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Wanted Dead or Alive

Posted: Sun Dec 22, 2019 9:23 am
by Daggerfall
Hi Almosters

After postponing the "Hells Bells" due to some necessities, we have decided to explore a new area for the next advanced drive. Exploration trips are fun and exciting but dangerous at the same time. So I named the drive "Dead or Alive". cool

Thanks to @Abu Odai for the new area suggestion as it all started with a video he sent me. The dunes were looking beautiful and the guys were having "fun" . So we learned that area and off we go! thumbsup

It was a long night drive to the camping point and thanks to @Rashidjass for going early and confirming that the drive to the camping point is smooth and no issues on the way.

When I arrived, most of the members were already in bed except @Abu Odai and @Yazan Ali so after some chitchatting they left for their beds too..... I put the entire bundle of woods I brought to fire and fall into sleep on my "chair" watching stars (We had to save weight for tomorrow )

It was a cold night and there was a chilling breeze in the morning but the scene we woke up was amazing!!.


After some morning routine we were good to go!...I will not tell much about the drive because I cannot describe how much fun I had Psmiley

We had a very strong group of drivers which made this great drive possible and I just want to thank them all for this amazing day


@Abu Odai
@Yazan Ali

See you on the next adventure!

Best Regards

Re: Wanted Dead or Alive

Posted: Mon Dec 23, 2019 6:28 pm
by Issa
left from dubai at 730 pm, met with @Yazan Ali and @Abu Odai on the way and we drove all the way to the camp spot, we reached and found @SINGH and @Rashidjass there before us, it was very cold that night so we went to sleep after some chitchatting with the fellow advance drivers and marshals. the drive was amazing and we went through a nice chain of all sort of dunes, bowls, crests. all in all the drive was the best one i have done so far. thanks @Daggerfall for the lead, and @Rashidjass for the support.
Untill next time
Stay safe ✌️

Re: Wanted Dead or Alive

Posted: Wed Dec 25, 2019 8:07 am
by Daggerfall
For those who couldn't be with us......this will give you only a glimpse of the real experience... cool

Re: Wanted Dead or Alive

Posted: Thu Dec 26, 2019 1:13 pm
by Abu Odai
Hello everyone

It was all about a video received from a friend and felt the area interesting and may could our playground cool . With no hesitate, the video forwarded to @Daggerfall and here the fun begin. arr.

The drive was leaded by @Daggerfall and @Rashidjass sweeping, we start chasing the dune and bowls one after one, chain after chain, why not? Since we have the long time to drive (7 hours) and enough petrol to happily burn (full tank + 40 L extra) melt .

At this area “Al Quaa” the dune size is really big , the sand nature is extremely soft at most of the areas to the extent that I felt like driving on snow , or let’s say in better word driving in super-fast pace with drifting style all the way up and down .
It was not easy to control the car where the driver need to hold the steering wheel strongly (get ready for shoulder's stiff muscles and peel off the skin of your thumb whu ) , keep the momentum while climbing and communicating over the radio and focusing on the track :roll: .

Thanks god, we had no issue at all especially in such long exploration trip anything could happen, everyone went back home safely with full of happiness yuush .

I would like to thank @Daggerfall for organizing this fantastic trip, @Rashidjass for keeping eye on the convoy and my fellow advance drivers @Yazan Ali @Issa @SINGH , you guys made it smooth and joyful

Till next time stay safe.
Abu Odai