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Fri Dec 27, 2019 6:53 pm

Hi all
Gravity 2 was nothing close to its previous prototype. It was much much more challenging on fire
We all reached on time, a short brief by scorpio and a reminder that anyone wants to quit, now is the last chance!!! Looking at the leaders intentions, few of us took an early technical break....just in case 😰.
The convoy was led by @Scorpio with the second lead crown to @rapailo with @SINGH and @Youssef.Abdelhady as the floaters/sweepers while @Rashidjass had the eagle eye on the convoy.
Without any warmup scorpio hit the gas and went for the climb, followed by arches and side crests. on fire At first it was the order of last man standing but once the walkie cried of second tries, the mode was changed to numbered drive. melt
The dunes were hard and at the same time had patches of soft sand on them, which made the whole track very deceiving!!! There were high dunes with sharp crests, the same dunes were conquered multiple times but from a different angles. There were ditches after the sharp crests which were tackled and announced effectively by @Scorpio but with a surety that the pace wont go down. The drive was so challenging that it required continuous concentration OSMILEY and i Couldn’t remember anyone who didn't go for a second or more tries. πŸ”₯
We had to take multiple breaks in order to wait for the convoy to attach and to recheck our T-Press.
After couple of hours drive we had to stop as @Johanna car had some issues (hope she gets better soon), the car was parked and she took the passenger seat with @Scorpio . The last one hour was incredibly fast and had steep climbs with multiple side-crests. @Scorpio hit the final nail in the coffin when he did an impossible steep climb ending with a sidecrest which most of us had to go for multiple tries to make it πŸ˜…!!!
Surprisingly this drive didnt have any pop-outs or stucks. Well done boys n girls!
11:15 on the dot we headed towards the exit, filled up and pointed towards our ways.
The drive was so amazing that even after the short nap on my return, i was dreaming of the great time we had today. in love in
Thanks @Scorpio for a fantastic drive which will be remembered as a drive full of adrenaline!!! Thanks @Rashidjass @SINGH @Youssef.Abdelhady for watching our back.

Till next time
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Sat Dec 28, 2019 10:07 am

Hello Everyone,

this was hell of a drive 😍 I drove as car no. 3 behind @Scorpio and @rapailo. We immediately started with high climbs and sharp crests. The area is amazing but so small that you can look in people's living room while cresting πŸ˜‰
The drive was challenging and I had my first second try soon.
I approached the crest, speed was there and I left my foot off the pedal to crest over - wheels are not turning enough to go over. 😱
This brought me in a fighting gravity situation, but I managed to go down safely.

As I was nervous and full of adrenaline I did not question the car in this moment but my skills...
At one crest I struggled to reach the top, I tried different lines under supervision of @Rashidjass and @SINGH and I even deflated to 6PSI. I was so close to the crest and it was doable for sure but my gut feeling telling me not to do it was stronger here. So the crest won the battle and I went around it, maybe a wise decision.

After a few more minutes, my adrenaline still over the top πŸ˜‚ when we crested from a bowl to another, my steering got weird. I lost partly control and had a close call. Still thinking it was me I did the next crest and again same issue 😳 I stopped and let @Rashidjass test drive it. So he confirmed that the steering is loose somehow and has too much play.
So I left it and went with @Scorpio. I thought being a passenger would lower my adrenaline level πŸ˜‚ but no. It has been a long time that I was in a leading car and suddenly I was not in control anymore. So all I could do was grabbing the handle bar and hoping that @Scorpio can see more than me and that there is no ditch behind the next crest. But don't get me wrong, it was fantastic 😍 I need my weekly adrenaline rush.

Despite the problem with the steering it was a high level and challenging drive, probably the most challenging I had so far. But it was great fun, especially now with a proper suspension system. I am used to embrace for impact while driving with high speed over some bushes or hitting small bumps while climbing...but there is no impact anymore. The car goes smoothly over it, no jumping anymore and therefore no loss of momentum. 😍 It's really worth some investment, now it's a different level of fun.

Thanks everyone for this drive, it was one of the best I had so far.
Hoping to see you all soon in the sand
BR, Johanna

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Sun Dec 29, 2019 1:24 pm

Hello Everyone,

It is always heartwarming to see you guys improving and enjoying the drives thumbsup .

We had a cool morning and a pack of camels to welcome us in the sand ORLY . The plan was to start and end the drive at the same place. We started the drive with the plan of last man standing but due to multiple second attempts, we changed to regular method of holding the convoy until the successful attempt, to keep it organized and safe for everyone.

We had an amazing morning drive and I would like to thank you all for playing safe on those dunes. Hearing the message of second tries is a sign that the convoy behind you consists of smart drivers thumbsup . Unfortunately, @Johanna had an issue with her car but she was still able to enjoy almost 75% of the drive yuush before grabbing the Oh-S**t handle in Megatron grin . There were many crests on the way that I, as the lead car avoided – one being when Johanna was my passenger (she knows the reason why arr. ). I had @rapailo as my second lead and @Youssef.Abdelhady as the sweeper. @Rashidjass, as a passenger with @SINGH was floating and keeping an eye on the convoy. The drive was fast and we conquered many dunes and bowls on fire . There were some ditches also on the way to increase the fun :lol: you're kidding, right . Just before the end of the drive and to pick up Johanna's car, I thought to give you guys a bolus dose of adrenaline arr. : .....well done on that crest everyone yuush

Thank you everyone for your lovely company. Thanks to Rashidjass for the supervision and the Advanced members for their great support.

Gravity series will continue... :twisted:

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Sun Dec 29, 2019 3:20 pm

Hi All,

My mates have already mentioned above the details about the drive. I would start with -
First thing first – Thank you @Scorpio for leading us through a thrilling drive called Gravity -2 !

Scorpio briefed us about the area and the warned us about the challenges that we would face.
The drive was pretty fast, consisting of a combination of high climbs where you actually need to push the full throttle and end the dune with a side crest from the soft side.
The area being small, we had the opportunity to climb those dunes through different angles, speed, pedal control.
Scoprio put us through multiple challenges and everyone of us enjoyed playing safe.

Thanks again @Scorpio
Thanks @SINGH & @Rashidjass for being our guardian angles of the day
Thanks @Youssef.Abdelhady for watching our 6!

until next time!
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Mon Dec 30, 2019 9:07 am

Gravity 2.... there was a reason behind the name.. OSMILEY

When I reached the meeting point, @Johanna was parked at the top & I think there were already stuck trying to get to the meeting point. I took a long loop, engaged 4x4, floored it & made it to meeting point without getting stuck. While deflating there were a few more causalities trying to get to the meeting point.

Eventually everybody was there, we had a short briefing, @Scorpio told us to take care because the crest were soft, the dunes were sharp & there will be a few surprises OSMILEY . After the briefing @Rashidjass also had a few words of wisdom to share with us (I will admit, i was getting bit nervous now).

From the meeting point the dunes looked small, but once we hit them I saw that we were in for lots of action, the climbs were high, the crests were sharp & soft...... The pace was fast, because if you were not fast, you will not make it up the dune.

We had a short stop & another short briefing, following distance was discussed & we decided to keep the convoy order.

There were a lot of tracks in the area so one had to be awake the whole time not to loose the car in front of you. Sometime when you cross the dune the car in front was gone, side crested over the dune & changed direction.

There were a few second tries, because the sand was very soft at some places, I bailed a few times, not wanting to push my luck, once or twice I made my own track hidden to get get back in the convoy, think @Nabil thoought I was crazy.

Overall it was an awesome drive, one of the best I have done so far on intermediate level, yes Christmas came twice this year grin .

Thank you @Scorpio for the drive, @SINGH , @Rashidjass & @Youssef.Abdelhady for looking after us. Thank you also to the rest of the inters that drove well, we did not have one stuck.

Tile we meet in the sand again, take care & stay safe.

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