REPORT: All Stars ⭐️ - Limited Edition II

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All Stars Edition II

Another all newbie event that flooded the desert on a Friday morning. The three convoys departed at 830 sharp for the weekly adventure.

I was driving with @Scorpio as a lead car @Booy as a second Marshall and @Gabor @Rooies and support duty.

Overall the convoy coop well with the terrain which in the beginning was challenging only because of the vegetation but on a later stage of the drive we had some technical driving on a faster paste. The drivers over all managed well with a few times having more than the recommended distance ( big gaps that lead to convoy been disconnected) and a loss of track.

Over all it was a chilled out drive that everyone enjoyed.

Big thanks to the organizer @Barish and the lead car with it's supporting team. Looking forward to see you all again in the upcoming drives
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Dear Almosters

Another fantastic morning out with a lovely surprise at the end...

Thank you @Barish @Abu Jimmy @Abu Odai @abuzaid @Youssef.Abdelhady @Johanna for looking after us and sharing your technical knowledge and experience with us.

It really was nice to see such a big group of 4x4s in the distance as we arrived. Seeing all the 4x4s with their flags up, reminded me of a sounders of Warthogs, (a Heard of cute little African animals with their tails straight up in the air).

The drive was exhilarating, slightly more technical than usual but also very fast, which we thoroughly enjoyed. Not as many people getting stuck as usual and less and less re tries which shows that the experience is rubbing off, and people are starting to listen and are also getting to know their cars.

We could not believe when we arrived at Love Lakes that such a place is possible in the middle of the desert and it was such a treat.

Absolutely can not wait for the next one. Thank you,

See you all soon.
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Good Morning all,

I was sleepless the night before the drive and I reached the meeting point at 7 just to find out I wasnt the only early bird… The place filled up soon with cars and we enjoyed some nice chit chat.

Crew started to distribute the merchandise, it was nice to see happy faces with brand new shirts. We will continue to distribute the stuff in the next drives.

We started with 3 convoys at 8:30as planned and I drove with @Barish with the 5- drivers as support in the middle of the convoy.
From Lahbab we started towards Skydive Dubai at the Al Ain Road. The area has small sized dunes with a lots of bushes, so it was quite a bit technical to avoid a bumpy ride. In between we had flat grounds with good speed, I really like that Rallye style driving cool
We crossed Al Ain road towards Qudra, this area was Abit more technical with less bushes but softer sand and small but narrow dunes.
As our guys did very well we managed to reach the love lakes at 11:30, it was my first time there and a really nice finish after a great morning in beautiful desert.

I hope to see you all soon in the sand
BR, Johanna

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Hello Everyone,

It was great to see you all on Friday; @Barish should be appreciated to extend the drive for all newbie levels thumbsup

As mentioned in the earlier trip reports, the 5+ convoy was with me and I would like to thank @Booy for his constant supervision of the members. I had a great support in the form of @Loca (2nd lead), @Gabor (strengthened the convoy by being in the middle), @Rooies (being the sweeper) and @giorgio (floating).

Our convoy drove on both left and right side of the track and enjoyed some technical areas, arches and climbs. There have been some 2nd tries and cars losing the track but overall the convoy performed very well and we played safe. Unfortunately, @santhoshksl had to leave the drive and thanks to Booy who escorted him out and joined the convoy back in a jiffy on fire. Thank you Giorgio for the heads up at that point thumbsup. There was one vehicle who got overheated and we had to take couple of small breaks but thankfully, we were able to finish the track successfully yuush.

Thank you @alshamsi_m for the armoured shirt with the magic star in love . It’s an honor to be part of this wonderful family of Almost4x4.

See you soon in the sand…

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I love early morning drive, full of energy , the greatest weather , full concentration.
There we started at 8:30 with our leader @alshamsi and the rest of the convoy was ready as usual, what was different is that i wasn’t the last car in the convoy (me and the sweeper) this time i was directed by @alshamsi to be car number 3!!!! I didn’t know why , didn’t know the difference in positions so off we started.

The biggest difference was the track freshness, being in the end was somehow easy because the hard track was being destroyed by second tries and stuck cars , like sharp crests ; while being third i always find the track clean and at its original shape.

As always keeping proper distance is the safest way of driving, never fight gravity is another important safety point, and the rest can be handled by your skills.
after Half of the drive i was invited to be second lead , which had me during this drive to understand how hard to be an explorer , passing dunes with no info on what could be behind . Ditch or bush or another quick dune , @alshamsi managed to explore and warn me when there is any harm to me or the vehicle so i can slow down and take proper action , also for the rest of the convoy to take care.

We had two popout , with the help of the members i managed to fix it , and left the chance to learn for the other members in the second popout .

Sometimes we were driving in a fast pace crossing dunes, and being the third car i couldn’t see the car behind me which had me to report to the leader of whom he slowed down the drive so they catch up with us .

@Cyndi had a sick passenger in our convoy which i think @presa led her to safety and joined back with us .

I was wishing to finish at the love lakes because i haven’t been there in long time, but time passed us very quickly and we had to finish at another point.

Tires inflated , ABS activated, Byes waived.

Till another day in the desert , drive safely.

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Hi Almosters!

We had a great drive thank you @Barish for organising

i was in the 5+ led by @Scorpio @Booy and @giorgio floating and @Gabor middle of the convoy.

It was a very pleasant drive before finish i realized my mistakes, it was staying behind too long for clear notification from front car, after the annoncement i crossed the dunes but front car was already gone ORLY and it cause disconnect the convoy several times TT TT Also i noticed that kill switch is necessary for A Trac+ in the time of need, Booy made me practice how magic works
Last part of the drive was satisfying.

Thank you Marshals, avanced and intermediates supporting the drive and I hope to see you all next organization.
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My first time back in the sand after a long holiday.
Was nice seeing everybody again & as we always say the family away from home which is true. We chatted & it seems some of my fellow drivers missed me, thanx guys.

The new marshalls were there looking forward to playing with newbies. I was dealt into @Scorpio convoy with @Loca second lead (he brought alot of ditches with him grin ), @Gabor was in the middle & I was sweeping at the back with @Booy floating.

The weather was nice in the desert, nice cool winter morning. The drive was good, the pace was not to hectic. We had a few second tries, but nobody needed to be recovered. There was one sick passenger & one sick car, the sick passenger was escorted out by @Booy , but the sick car managed to make it till the end.

Thank you @Scorpio for the drive & putting me as sweeper @ Booy for looking after us.

Till we meet again in the sand take care & stay safe.

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Hello everyone,

It is always nice to see such a big group of Almosters excited to drive and spend time together.

@Scorpio gave us an interesting track, making sure no one got too comfortable - perfect level drive.

Time went by so quickly, and before we knew it, we reached the end point at exactly the planned time.

I am looking forward to spending more time with everyone in the desert - let's keep the sand flying.



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Rooies wrote: Mon Dec 09, 2019 3:39 pm My first time back in the sand after a long holiday.
Was nice seeing everybody again & as we always say the family away from home which is true. We chatted & it seems some of my fellow drivers missed me, thanx guys.
We all missed you @Rooies that's why I brought all the ditches for you grin
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