Friday 13th - Soft Sand Memories !!

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Hello Everyone

While we were waiting for all the members to join at the meeting point a member approached me and said: " I read the PM and I wasn't sure if what you wrote was a real warning or being sarcastic ".

Since it is Friday 13th. so it is about horror and chaos so I got the question, how are you going to creat all of the bove with your little car?

The program of the drive was as follows:
1. Play in section 1 for one hour
2. Play in section 2 for one hour
3. Chill out for one hour

The plan was executed perfectly without any delay, We were at the endpoint having coffee/Karak thinking what just happened grin

Well, I was at the leading point so I couldn't see what happened arr. so I prefer that you read the trip report of the other members because they were inside the action zone!!

Till next Friday 13th, Stay a live so I can have more souls patapon


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Friday 13th... The first time that the newbies get to see the Founders and Marshals dark side :ugeek:

There were around 20 newbies on a single convoy, 10 intermediates flying around (advance drivers and Marshals were floating).

Area is packed with small dunes and soft sand, new for many, although some already drove on it :)

In the first 2mins we had two stuck and 1 popout.... So it was a proper Friday 13th drive...

We had a x-terra climb, we had a ditch that tried to eat one out our dearest, we even had a jeeper enjoying the pace of a good Toyota ;)

After McLoud reach the camping area we still need over 30min to get everyone out ...

Hope to see all reports!!
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Dear Almosters,

The registration was filled-up very quickly, not only for the newbies but also for the rescuers as this is expected one of the fun, self teaching and challenging drives. The ones who missed,
alshamsi_m wrote: Sat Mar 14, 2020 8:28 am Hello Everyone

Till next Friday 13th, Stay a live so I can have more sols patapon

I advise you to plan 9 months ahead as the next one will be in November.

@alshamsi_m set out the rules in the briefing that the first 20 cars will be all newbies, no higher levels within the convoy. Anyone gets stuck, the convoy should not stop but the car behind should take it over and keeping a distance of 5 meters at least of the stuck car. Letting the floating intermediates facilitate the rescue. This rule is a recipe for making the rest get stuck and to create a perfect chaos.

I was driving right at the back of the convoy and when I checked the convoy at high points, there is no convoy! There are only bunch of cars here and there scattered around. Sometimes all the cars in the same area, facing each other. When you see that, you think it is one of the "usual" karak break, but there is no such break. Maybe just a break up of the unnecessary accessories.

The take over rule was not honoured all the time, and I believe it us due to the club's culture of convoy disciple coming from the previous drives, which becomes part of the DNA of safe driving.

This drive was also a test for the radio batteries since the channel was always busy and you have wait for a long time to find a silent moment if you want to say something.

Another point I realised was that nobody took the usual attendance. So if you get lost, you have to be prepared to dig your car out or dig your own grave! When the sun sets on the day of 13, nobody knew you were there or what you did :twisted:

Until the next time to see you, keep washing your hands, stay out on the sand and kill COVID-19. ka boom
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We go caMping and look at the sky and we see a lOt of stars.
And there are more Stars in the universe than all sand grains on earTh.
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Hi All,

Friday the 13th!
The chaos began as soon as Bu Salem crossed the starting dune into the mine field (the play filed). grin

It was not even a minute that I could hear Pop out, stuck and help calls on the radio.
In side a small bowl, there was a Super Safari crested and jeep had a pop out.
At the same time, there were distress calls on the radio, asking for help to rescue their crested cars, pop outs, lost tracks. Every rescue was safely executed under marshal's supervison! thumbsup

It was first time that officially intermediates were officially allowed to float cool and create more chaos 😊 and at the same time rescue their fellow newbies.

I remember after reaching the sitting area, I had few cups of coffee and could still see some newbies being rescued out of the war zone.

The fun was unlimited. I enjoyed every bit of the drive!
Thanks a lot Bu Salem and all the marshals for their rescue tips & supervision and thanks to my fellow intermediates for another great day in the desert!

Until next time!
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Hi All
I thought it was my first Friday the 13th drive, guess I was wrong when later got reminded that last year Saturday the 14th was claimed to be the new Friday the 13th, confused!!!! innocent However since it came from the founder, so is believed to be true. Slowly the horrific memories of that date came back, Couldn’t have agreed more as the same chain-saw was heard running on that day as well.
As soon as I got off the main road, and far yet from the meeting point, could witness a huge group of cars gathered at one place, it seemed like a CM drive Meeting.
Just before the briefing, among few it was being discussed, as how many convoys would be made and who all will most likely be the chosen marshals to lead. While the brainstorming was going on, whistle was heard, @Shamsi … “gather up”. The curiosity got over with an unusual surprise when shamsi said there will be only one convoy, and in it there’ll be a second and forth lead occupied by the intermediates while all the newbies line up behind that dood is up to something . The 2nd and 4th lead wouldn’t change whereas the newbies were allowed to overtake, when the car in front gets stuck. The remaining intermediates were instructed to be out of the convoy… floating, yet doing the rescue duties, whereas the advances were allowed to chill around. The remaining marshals were tourists and depending on their mood could give expert advices for the recoveries.
As the names got announced, guess who won the ticket to hell ….”Me”. It got me by surprise, was thinking what I did to end up in that spot. shocked shocked...again
The convoy started on a flat ground to reach the spot named AREA 1. Mcloud jumped on to the dunes doing multiple straight crests. With Just 20meters in, the voices of “im stuck” lauded on the radio. Cautiously I tried to be at Mcloud’s tail. Only when I thought things were under control, Mcloud did a quick turn inside a small bowl, which was an impossible task for my Fj, thus ended up with a pop out. While fixing the pop out, the secret of me being second lead was revealed by shamsi…”and you thought you escaped the last time”. Then I recalled that I was the only one who went home unstuck that day. Man….. Never say it’s over! we all gonna die
Moving from there Mcloud hit the gas and disappeared like a flash and I was just figuring out its track to find my way. Last seen Mcloud did a huge v-crest …. Very smoothly… with shamsi on the radio..”watch out”. I had two options either approach slow and carry out multiple tries OR go with a bit of momentum and make it the first time. I chose the latter, but couldn’t keep the wheels on the ground, it was a relieve when the cresting ended with a safe landing. melt After an hour of drive, we reached the flat area again where we took a breather while others took time to recover and join back the convoy.
Soon @Shamsi announced “lets move to AREA 2” …. Having mercy on me, shamsi …. On the radio “who wants to replace the second lead” relief ….. I, Looked around, no one came to the rescue. oh noes With a deep breath, I started again behind Mcloud. This time I was extremely cautious, while my steering dripped with the sweat, the tension was still building up as continuous being stuck voices were heard. Finally after one more hour the mayhem ended and we reached the flat ground where we circled up and waited for the rest to join.
While a treat of coffee and karak along with juicy dates (courtesy @Shamsi ) was being enjoyed, a sight of remaining cars was seen, approaching like battered gladiators from the ring. ka boom
Im sure all will agree that those two hours felt like 6 hrs of a regular off-roading.
Thanks @Shamsi for putting us in the grind and making us learn the tricks of driving in a highly technical area. Surely It was a learning curve for all grades.
Most importantly I hope im off the list after that day

Thanks to all the marshals for the tips, and above all to my intermediate mates for ditching me. arr. bouaaaaah

Till next time
Mahmood yasin
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Friday the 13th, a date we were all looking forward to.

My mother came to visit & I decided to bring her along, I explained her what to expect. We met at the meeting point & did the normal drills. The briefing was short & sweet, the part I liked was when the intermediates were told to stay out of the convoy. The convoy order & instructions where given & we were on our way.

Leaving the meeting point it looked like something out of Mad Max, just cars everywhere flying over the dunes. We all got to area 1, again we were told to stay out of the convoy. The convoy entered the area & I went far right keeping an eye on the convoy, not getting to close, but close enough to help. About 2 minutes into the drive we had our first casualties. The convoy get moving as per instruction, I kept floating over the dunes. Next casualties & we stopped or a bit to regroup, there were few cars stuck in several places. Friday the 13th struck again.

After regrouping we were on our way again, inters floating & playing around. There were more stucks & at one stage there were 3 Xterras on the same dune, but not all stuck. I kept floating keeping an eye on the convoy, there was a few more recoveries, but all was good & got sorted quickly. There was one stuck which I did not see, but marshals had to get involved to get the vehicle out.

It was a very nice drive, my mom enjoyed it & afterwards we all sat down to have some tea & coffee. We chatted a bit, then left the group, heading home with a few other drivers.

Thank you to all the marshals, advance, inters & newbies for making it a awesome drive again.

Till we meet in the sand, stay safe.

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Trip report from a survivor who was sure he wouldn't make it. Super late but here it is anyway.

It was chaos, but due to the discipline ingrained into each of us by the club it was fun at the same time, and very reassuring to know no one is going to do anything that will harm other members. This is an amazing feat to achieve with so many members driving, all from various walks of life.

About the drive - not much that I can add to prior trip reports. I had my first pop out ever and now at least know how to avoid having one, that's a lesson worth learning. @optimus was quick to rescue, big shout out to him. It was technical and I had fun especially when we had to make our own tracks to pass stuck cars. Never heard the radios so busy!

The end point was beautiful with weather on our side. A nice sunset, chitchat, karak, kava and cookies, and stories.

Can't end a Friday the 13th better!

To sum it all up, this picture was NOT taken during a break.
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