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COVID-19 lockdown has been terrible: no dune bashing and I had to purchases an xbox and Forza Horizon 4 to be able to drive (Jeep Trailcat 2016) :-)

Finally, back on sand after more than 3 months in lockdown. Small convoy led by @alshamsi_m with the support of @Mahmoodyasin: safety first, as usual.

We started on time, but after a couple of minutes I noticed that my front tire was leaking air and the pressure went down from 12 to 8 psi. We stopped and the core valve was not properly screwed: fixed, inflated and back on track.

I was second lead: very nice tracks, not too challenging, but not boringly easy. We also had some high speed drive on flat areas. All of a sudden an alarm started to ring: my speed limit was warning me that I was exceeding 120km/h. WOW! @alshamsi_m far in front of me was just a cloud of sand and dust.

We drove for 3 hours, with no relevant issues: I had a couple of second tries, probably 1 or 2 stuck for the other newbies in the convoy. Anyway, not bad for rusty offroaders. At 6:30 pm I realised that I was getting tired: I made a stupid mistake and I got stuck in a side crest. Recovery from the side: my rope, shackle and social distancing as agreed.

After the recovery, out in the heat, in and out from the car, the sense of fatigue increased. I was thinking "I should warn the leader and ask him to slow down a bit and take it easier, before I do some other mistakes". But I did not want to be that guy. Here it is. One more stupid stuck, just doing a simple straight cresting, less than 5 minutes later. @Mahmoodyasin recovered me again.

After 3 hours driving, after 3 months at home, I was definitely tired. Lesson learned: listen to your body and your limits, do not push too much.

@alshamsi_m kindly drove us to exit point, almost following a straight line ;-)

It has been amazing to be back on sand: thanks to all the marshals and support team for your great effort in managing all of this.

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Hi Everyone
Its was too long since i had felt the sand. the feeling of return was indescribable.
Silent hill customers reached the meeting point on time. Considering the new way of living after the covid, we had 3 newbies in our convoy with @Shamsi as a lead and myself as support/sweeper.
Area chosen for the drive was having medium size dunes and long stretches. The leader started slow before raising the level. the drive was a blend of arches, side and straight crests. and at places high speed drive to 120+ kmph. we also experienced a short fun in the soft sand and technical area where there were couple of stucks, that led to leaving the zone.
the convoy flow was good, apart from fews stucks and surprisingly nil popouts, the newbies did well.
Thanks @Shamsi for resurrection offroad . Always enjoyed driving with you.

till next time
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