Fearless II

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Fearless II

This advance drive found us in Al Ain this time in one of our favorite areas. It is around 4km long but you can have the best time of your life there.

@Rashidjass was the organizer and lead car with support from the majority of the marshalls.

The hand full of advance were hungry and ready for action. Briefing as always in this level was short to the point under a nice morning breeze.

The usual @Rashidjass skipped the warm up session and in the first dune we manage to accomplish the impossible. We split the one convoy into four. I really dont know how we manage to do that but all 4 advance drivers took a different track and we were all over the place.

This is where @Daggerfall came handy calling on the radio for all drivers to wake up.

From that point on we kind of all of us put our selves together and started driving. The drive was fast with high climbs and side crests one after the other. The sand was moderate soft but relatively friendly.

@Rashidjass was targeting every virgin crest thronging combos almost in every dune.

The engines were roaring and their echo was bouncing against the high dunes.

We were holding the higher grounds during the entire drive looking down to other convoys which were also driving in the same are.

@Daggerfall like a lonely wolf was roaming in the distance taking pictures while the rest of the marshals were closer to us most of the time within the convoy track ,keep observing and reporting any incoming traffic.

The challenges were plenty for the advance drivers which had to pull the card of a second try quite often.
What I love the best on this level, is that there is no more baby sitting. If you dont make it and you need to go for a second try it does not matter to anyone. The drive is going on and you need to recover a position in the convoy as soon possible . Nobody will wait for you. It is a PULL UP YOUR PANTS AND CATCH UP DEAL.

There were no recoveries stucks or unsafe driving. Everyone pulled his/hers own weight and the drive came to an end with all members been satisfied.

Closing my report I would like to thank the organizer and support team for the adventurous drive.

Looking forward to see you all again on the upcoming drives.

Until then drive safe.
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Hello everyone

what a drive, was waiting for it a long time back, as mentioned we skip the worming and that reflects on my video I had to start it with the first wall.

I will leave you to enjoy the video.

in the end, I would love to thank @Rashidjass for organizing the drive and amazing lead, all the marshal for their support, and all the driver to make it non-forgettable drive.

see you on sand
Abu Madi
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