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Hello Almosters,

our first intermediate drive since early march...wow OSMILEY

Bored at home I reached the meeting point 20 minutes before meeting time, just to find some participants of the newbie drive already there. grin
The place filled quickly and I was really happy to see everyone in love

Our convoy was small with just 7 intermediates, @Booy leading and @alshamsi_m floating around. We started the drive from Al Ain road between Al Faqaa and Murquab towards Al Qudra. As there are no big dunes in this area, I expected a fast and technical drive and thats exactly what we got! ninja

Terrain wise we had a mix of everything. We started in the medium sized dunes with a lot of side cresting, crest riding and side sloping. Couple of times @Booy warned the convoy not to change his track, but I had the impression some of his lines are not in line with general laws of physics... drifting down the dune after a side crest and without touching the flat climbing up again to do side crest again... scared
Following him definitely made me exploring the limit of my drifting abilities and to play and control the force of gravity thumbsup
Towards Qudra the dunes became smaller and the sand softer, so we had some technical parts close to infamous EIB area and still going fast. I was focusing on not to have a pop out by hitting an edge or falling into a ditch.
We had no major issues, some second tries and one quickly fixed pop out.

I was surprisingly total relaxed and I did not feel out of shape or anything, there was just pure happiness grin. Offroading seems to be in my blood now after 3 years in love
We drove for 4 hours and finished with the sunset. Although it was not a track we usually drive in this level, it was amazing how @Booy made the most of it. grin

Thank you all so much for this fantastic afternoon, I missed all of you and I really hope that we do this now again every friday. in love

See you all in the sand
BR, Johanna

If it excites you and scares you at the same time, it probably means you should do it.
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Hi Everyone
Initially i missed to gain a spot for the drive, thanks to @Shamsi who came for the rescue and unlocked a second convoy, which enabled quite a few of us to enjoy the day.
Everyone made it on time, We had 7 cars with @Booy as lead and @Shamsi as sweeper/floating. After a quick briefing, when asked i raised hand to be the last car, which actually wasn't the case as i passed 2 spots while the cars in front had few second tries. @Shamsi at the briefing "you should be in the first 3 cars if you want to learn the tricks" OSMILEY .
@booy gave us a bit of everything high speed drive, straight crests arches, side sloping and a lot of side crests. the drive was around 4hrs which we finished before sundown.
Apart from one pop-out, there wasn't any other issues. last one hour was very tiring as we had to cover lot of area in technical and soft sand. Im sure all the drivers were putting in extra vigilance to avoid ditches that could easily lead to pop outs and even damage to the car.
Amazingly apart from few second tries all did great and made it in single piece. brigade.baka-wolf.com

@Booy thanks for an amazing drive and @Shamsi for watching our back.
Lastly i felt so delighted to you meet you guys again!!!

till next time

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(black FJ cruiser)
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