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Re: Mirag Run.. 4th July

Posted: Sun Jul 05, 2020 7:56 am
by Tomvanhouten
Hello everyone,

Early morning wake up call on Saturday and while the temperature was still lovely, we drove off into the desert under the lead of @SINGH . New area for me, which I enjoyed a lot.

I had to get used to the flow of the convoy, causing an early stuck for myself as my distance to @scorpio66 was not enough and therefore not enough speed to make it over the crest. No worries, @optimus to the rescue and continue the drive.

Personally, I really enjoyed the morning drive in this area, where a complete mixture of terrain was present. At some places some soft sands were present which was a good challenge and again the learning curve continues.

Big thanks to the crew @SINGH , @Johanna and @optimus for keeping us safe and spending their time with us.

Hopefully see you all soon again!


Re: Mirag Run.. 4th July

Posted: Sun Jul 05, 2020 2:41 pm
by Johanna
Hello everyone,

after I took a break from driving last week, I was really looking forward to hit the sand again.
It was a beautiful morning in Nazwa, the heat was bearable and we started as planned at 7 sharp with @SINGH leading, me as second lead and @optimus sweeping.
The track started with small dunes, giving our newbies the chance to practise all kinds of straight crests. Steep angle, soft sand and sharp crests were on the menu.

We drove towards the big dunes of Al Badayer and had some nice climbs and bowls to tackle cool

During a break @optimus and myself had the oportunity to play at a big dune, and I realized how stress relieving a little speed and adrenaline rush can be. Psmiley And that taking a break from offroading even for one week does not work for me ORLY

Thanks to all for the wonderful morning and special thanks to @SINGH for the great lead, good job thumbsup

See ya all in the sand