Stars Track VI

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Hello everyone,

We had this very nice drive with our big group.

During the kick-off, two convoys were made and I was in the convoy with @Solmaz as a leading marshal.
Beautiful drive, which covered quite a lot distance as we encountered a pretty green and bumpy area, Solmaz decided to guide us away by driving along the normal roads towards pink rock, camel rock and fossil rock.

We went from a bit technical to some nice climbs and some small bowls.
Very nice drive!

Unfortunately, the leading family got struck by both a flat tyre, but with the assistance of the convoy, it was sorted out pretty soon and we were able to make it to the end point on time.

Thanks to all for driving to you and thanks to leading group @Solmaz @Agalon and @kareem.alameldin for their guidance.
@Barish Thank you for the organisation again, had great fun!

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Another fun Friday afternoon Almosters....!!! grin

With the 6th edition of Stars Track and my 2nd drive under the title and as newbie, I should say this has been a wonderful learning experience.... thumbsup

The convoys were split into two under the leadership of @Barish & @Solmaz and myself behind @Barish .

Started the drive from Al Badayer near the Big Red driving past Pink Rock, Camel Rock and ending up viewing the majestic Fossil Rock......! Had some quick drive parallel to the black top.... I am sure the cars on the main way looking at us, must have thought that these guys are out of their minds.... :roll: :roll: :roll: Hey but that's what we are there for.... a bunch of offroad crazy people..... serious business

Driving just behind @Barish was a bit challenging trying keep up with his pace, and in the process and trying to manage I lost some momentum on the technical areas and ended up with 3 second tries....!!! Lesson learned or rather trying to learn is to manage and keep the appropriate distance and to know what it should be based on the terrain you are up with.....!

Yes, the terrain had all covered this drive.... from a soft sands, gravel terrains, to areas filled with desert vegetation...... and not to forget the couple of black top crossing....!

Overall a great drive.... always thanks to the Marshals... supports @Abu Odai & @kareem.alameldin and for the rest of the drive crew....

Looking forward for many more trip..... cool
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Hi Guys!

Thanks for the great drive.

Big thanks @Barish for organization, and Marshals and Support Team for keeping us safety!

I was a little bit afraid when I've seen only Wranglers, FJ's and Xterras at the start but the drive was lead perfectly! Nice traverse rides on the dunes, amazing views, great company (with proper social distancing thumbsup )

Hopefully see you soon the sand. cool

Below the link to the video (pls don't judge about trimming - first video done on Ipad:)

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As mentioned in the name of the drive, we wanted to make a change and visit Sharjah desert after long time of Dubai desert visits. The track was all in one like soft sand, hard sand, mud, rocks, bushes...

The scenery when reached to Fossil Rock was is a nice experience to feel as if you are side sloping on a mountain while actually driving on the sand..

All drivers did very well in this peaceful day and also thanks to support team of @SameRaptoRed and @Abu Odai
to keep the convoy safe.

Dont forget; no shame if you can not do it. It is shame if you dont do it. Try it!

While changing, keep improving!

See you soon.

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