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We were back again after three months of offroading on youtube only.

We had a VVIP convoy, @Solmaz as the organizer & lead, @Agalon as the second marshal after one driver had a cancellation (hence comes the second V in VIP), @optimus as the rescue but only part time participant, then @Preggy, @Germain and I, enjoying the utmost. This was the smallest convoy I drove and it was clearly very efficient, fast and enjoyable. We drove about 65Kms, starting from Al Faqa and ending at Al Qudra, passing through eggs in the basket area and some overlapping of the last Friday 13th drive.

We started with some warm-up , finished EIB with some overheat (not the car!), and had very 'cool high speed drive afterwards. We had a few second tries and one COVID-19 certified rescue operation. This first drive after a long break is supposed to be "getting the rust out" but in fact turned out to be "well polished" drive. Thanks to Solmaz for such a great day of enjoyment.

Wishing all my fellow drivers Corona free days, without any bad impact on heath and work.
We drive on the sAnd and we see a Lot of sand.
We go caMping and look at the sky and we see a lOt of stars.
And there are more Stars in the universe than all sand grains on earTh.
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