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Hi Almosters,

This was another amazing drive thanks to @Barish for this organizing.

I was in the 2. convoy led by @Booy and @alshamsi_m @Yazan Ali @SameRaptoRed thanks for all support.

we drive in the technical area had some second try, stuck and one pop-out. @alshamsi_m explained how to fix.
In the convoy, 3 people's radio battery died and I'm one of them before the drive my radio indicator was the full battery, it was in front of the AC, most likely caused the coldness of the AC. I will buy another for a spare.
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Hello Everyone

Although the marshals thought on Valentine's day not many offroaders would show up. We were surprised with high demand and we ended up with 3 Convoys. grin

Whenever I want to surprise our members , I always find @Barish one step ahead of me. This time I brought HEART Chocolate to find that he started distributing Ferrero Chocolate melt

@Booy gave us a nice track but unfortunately, I had to bail out and have a small convoy with @SameRaptoRed back to the road " Thanks buddy " thumbsup

The rest of the drive was a cool sitting around the fire with chit chat and laughter.

Thanks all for making another beautiful day and looking forward to see you soon

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