Eid Drive 2020

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Sun Aug 02, 2020 10:10 am

Hi everyone and Eid Mubarak once again.

This is my first Eid drive with the club and I'm happy to report that it was a fun, relaxing drive and I also got my first Eidiya from @alshamsi_m grin That 5 AED bill will be framed and preserved for posterity and the hope that it will increase in value as I was promised :lol:

Alot of members joined the drive which was organized by @Solmaz so we split into two convoys. One was led by @Solmaz which I was a part of and the second was led by @alshamsi_m . We drove in the soft summer sands of the Dubai desert from Margham to Al Qudra Lakes. The trips was un-eventfull apart from one or two second tries and a car stuck in a small ditch where the very soft sand made it difficult for the member to self-recover so he had to be pulled out by @Bu Touma

The outside temperature was quite high and becasue I drive with the AC off, everytime we stopped, I closed the windows, turn the ac on while we are stationary and literally hug the ice bottles I have with me for every summer drive :lol:

Near the end of the drive we drove thru a small technical area near the lakes and then we stopped by a small beautiful lake and enjoyed the sunset.

Thank you to the organizers and hope to see you all soon in cooler weather thumbsup
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Sun Aug 02, 2020 12:15 pm

Hello everyone,

Big thanks again to the lovely organization of the trip!
Great to be allowed to have passengers again, which was highly appreciated from my better side.

The trip was a nice one, especially if you take into account that not every passenger has experienced this type of driving before and some of them might not have felt too great at times.

Enjoyable area, lovely views and nice company in the desert, that's all that counts.

Thanks to @Solmaz , @Booy for the safe guidance and all the support staff for their assistance in needed times.

@alshamsi_m , thank you for the nice gesture and my apologies for not being familiar yet with this tradition!

Hopefully see everyone very soon again,

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Mon Aug 03, 2020 11:45 am

Greeting to all,

After my last outing "Forgotten Sands" here I find myself in convoy 01 of "Eid Drive" guided once again by our founder @alshamsi_m ...

When we arrive at the meeting point, traditions of Aid, we all receive a freshly printed banknote from its printer ... and I was not the one who said this. have a nice day

Small briefing from the organizer of this outing, @Solmaz , whom I thank in passing. Immediately after the group of vehicles is divided into two distinct convoys with at their head, for the convoy:
- 01, @alshamsi_m ,
- 02, @Solmaz .
Convoy 02 sets off, ours will leave 05 minutes later.

Our route alternated between easy areas, with other techniques, which allowed us all to practice, us as newbies, and the rescue teams when it was sometimes necessary to give a helping hand during certain passages. Thank you to our guardian angels ...

The notable feature of this end of the course was a final night driving! A first experience, at night of the desert, even if not initially planned in the program.
Like what, we always know when we enter the desert, never at what time we will come out! Psmiley

What a pleasure to finally arrive at our final destination, this eccentric lake, where the mentoring of the 2nd convoy awaited us.
Although the bulk of our convoy left almost as soon after our arrival, we decided to extend our desert stay a little longer by getting out our chairs to chat, and listen to the anecdotes of the elders of Almost 4x4.

It was an “another episode of our customary Eid family drives”, our firt for my wife, and I.
This was an "EASY DRIVE" ... thumbsup

Others, and I, we hope to see you again sooner rather than later, on a new release.
Thank you to all of you for these adventures. pacman
kind regards,
Mehdi (MZZ)

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Mon Aug 03, 2020 2:37 pm

Hello everyone,

It was great seeing the newer faces of our ALMOST4X4 family, although I missed catching up with convoy 2's members. Almost all of them left directly after the drive - probably due to the fact that they only arrived at the lake after sunset.

I was in Solmaz's convoy and she carved a nice track for our members. Halfway into the drive, I took one family back to the starting point, as they started feeling car sick. I hope they all felt better once they reached the road. On my way back to the convoy, I enjoyed playing catch up at a relatively faster pace :)

Once we reached Qudra lakes, it was still fairly hot, and with the humidity rising after sunset, we decided to make our way back home just after 8pm.

Looking forward to seeing everyone soon again in the sand.



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Mon Aug 03, 2020 3:52 pm

Hello Everyone & Greetings to All Members. Thank you @alshamsi_m for the Eidi gift of crisp bank note😍 & thank u for organizing the drive.👍
This was a nice & relaxing drive which was really enjoyable. Some areas which was technical was truly a learning curve.
Drive was enjoyed as a day drive + night drive😍
Looking forward to next drive with Almost 4x4 & Team👍
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