REPORT: Stars ⭐️ ⭐️ Track II

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Fri Dec 20, 2019 3:52 pm

Hello Almosters,

It seems like it was a quiet different drive. Sand as flour, A season record of second tries & sand sticks. Even advanced drivers like @giorgio was lucky to be recovered by @kareem.alameldin

Me: I feel like I was not in the right mood, it started yesterday when I was surprised by @Barish message on Telegram about the drive. I got extremely frustrated because I missed the registration at the first place, and because I don’t want to miss any chance to improve my off-roaring skills. I PM @Barish and asked him if there’s any chance to put me in, and thanks god 🙏🏻 I wonder if there’s any way to get a notification from the app or Telegram about new posts and drives.

In the morning I got my coffee with some of the members around, the convoys has been split into two. we were driving with the led of @alshamsi_m with the support of @giorgio , @johann.gstettenhofer , @Rooies , and @kareem.alameldin the great who was extremely kind and helpful to get out me out of some crests when I got exhausted after several times of second tries and stuck.

@Rooies kept recovering and rescuing me over and over. Sometimes with snatches, sometimes with instruction over the radio. Finally when I was nearly to quit this drive after all what happened to me he stepped out of his car to support me and give a positive energy back to me.

At the end, we all know that the drive was not supposed to be the way it was, but we are all here to learn, we’re all here together because we care about each other.

It was apparently shown when @johann.gstettenhofer car slipped into the meddle of the road and all of the group was running after the car trying to stop it and some jumped in to road to stop the other drivers not to hit it. Thanks god everything went fine.

Too many surprises to tell and to remember.
It was really a day to remember.

See you guys soon 👍🏻











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Fri Dec 20, 2019 6:37 pm

Hi everyone!

I was in the second convoy led by @baris of 5+ drivers.

The day started with a common briefing for all drivers before we lined up in two convoys.

Our convoy started to move at a good pace and we mainly focused on arches.

We had few recoveries from which we learned the correct angle to recover a car for every different case.

I personally enjoyed the drive day and proud to complete the drive with my Pajero without being stuck or doing a second try. Some parts of the drive were challenging especially when @Barish drove us into a technical area to challenge our skills.

Learning point of the day:
Having the correct tools is important for our safety and the ones rescuing us. Tow ropes are not good for recovery. Best option is the Viking Rope. Contact @alshamsi_m for more information about how to get the rope.

Thanks everyone for another great drive and see you soon on the sand.





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Fri Dec 20, 2019 11:22 pm

Nice weather, different sand, Great experience driving and recovery.

First and most @Barish you're the man, He helped me out in buying the equipment verifying them and changing my status all with a smile Many thanks man.

After a nice breif about what do to do and what to never try to do.

I was for the second time with Mr Flooooor it @A alshamsi convoy of -5 trips, great drive he made the drive challenging yet easy.

As I have the truck I was last which turned out great, we witnessed many recoveries in different scenarios.

@giorgio was all over the place watching, mentoring and recovering. Until he got stuck! ORLY .

The day was a success looking forwarded for 2020 and beyond thanks again everyone, Happy holidays and Happy new year

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Sat Dec 21, 2019 5:56 pm

Hi guys,

This was actualy my second drive after CM; however need to mention now that I have been several times to desert as a passenger and suffered from motion sick usually... I should admit that being a driver is a completely different more motion sick🤣🤣🤣

It was a great fun for me🥰 Thanks to @alshamsi_m for leading and support team🤗

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Mon Dec 23, 2019 12:03 pm

Hi Almosters,
First of all thanks to@Barish for organizing
It was another amazing day there was 2 convoys-5 led by@alshamsi_m and +5 led by @Barish i was in +5 support @Bu Zayed @mahmood and @Saeed FJ and @zico
This drive we learn how to recovery in few difficult situation we did side crest and drive in technical area.
Looking forward to seeing all of you next drive day.
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Mon Dec 23, 2019 1:50 pm

Good afternoon Almosters

Wow, what a great day out.

I invited two friends and family members over and out to experience the desert with the Almost guys and it was fantastic. They absolutely loved it and the expat living here is already sending me adverts for secondhand Jeeps ha ha ha

It was freezing when we go there but as more and more people arrived, the morning warmed up from excitement, pretty quickly. When went out in respective groups and soon after started having insane amounts of fun.

@alshamsi_m , @giorgio , @johann.gstettenhofer , @Rooies , @kareem.alameldin and @Johanna looked after us and made my guests feel very welcome.

@A alshamsi made it nice and tough and many people git stuck... @giorgio was very busy pulling people out of situations at the back.

The route was technical and fast but relatively easy, fast kick backs and steep drops but we made it pretty easily and really enjoyed the challenge.

My three highlights :

1. Giorgio getting stuck.... twice
2. Alshamsi almost giving me a good reason to get new bumpers and mudflaps.
3. Johannas car being driven by a ghost straight into the highway, (Thank goodness no one got hurt).

Again thank you to all and looking forward to the next one.



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Mon Dec 23, 2019 5:16 pm

Good afternoon everyone

An amazing day with the Almost4x4 family. The weather was great and drive started on time.

First of all thanks to @Barish for organizing & thank you @alshamsi_m for the assistance and support.

Looking forward to seeing all of you next drive day.

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Mon Dec 23, 2019 7:53 pm

Another nice morning in the Stars Track area..All the drivers were ready which also motivates the leaders, support and all members.

We had the briefing on important registration points and reminder of our rules for offroading and seperated into 2 convoys of 5- and 5+.

As promised, we started with small arches and increased the level to higher and longer arches. We heard some second tries and little stucks due to soft sand which all part of the game and learning practice. We had the privilege of having @zico in our convoy and did a couple of prepared rescues with his guidance to learn how to do it safer and also the benefit of viking.

Stars Track is a return track however i found another exit on the gps which also helped us to touch a little bit of a technical area to prepare our members for future.

I would like to thank @alshamsi_m for taking care of the other convoy and support teams of both convoys making it safe to the end.

Dont forget; thats the improvement that makes the chg successful.


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Tue Dec 24, 2019 9:37 pm

Hi All
Star track II was a drive for all group of stars.
Early morning meet up was very refreshing with a realization that winter is in.
After the briefing by @Barish and @Shamsi we were split into two groups.
@Barish led our group with @Saeed FJ as a floater/sweeper. @zico was keeping the look out over the convoy.
The drive was smooth with a recipe of arches, straight cresting, fast drive and some technical driving. @Barish tried to touch all areas of the drive to prepare the newbies for the next level.
I was assigned to carry out most of the recovering, with luck and experience given by the marshals, all the recoverys were smooth and without any issues.
After a 3hr drive, we moved towards the exit and finished on time.
It was another fun day. Thanks to @Barish @Shamsi and the support crew, we had a wonderful time.

Till next time
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Wed Dec 25, 2019 6:18 pm

Hello everyone

Another easy drive, yet it was surprising in some spots. This is the same area we do " Rescue the marshal " event so it is an interesting area.

Our young members did very well and you can see that they were progressing after every dune.

The main highlight was the CREST . I was driving fast to give interesting time then attack the first sharp dune ahead of me grin .

I am looking forward to see more in the sand

Have fun thumbsup
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