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Hello Almosters,

finally a trip we can write about grin

I joined @Barish as support in the back and together with @Tomvanhouten, @AndreAJ,@Messi and @Piilmann we left skydive at 3.30 sharp as planned towards Al Qudra.

At the meeting point I had mixed feelings. I was super happy that drives are back on the one hand, but I really missed the big family gathering and the greetings on the other hand.

But as soon as we hit the sand, all sadness was gone and the usual excitement and happiness took over. I drove at the back of the convoy, assigned floating/sweeping.
Barish managed to cover everything in this drive. From safari style and arches in the big dunes, to technical areas and even some easy side crests were served.
He found some tricky spots and gave our convoy a lesson how to deal with soft sand and climbs.
We did not had any recovery situation, all difficulties were handled by the driver alone, really well done guys! thumbsup

The convoy flew nicely at all times, therefore the radio was mostly silent. I enjoyed my freedom at the back, practising my floating skills.
Close to the end at the lakes I finally I had my chance to perform a rescue, as a poor guy got stuck with his sedan car right next to the gatch road. wink

We ended at 7pm as scheduled in Qudra, watching a perfect sunset while inflating.

I cannot explain how happy I am that we are back in the game. The last couple of weeks were tough and I learned how important this club is to me. Truly family in love

I cant wait to see all of you back in the sand
BR, Johanna

If it excites you and scares you at the same time, it probably means you should do it.
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Hello everyone,

I also had a fantastic drive!

It is really great to see the well organized driving style hasn't been lost and all was going great.

The small convoy was a good experience where Barish really felt the correct speed for the people behind him.

I just need to fix my left forward tire as I found it flat today morning, guess is stumbled on something sharp....

Thanks @Johanna and @Barish for this wonderful 'restart' of the season!
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Good to see desert after along time

We started with warmup after short briefing. With a little more than 3 hours of driving in the desert, we were six cars.

After the briefing we started off in an area of smaller dunes with some side slopes to warm up.

I could see the improvement and confidence growing through out the trip, yet much still to improve.
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Dear all,

It needs long pages to write the feelings of returning back; preparation for the drive, getting on the car, driving to meeting point, touching the sand, hearing the voices of our members again and that engine sound and beauty of desert...

It was all fair for everyone whoever did any mistake since as said this was a rust removal drive...Target was to drop those rusts and i think we managed to do that..We drove from Al Ain road to Qudra in 45 mins and played in every single dune for that purpose...Weather was amazing and drivers did very well.

Closing was through Qudra lakes with a perfect relaxation by the help of sunset.

So, what were we left: You should improve while you are changing to give a meaning to change. Otherwise, change is nothing more than a waste of time.

See you on sand at the earliest.

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Kinda envy you guys melt

Hope there are many to come, its very difficult to get a spot these days with those limited convoys!

Keep it up, and see you in the sands
Never met a desert sunset I didn't like. :relieved:
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