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Hello Everyone,

I was not sure of me attending this drive but fortunately, things worked out and I was able to touch the morning cool sand in love .

Thank you @Barish for organizing this drive and to provide the opportunity to enjoy cool morning weather in the desert. The drive was planned perfectly with Barish leading and the @Youssef.Abdelhady sweeping. Having intermediates behind the lead car and advanced members behind the intermediates and @Booy, @Rashidjass, @presa and myself floating around thumbsup.

Barish took the convoy to one chain of dunes and we went till Naqrah and then drove back to the starting point. It was interesting to play on that chain two-ways yuush. The drive was packed with some amazing side cresting on all those dunes that came on the way. It was fast and required full attention on those sharp crests. It was great to see you guys maneuvering and having fun on fire.

Thank you intermediates and advanced members for your awesome company and thanks to the organizer and the fellow marshalls for the great morning time.

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That was the number of the crests that we conquered. @Barish organizer and lead car left no crest untouched.
On this morning drive in Nakil, the intermediates with supervision of Marshall's and support from the advance drivers, they had the chance to tackle the still wet terrain and enjoy the awesome track.

The area is friendly with mid size dunes that are challenging enough to climb but safe to practice the side cresting technique.

The convoy that had no particular order over all did very well with minor delays couple of crested cars (on self recovery) and to my surprise 0 pop outs (unusual on a wet sand).

It was my first time driving on that chain i found it very enjoyable. I hope that we will visit that area again and enjoy another fun drive.

Thank you @Barish for organizing and leading the drive. Thank also all the marshal's who attended @Booy @Scorpio @Rashidjass @presa as well as the advance drives @Youssef.Abdelhady @Issa for all the support

Looking forward to see you all soon on the upcoming drives.
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Unlimited.... the area selected for this drive was perfect. We had few drives in the past in this area. Rain in the last few days has made the sand a bit hard, which is opposite to what it is actually in this area, usually its quite soft.

@Barish mentioned in the briefing that as the sand is hard, so to use that advantage, we can do some longer crests, soft sand doesn't allow that otherwise. No, specific order for convoy, credit to our experienced intermediates drivers. Marshals and Advanced were allowed to play and support at the back.

Target was to drive towards Swiehan (but not to reach there) and end the drive at the start point. Convoy flow was smooth and all the drivers were enjoying. We had some breaks in between, couple of stuck and nothing much of any issues which were of any concern.

Thanks @Barish for a nice drive and for giving nice experience of crestings to our Intermediates. Thanks @Rashidjass , @Booy , @presa & @Scorpio for keeping the team safe and thanks to the Advance drivers for your support.
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Hi Almosters!
Much was told about this drive.

@Barish had a brilliant lead and all enjoy it!

We should keep driving in this area and nearby seweihan since there are good dunes and challenging for our intermediates!!

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Day started with a nice breeze in the morning, little dark and sun showed up while on the way.

We have driven in this area before with same drivers but on a different chain which helped me that time to find out this 2nd chain and was thinking since then to organize a drive in here. Plan was to go a little bit more than Nagra and come back from a different track on the same chain; longer crests in crescent shape which makes them convenient for combo side crests. Nice scenery during side crests and sharp turns sometimes was the bonus.

It was nice to see that the convoy response was good to the speed and continous action. Some second tries and stucks were acceptable in such a long and speedy drive, such that sometimes we were touching a crest which the rest of the convoy was already touching the other side of the crest..Also i heard there was too much fun at the back of the convoy😀

I would like to thank to our support team of Marshals and Advanced drivers for the great effort and control in such area on our convoy and big claps to our Intermediate drivers for the pace. Unfortunately, we had to finish at the planned time, but promise to explore the 3rd chain in this area for Unlimited v2.

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