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Hello everyone,

10+ Newbie drives are always fun for me and today’s drive was no different. With each drive I discover new abilities that I never knew my car or myself had.

We started in the same spot as last week’s drive and thankfully the weather was decent, windy and after 5:00 PM even pleasant.

We crossed the road and started the drive in the same area where the previous night Solo Bats took place.

The area was challenging but fun and having Presa lead the convoy we expected some nice lines in the sand and we weren’t disappointed.

We climbed a few high dunes and enjoyed the views from a high point.

As we reached the famous Iftar Bowl, other groups were driving in the area so after enjoying their “talents” playing in the bowl, we left the area.

As usual with fun drives the time absolutely flew by and the drive ended way too fast, it literally felt like a few minutes instead of 3 hours.

The main lesson I learned from this drive is to keep a lengthy distance between cars in order to enjoy the drive and get the best out of my car.

Thank you to the organizers, the marshal, support and everyone who joined today, driving with you all is a treat.

See you next week hopefully
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Hello all,

I had a fantastic day yesterday, driving with 10+ for the first time. Also the safari style driving was new to me.

Really enjoyed the faster paced dune climbs which were challenging at some points. The soft sands made it tricky at times to choose the right speed.

This style of driving does make it chaotic if someone at the front requires a second try or gets stuck, I noticed. All of the sudden there is cars all around. But that really made it interesting to keep safe and be alert.

Thanks all for the enjoyable drive and hopefully I am allowed to join you soon again.

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Hello all,

I joined the biggest convoy after the drives restarted with COVID rules. @presa mentioned in the briefing that he would be aiming for stucks and crests and we had a lot of them. Soft sand helped presa to achieve his goal plus a pop-out as a bonus.

There were a few disconnects and reconnects. The drivers must have longer distance between the cars as the dunes are soft and require momentum to climb. But having too much of a distance become another challenge to pick the right track as there were many.

After all, we had another great day in the hot desert with a lot of smiling faces. Thanks to @presa, @alshamsi_m for the great lads and @Loca, @Bu Touma and @Jasper for the support.
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It felt really good to see the club back in full force this weekend & I do hope this is a prelude to better times have a nice day

It was hot but windy so was still the right side of pleasant.

Convoy order was organised in detail by Presa & we started by crossing the road in the direction of Iftar bowl.

Presa made sure we had fun by pushing us - we had a few stucks as promised XD , a pop out & disconnected convoys on multiple occasions.

Lesson learnt today is never loose sight of the car in front of you and keep a healthy following distance, enough to use momentum when you need it.

We ended at Iftar bowl with a beautiful sunset amidst screaming engines.

Thanks to @alshamsi_m , @presa @Bu Touma @Loca & @Jasper & for this fantastic evening

Till the next one , have a good week & see you all very soon.
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Hi everyone

@presa lead us through " The Golden Dunes " chain behind Al Badayer shops. He took us to the peak points in that area until we reached the Iftar Bowl cool .

The sand was soft with many tracks in some areas which made it challenging to find the right track of the convoy " Keep the right distance & Keep an eye on the car infront of you ".

When we reached the Iftar bowl it was busy with other offroaders. Some of them were just going left and without paying attention to " Safty " others were calm and enjoying the sense of the Challengers.

Before sunset our leader took us out to say Goodbye for this beautiful drive.

Till then, everyone stay safe and healthy.

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Hey Almosters!!

This Friday we went to Al Badayer Area, climbing the dunes that, on the previous night, the Intermediates did the Solo Bat challenge.

We went over 6 dunes, climbing each one of them, on some more than once, until we reach iftar bowl.

The Intermediates did something similar but Solo and at night :)

Everyone did great and I had an amazing time with the convoy.
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