Stars Track VII - New Beginnings Edition

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hello to all my almost 4x4 family

It was a great day on 14th of August 2020 for me joining the group for -5 drive it was my 2nd drive with group but i felt that i am a member from long long time excellent support and superb person's leading. Special thanks to @Barish for trip arrangements and of curse out supporting team @Booy @Rashidjass and sorry i forgot the person's name in black fj who rescued me (thanks man). I had much mistakes the day but had a great support with the team and always i was out as nothing happened. Thanks to all the drive members to make the drive perfect and great fun.

As i learned new things while drive.

1. Don't be ashamed of making mistakes learn from them
2. Don't make silly decisions ask for advice
3. You can't win against gravity so surrender

I remember @alshamsi telling me in group chat that if you continue with us further you will not regret and i say now i am most happy joining the group in just 2 rides.

Thanks @alshamsi for the group foundation god bless you

Thanks and regards
Jay pala
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Hello Everyone

I would like to thank my passenger @Tomvanhouten for bringing the watermelon and the Dutch tart blank . I had a lot of watermelon which made it a bit hard to hop off the car grin

@Scorpio gave us a very good exercise for crossing the dune by going UP !!!

The drive was really nice with the forgiven weather, having in mind that it was mid of August .
Well this is the second drive for some of you with the club and there are more to come. Looking forward for the winter and opening back of Abu Dhabi territory to venture more areas
Till next time, stay safe and keep the sand flying

Adventurous League of Mountains, Oceans and Sand Thrills
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Hi Almosters!

We had a great drive organized by @Barish for the newly promoted newbies.

As the 2nd drive with Almost, everyone did great at @Scorpio convoy, which I was floating around.

We finish at sunset in Love Lake and had great time with a good 34km drive.
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