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Simply another great drive and a beautiful day.
I enjoyed most seeing the big number of members on the same day. I arrived a bit early and got the chance to chitchat and catch up with many friends.
The drive was relatively easy and enjoyable with some second tries and a popout.
All the credit goes to the organizers and marshalls and support team. We can't thank you enough.

Photos ---->!Ak91qy8CPVpqgcNhYr4 ... Q?e=m89dUu

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Arrived to the meeting point after 2 hrs drive from Abu Dhabi. The place was full of Almost4x4 members from all levels. Newbies were clearly excited and ready for the action.

I was assigned to @Solmaz convoy as sweeper. It wasn't my first sweeping oportunity, however, sweeping behind a convoy of 19 cars (other than floating Marshals and Advanced) is a new record for me.

The convoy did relatively well in the first 80% of the track until @Solmaz decided to raise the bar by leading the newbies to slightly sharper crest.

Newbies struggle begins, Marshals @Rashidjass and @presa decided that no rescues from the front. Also, drivers to climb through a fresh crest after every few tries meta knight.
Results: @optimus broke a record of 7+ rescues in the same spot. Congrats bro.

Finally, thanks @Daggerfall for organising this mega trip. thanks @Solmaz for the amazing lead as usual. Thanks @Rashidjass , @presa for keeping us safe. Thanks to the advanced and intermediates for the support.

M Abubaker
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A challenging drive, less fun More lessons

Thanks for everyone for the most challenging drive so far, as A truck owner I was told and noticed the path we took was not easy to drive. Which reduced the amount of fun HOWEVER increased the focus and learning.

Weather was as per @Alshamsii very nice clouds allowed us to have a better far distance vision as I was at the back of the convey hearing from the Radio only keep the suspense alive.

For unclear reasons my front left tyre went flat twice thanks for everyone who came to help.

I also got stock once as I didn't build enough momentum Thanks to @giorgio and @Barish for the fast and coordinated recovery

Unfortunately I have noticed something during each drive certain smokers throw their cigarettes buds in the sands while on briefing or/and during tea break. pissed off
While I took the buds from the floor and gave it to the person this won't be easy to do each time.
I think it would be nice if the Marshal mention this on every briefing. graffiti


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A cloudy morning with a little drizzle on our way to the meeting point. Along the way I was thinking about how I miss driving in the soft sands (not that I’m a great at it, but it’s fun). Then reminded my self to enjoy the cloudy cool weather with wet hard sands while it lasts. Due to hard sands I have had the opportunity to drive into places I wouldn’t otherwise, as a newbie.

It was a fairly relaxed drive with lots of breaks as promised. I did enjoy driving in the mixed convoy and got to watch and learn from all levels of drivers. This is a great initiative to bring members of all levels to meet, we rarely do otherwise.

Almost everything has been covered by other well written trip reports here so I wont repeat it all. I will sign off with a wish for more such mixed drives.

Thank you @Barish @Daggerfall @alshamsi_m @optimus @Gabor and all other marshals and crew for another great day in the sand.
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good afternoon every one
what an amazing morning, started with family excited for the drive
I was in @Solmaz convoy floating and I had recorded some of the drive I'm going to share it with you and hope you will like it.

it was a very nice lead, I really enjoy my time with my family
see you soon
Abu Madi
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Got to love morning drives in the winter 🥶

I was assigned as second lead in @Daggerfall ’s convoy 😘, which was a good opportunity to appreciate the training and set of skills we learn at the club as newbies 👍

Every skill we learn as newbies will become handy in higher levels, taking the time to practice it is crucial

All in all it was a good fun morning drive

Thanks to Daggerfall for arranging this drive and all supporting founder, marshals, advance and intermediate drivers

Till next time

Panthera pardus
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