REPORT: Little Bit Technical IV

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Happy new year 🎈 Almosters, What a wonderful year starting.

Unlike any other “official” drives I’ve experienced with Almost4X4 this one was an afternoon drive.

I reached the meeting point @ 14:15 had some chat with @Majdabd1994 and some other members after deflation.

I was in the convoy led by @Daggerfall with the support of @alshamsi_m , @Abu Odai , @abuzaid , @Youssef.Abdelhady , @Rooies

We faced some recoveries for the red Grand Che. WK2, the white Jeep and a pop out of my tyre, and finally we end up the drive with a tyre cut for @Esan FJ , I believe it was fast track training to us for such issues.

Generally the drive went smooth, I liked more the afternoon drive especially those moments before the sunset. We had to drive a little bit at night during the exit and when we reached the camping area. It’s definitely a different experience.

@Abu Jimmy invited us for an ammmmmmazing Kark in the camp, the place was Extremely quite and peaceful. I couldn’t stay loner as I had another commitments but absolutely it will not be the last time.

Thanks to all the Marshalls, Advance and intermediate members for the great organization and support. Honestly you are taking care of all of us and this is little what we can say.

See you soon 👍🏻






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A beautiful start to the year

It was a beautiful afternoon on the al Faqa side . Meeting time and all were on time for the trip. Everyone was deflated and set to go, we held the safety meeting, assigned convoy order, then lined up for the radio check.

After the briefing we started off in an area of smaller dunes with some easy side slopes to warm up, after few stucks convoy was stop for tire pressure adjustments.

We had taken all the pots in the drive to make it easy but unfortunately it takes more time to complete the drive. (few refusals, stucks, popout etc).

Thanks to all the Marshalls, Advance and intermediate members and all the members.

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Hey everyone! Thanks for the opportunity, it was a great drive. I like evening drives and desert sunsets. The terrain was nice, soft sand but mostly easy dunes. A few stops due to some cars getting stuck, and a chance to see a tyre change up close. Thanks to the marshals and support. Looking forward to the next drive!
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A great start to the new year with an easy drive for the weekend. Brought my daughter for her first almoster drive and she had a blast both in the jeep and on the sand. The drive was slow paced due to a WK2 struggling at almost every challenge due to high psi and low ground clearance. So lot of time was lost helping the person recover from the challenges. It was also a long convoy with about 14 rigs. Never the less, the spirits of all member including support was energized and this kept the the good times fly. At the end of the drive some of the team split up to catch up with the senior newbies at a camp spot in the middle of the desert where we had BBQ, Tea, Coffee, seeds and a social banter. This was very relaxing as it wasn’t too chilly and with ample moonlight.

Big Thanks to Desmond for making it such a pleasant trip and to each one of the support rigs in our convoy. Until the next one, adios...
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Hi everyone,

as I did the inter drive in the morning, I arrived one hour early at the meeting point.
I enjoyed the amazing weather and some chitchat with @Sorin who arrived early as well.
Soon the place filled with cars and its always amazing to see so many excited drivers and meet with old and new friends.
We had a convoy for -5 and one for 5+ which I joined. @Agalon was leading, and the pace was quite fast ORLY . I drove as support in the middle of the convoy, but our drivers did very well so I only recovered one crested car. @Agalon challenged our drivers with a fast pace, relatively high arches and some steep climbs in soft sand.
Some basic rules all of us should remember to ensure a smooth drive:

- always give the clear, because if you dont, the car behind you is waiting which leads to big gaps in the convoy.
- keep the right distance and make sure you can see the car in front of you, otherwise you might loose the convoy.
- keep and eye on the car behind you as well and report if you cannot see it anymore
- check your PSI during the breaks

We finished the drive at sunset and some of us went to our Al Faqaa camping spot to sit together and enjoy some chitchat and the cool weather and of course @alshamsi_m famous cookies, karak and coffee.

For me it was a full day in the desert from sunrise to sunset with great company and I cannot imagine a better way to spend my fridays.

Thanks to the Almost4x4 family for this fantastic day, looking forward to see you all again.

in love
BR, Johanna

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After a long break from the desert this was my second drive this holiday season and I made it just in time to the meeting point to deflate, setup the safety flag and get in inline for the briefing.

@Booy split the convoys into two, 5- and 5+ members with him leading the 5- and @agalon the 5+. Discrete radio frequencies assigned to each convoy mixed with Intermediates and Advanced drivers to oversee.

I must admit it took me forever to make it to 5+, only wishing now that I could have made it earlier. @Agalon took us through some new technical tracks at a good pace and the drivers kept up making the drive a lot of fun. The crew, intermediates and advance drivers were ever patient and happy to help the cars that were stuck and guiding cars that were going for a second try. I am always amazed by how they always have a smile no matter how many times they have to help.

There was an interesting lesson for me on this drive. I started out with 12psi but things started getting difficult. It felt like I was loosing power with every climb until I couldn’t make it at all. I was worried my engine was misbehaving. Then, from one of the dunes, as @Abu Jimmy always mysteriously seems to appear from, spotted me and asked me to check the tyre pressure after I made that rather simple climb on third try. It was up to 16psi O_O possibly due to the tyres heating up or user error while deflating. @Johanna stopped by to check on me and asked me to go down to 10psi. And this added the few hundred bhp back to the engine XD

I will now on check pressure during breaks and not assume the engine has broken every time I lose power =B

After a great drive, a few cars, we drove in to a nice sunset spot. @Petr made us a fire and some steak. @alshamsi_m brought cookies and his Karak and Kava which I absolutely love. The knowledge sharing by just listening to conversations during camps and breaks is unbelievable. Always keep your ears open.

The chitchat and snacks with everyone was a nice reset, feeling refreshed and prepared for the next drive I said my good bye’s and headed home.
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Hello everyone

I don't know why these weekends I don't feel like enough from offroading.

I reached the meeting point to find all are ready to drive. I was in @Booy 's convoy floating around and from my point of views I could see that our leader gave us a very good technical training day where the members practiced :

1. Crossing the straight crest
2. Coming out of a bolw

I don't know why everyone are mentioning about a specific car or a driver ???

Dear members, we call you newbies for a reason. It is your right to practice and fail again and again until you perfect the technique. So please take your time to learn . We are not in a hurry thumbsup

The sitting after the drive was a nice bonus, although I reached home around 11 pm I didn't feel like going home yaeh am not durnk

Till the next time, I wish you safe driving and looking forward to see you all in the sand.


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