizers, Mashalls @alshamsi_m & @Booy , the ever present @Johanna & @Gabor plus @Issa (that´s a cool wrangler!!) for their guidance, time and support.

Al Faqa to Al Qudra was the route, I must admit that I was happy when receiving the MP, Al Faqa is probably the area within 90min of Dubai where I have been the least so always exciting to go "new places".

VVIP service, 5 drivers on the convoy and same number of Marshalls&Support Team, you can not ask for more ... no doubt we were in safe hands!!!

Started moving fast West direction on sand tracks/roads, necessary practice to be able to move a high speed between areas when in the dessert, plenty of dust so those of us "lucky" to be at the back of the convoy probably enjoy the least this part of the drive, security distance was key with poor visibility. Once reached the point where the drive in the dunes started we moved backwards towards the East starting with some straight approach to crests, convoy did well, mainly those at the front, for us at the back once it was our turn there was already a nice flat passage over the dune ... :lol:

Afterwards we started with some safari style drive with side-dunning, the convoy moved well without massive issues and a constant decent speed, only towards the mid point of drive, once we were already in our way North-West towards Al Qudra the convoy faced some difficulties and second tries that made us having to use tracks on the final part of the drive in order to make up time and reach the final point at a good time.

As usual a fantastic way to spend a Friday morning, my 1st morning drive of the "season" so very happy mornings have started to be an option as well for desert driving.

Looking forward to the next drive as usual, hopefully harder and faster ;)
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Hello everyone,

Thank you for the reports.

Unfortunately the rain from the day before did not settle much of the dust in the flat areas. However, it was still fun driving with everyone.

In the dunes, we practiced a lot of straight crests, and I am sure it gave everyone the chance to see how fast or how slow (correct speed) to approach these crests. Practice makes perfect. This is a valuable skill to acquire, as it teaches you control over your car.

I'm looking forward to seeing you in the sand agin - soon...



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