Forgotten Sands

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Hi everyone,

Today’s drive was the first morning drive I attend post-lockdown and compared to the afternoon drives we did before it was a pleasant feeling to start the drive in cool weather.

That didn’t last long though as by 9:00 AM it was already too hot to handle.
(Ideally a summer drive would start at 5:00 AM until 8:30 AM)

The safari style drive didn’t disappoint and the area around Pink Rock is great for this style.

We had a small convoy as some members didn’t make it.

The convoy was led by @alshamsi_m with @presa & @haider alnuaimi floating and @giorgio sweeping.

The rest of us got in line and the fun began with beautiful arches and climbs.

In order to keep the flow of the convoy moving well we kept a wider distance between the cars and that allowed us to pick up a bit more speed and for myself it was one of the few drives where I could use second gear most of the time.

We had a few second tries and one or two stuck cars, no pop-outs.

Near the end there were a few challenging climbs but we managed to conquer them and learn some valuable lessons.

As always I had a great time and I want to thank the marshals and support and everyone in the drive for their company & efforts.

See you soon.
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Good morning all, have a nice day
this outing yesterday was interesting in more ways than one!

Wake up early for motivated people, quick to arrive on time at the place of the briefing.
On site I find first of all the master of ceremonies @alshamsi_m , who had passed me shortly before on the road.
the supervisory team is gradually being formed.
I meet newbies older than me. Despite my still relatively low number of outings, I immediately feel at ease in this group.
Time comes for breifing, reminders for some, and to learn a little more for me. Today's new: the "safari" mode trip ...

small warm-up in the dunes along the E 44 road, followed by the leader's announcement that it was the taverse in the direction of Pink Rock (*), a stopover in our training.
my mission was to follow the leader, and the second, and I did not do too badly, even if I still have to adjust the right dosage to have enough momentum to pass the dunes, but not too much ... OSMILEY the right dosage to tear myself away from gravity when arches and climbs.
I'm working on it. wink

Which will lead me to speak, and to thank the supervisors who keep you in their mirrors (@alshamsi_m ), or who follow you (@presa , & @haider alnuaimi), by signaling you mistakes made, or encouraging you. Thanks also to @giorgio for his help.

I did not know this desert with its characteristic point (*), even if I had heard of it. It's done now! Thanks again Almost 4x4, and if the system wants me again grin , I'm up for new adventures. cool
kind regards,
Mehdi (MZZ)

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Hello Everyone

It is has been a while since we drove in Al Badayer/PinkRock area, I was expecting the dunes would be fresh and clean for the first-timers of our newbies. It turned out to be even interesting for our 13+ newbies blank .

With Support of @presa the drive was very smooth with no major issues maybe because we had only one fresh newbie and he did very well too. The drive was nice most of the time but it got a little bit hot at the end but it was the time we called it off.

I'm planning to drive Al Badyer more as far as the other groups and clubs not yet visiting because it is really one of my favorite places. cool

Till next time, keep the sand flying and see you soon

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Forgotten Sands: Newbie drive.

As it was mentioned on previous reports, this drive was set relatively early morning. The aim of the drive was to have a safari style drive.
During the short but to the point briefing @alshamsi_m highlighted to the drivers the main areas that will need to focus on:
a) distance and location of the cars while a safari style drive is on going
b) How to perform an Arch: speed, momentum, aborting technique.
c) Radio communication.

The drive started on a slow pace with the lead car increasing the level as the day went by. Over all the delays and distractions were limited, with only a hand full of second tries and one recovery.

Worth mentioning, the given opportunity to have a 3 car train rescue successfully executed.That was a new experience for me and I am glad that I had the chance to be part of the execution team and get to understand how it works from first hand.

Big thank you to the organizer and support team as well as all the drivers.

Until next time drive safe
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Hi Everyone!

We had an amazing drive this Friday morning with @alshamsi_m leading, and support from @haider alnuaimi and @giorgio .

Our 10+, with a single 5+ did very well. There were few stuck and 2nd tries, being the most interesting part a 3 cars rescuing one car that was heading an obstacle going down.

The area is nice and track was well adjusted so they could enjoy the morning breeze, without getting too comfortable!

Hope to see you all next weekend!
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